Join us in Supporting Jeans Day in B.C.

Join us in supporting Jeans Day

Jeans Day is almost here! This annual event is a province-wide fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital. Join over 200,000 participants across B.C. by purchasing a Jeans Day pin at London Drugs during the month of April and jean up on May 2. Your Canadian tuxedo never looked so good!

What is Jeans Day?

Jeans Day is fun annual fundraising event for the BC Children’s Hospital that began back in 1990. By purchasing a $20 pin or a $5 button, you can help the folks at BC Children’s Hospital to provide care to children, prevent illness and injury, and conduct research to conquer childhood diseases. Since Jeans Day began 19 years ago, the event has raised over $21 million to improve the health of B.C.’s children.

This year’s Jeans Day Patient Champion is Inara. In 2015, Inara’s family was hit by a virus, but three-year-old Inara didn’t get better like her parents and sister did. Instead she got worse, suffering from fatigue and developing red freckles all over her body. After admission to BC Children’s Hospital, Inara was diagnosed with leukemia.

Buy a Jeans Day pin at London Drugs

Inara’s two-and-a-half year treatment included surgeries, chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, and a multitude of blood tests. She was limited in what she could do outside of the hospital due to her weakened immune system, so she missed several years of a normal childhood. In the spring of 2018 Inara completed her last chemotherapy treatment, but she continues to visit BC Children’s Hospital for follow-up appointments.

“BC Children’s became our whole world, as it is for so many other families on this journey,” Inara’s mother Jenny said. “We feel lucky that we found ourselves in a place that has such a wonderful resources and support system.”

Join Inara and her family this May 2 by jeaning up and supporting the wonderful work that BC Children’s Hospital does.

How to Get InvolvedJoin us in supporting Jeans Day in BC

The easiest way to get involved this Jeans Day is to buy a pin or button at London Drugs or other participating retailers across B.C. Pins and buttons are already on sale and will be available for purchase until May 2.

You can also become a Jeans Day Champion and sell buttons and pins in your own community.

If you don’t want a pin or a button, you can donate online to support BC Children’s Hospital this Jeans Day.

Spread the word about Jeans Day online using the hashtag #JeanUp and link to

And of course, wear your Jeans Day pin or button proudly on May 2, along with your best head-to-toe denim look!

This Valentine’s Day We’re Celebrating Genuine Care

Some of us have a complex relationship with Valentine’s Day. And that’s fair — love can be a complicated matter. That’s why we’ve decided to be more inclusive about the way we celebrate this oft-maligned holiday.

This year, we’re making Valentine’s Day all about genuine care. Care for ourselves. Care for our families and friends. Care for our communities, and care for our planet. Here’s how you can get involved too. 

And hey – make sure you swing by Instagram to enter to win our #GenuineCare giveaway! We’re giving away 5 $100 gift certificates and announcing winners all week from February 11 – February 15th. Check it out!

Self Care

Genuine Care means Self Care

Self care is huge for us — as reflected in our roots. You can’t take care of others if you don’t look after yourself first, and our pharmacists are here to assist with your self-care needs — everything from disease management, to vaccinations, to prescriptions. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their genuine care for your health.

Care for Family and Friends

Genuine Care is Care for Family and Friends

Care for family is deeply rooted in everything we do at London Drugs. And we know it is for you too — whether it’s making dinners for your siblings or packing lunches for your kids, driving your parents to appointments, or chauffeuring your friends around town. This Valentine’s Day let’s be sure to let them all know just how much we care about them.

Care for our Community

Genuine Care is Care for Community

We love and appreciate all of the communities throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that have welcomed us into their fold. Coming together as a community to show our care for one another is one of our core values, and this Valentine’s Day, we say thank you for showing us so much love, too.

Care for the Planet

Genuine Care is Care for the Planet

We genuinely care for our planet, and we know you do too. That’s why we work hard to be green. Our recycling centres accept everything from packaging to electronics to batteries (see the full recycling list here). Last year alone, with your help, we recycled 3,711 pounds of cell phones; 42,155 pounds of fluorescent lights; 122,780 pounds of batteries; and 370,751 pounds of electronics. We also diverted 93.9% of waste from landfill. That’s true love for the earth right there. 

Care for Your Partner

Genuine Care includes Care for Your Partner

Don’t worry, we won’t take all of the romance out of Valentine’s Day! Showing care for our partners is obviously a key part of a loving relationship. So go ahead and buy those chocolates, flowers, and Carlton cards. Cook a special meal, throw on a rom-com, or just spend time enjoying each others’ presence. Because love is worth celebrating. 

Everyone has something or someone they care about. And Valentine’s Day is a great day to show how much you genuinely care.

How do you show #GenuineCare? Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card!

Follow London Drugs on Instagram and tag two people to whom you’d like to show genuine care. You’ll be entered to win one of five $100 gift cards! For extra entries, leave a comment on one of our five days of #GenuineCare posts and tell us how you’re showing genuine care to those you love most.

Valentines Day Instagram Contest Terms & Conditions

To enter: Follow London Drugs on Instagram and tag two people to whom you’d like to show genuine care. You can get an extra entry by commenting about how you’re showing #GenuineCare this Valentine’s Day.

Contest is open to all residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who, as of the date the prize draw is made: (i) have not won a London Drugs contest since February 2018; (ii) have reached the age of majority in the province in which they reside as of February 1st, 2019; (iii) are not employees of London Drugs, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization (if any), or any family member living with any such employee.

No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person per day. Entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM each day between Feb 11 and Feb 15. London Drugs is not responsible for entries that become lost or misdirected. All entries become the property of London Drugs Limited and will not be returned.

One (1) winner will be randomly chosen each day of the contest ends (see dates below) in Vancouver, British Columbia, from all eligible entries received per contest. To win, selected entrants must correctly answer a skill-testing mathematical question and must sign London Drugs’ declaration and release confirming compliance with the contest rules and acceptance of the prize(s) as awarded, releasing London Drugs from liability in association with the contest and prize and consenting to the use of their name, photograph, voice and statements for promotional and publicity purposes.

There will be five prizes of a $100 London Drugs Gift card. One prize will be awarded each day from Feb 11 – 15.

See details and contest date below. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, are non-transferable and no substitutions are permitted. Prizes will be awarded at the closest London Drugs location to contest winners.

Contest date – Monday, February 11, 2019 – Friday, February 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Draw date – There will be a random draw done each day from February 12, 2019 to 16.

Only one prize may be won by any one person and household. In the event that any selected entrant incorrectly answers the skill-testing question or is otherwise unwilling or unable to comply in full with these rules, a new entry will be drawn.

Selected winners will be contacted through Instagram. No correspondence will be entered into except with selected entrants. If the winners do not respond then they will be notified for the second time, 3 (three) days after the first notification. If the winners still do not respond within 3 days of the second notification, a new winner will be chosen in the same manner until a winner is successfully contacted.

The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of eligible entries received. Decisions of the judges in respect of all aspects of this contest including, but not limited to, eligibility of entries and correctness of answers given to the skill-testing question, are final.

London Drugs and their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization, and their respective agents are not liable to an entrant in any manner relating to the contest or the awarding and use of the prize(s).

This contest is subject to all federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations. By entering the entrant consents to the collection of all personal information included on their entry and agrees to the use and disclosure of such information by and between London Drugs, an independent judging organization, and their agents. The winner(s) also agrees to the collection, use, and disclosure of their name, entry, photographs, voice, and statements for London Drugs’ publicity purposes without further compensation. All personal information collected from entrants will be used only for the purposes of administering the contest and for marketing and promotional purposes as contemplated by these rules; under no circumstances will any personal information be sold or rented to third parties. All personal information collected by London Drugs will be kept in accordance with the privacy policy of London Drugs, which can be viewed at, and in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

The right is reserved by London Drugs to terminate this contest, in whole or in part, and/or modify, amend or suspend the contest, and/or these rules in any way, should any cause beyond the reasonable control of London Drugs or its agents affect the proper administration thereof.

5 Reasons Your Pharmacist is Awesome

Everyone knows that your pharmacist is the expert in filling your prescriptions, but everyone may not know that they provide many other super helpful services as well. We’re celebrating World Pharmacists Day by shining a light on all of the ways your friendly, neighbourhood London Drugs pharmacist can help you maintain and improve your health.

1. They can give you your jabs

Getting immunized isn’t exactly fun, but pharmacists can take the sting out of it by making it easy and convenient. If you’re planning a trip overseas, your pharmacist can help you prepare by reviewing your immunization history, letting you know which vaccines you’ll need for your destination, administering them, and issuing you an International Certificate of Vaccination if you need it.

London Drugs’ Certified Injection Pharmacists are also able to administer influenza vaccinations, as well as the Zostavax vaccine for Shingles.

If you would like to get a vaccination at a London Drugs pharmacy, just ask for more information at the pharmacy counter.

2. They give great advice

Although sometimes necessary, getting in to see a doctor can be time-consuming and complicated. If you’re looking for quick advice about minor ailments or wellness, your pharmacist can be your first stop on the road to good health. You can meet with a London Drugs pharmacist one-on-one to get trusted health advice on anything from allergy relief, diabetes management, nutrition, cough and cold remedies, pain management, stomach health, and eye care. Here’s the best part–no appointment necessary!

3. They help with the kids

Becoming a new parent can be scary, especially if you think something is wrong with your precious little bundle. If you have questions about your child’s health, pharmacists are an accessible resource. They can recommend over-the-counter medications that are safe for your children and provide information on proper dosage to help you treat common baby health conditions such as diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, constipation, pain and fever, rashes, teething and more. Pharmacists can also refer your child to a doctor or other health professional if they feel your little bundle of joy requires a closer look.

4. They can help you find out for sure

You can never be too careful with your health, and pharmacists make it easier to put your mind at ease. Health screenings are a great way to take control of your health, and London Drugs provides the following convenient screening services and clinics at most of our locations:

5. They care about the community

Pharmacists are not only healthcare professionals, they are caring members of the community that they serve.

For example, last year during the British Columbia wildfire crisis, they provided life-saving services in the affected communities. While London Drugs helped assemble essential supplies and support staff, London Drugs pharmacists assisted those affected by accessing medical histories and contacted insurance providers to ensure quick access to essential medications for people who had to evacuate their homes.

Do you have a great story about how your super-pharmacist saved the day? Share it with us in the comments or on Twitter! #ilovemypharmacist

5 Reasons Curling is Awesome (and So Canadian!)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaard! If the games in PyeongChang have re-awakened your interest in curling, you aren’t alone. Curling clubs see membership increase every four years, as wider audiences are exposed to the drama and fun of this very Canadian sport.

Curling was invented in Scotland, but long, cold Canadian winters have driven generations of Canadians into curling clubs where community is built with every end played. Here are 7 reasons curling is awesome, and so, so Canadian!

1. Anyone Can Curl

Certainly at the elite level, curlers are in top shape. The fields at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (Women’s Canadian Championship) and the Brier (Men’s Canadian Championship) train like crazy and are incredibly fit and strong athletes, but this may not always be the case down at your local club. Wonderfully, curling is a sport that players of all ages and fitness levels can succeed at. This inclusivity is a Canadian ideal, and we’re incredibly proud of it.

2. Curlers are Mild-Mannered

Canadians don’t love the stereotype that we’re all too polite (sorry!), but in curling, it’s kind of true. The way curlers talk about the game with each other, even at the highest level, in the most intense situations, is as if they’re two buddies deciding whether or not to go for Italian or Vietnamese food tonight. One curler will mildly express an opinion on the type of shot to take: “Let’s do an in-turn tap to the four foot.” The other curler’s response? “I don’t mind that.” You must understand that “I don’t mind that” is curler-speak for: “This is the best idea I have ever heard and if you do it we’re going to win the Canadian championship.” It’s utterly refreshing to watch nice people play sports with respect for each other. And it’s so Canadian.

3. Curling is Chess on Ice

The strategy involved in a curling game is fascinating. Shots that are made at the beginning of a 16-rock end often come into play in the very last shot, and the great curlers are the ones who manage the house and their rocks throughout. What makes it fun for the viewer is that we get to hear everything the teams are discussing as they weigh their options. The commentators play a huge role in translating the curling jargon for the home viewer, and as you learn the basics, you will start to see the different strategies paying off for the teams. The mental focus and planning that great skips need to bring their teams to victory is something to behold.

4. Curlers Make Crazy Shots

Along with the thoughtful strategy in a curling game, you’ll also get to see some big weight shots that get 3, 4, or more rocks scattering around the house. Check out Glenn Howard’s shot for 3 at the 2009 Brier. Or this one from Jennifer Jones, simply called “The Shot,” to win it all the 2005 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Or here is a compilation of 10 great shots from the Canadian Curling Trials in 2010. Totally crazy shot-making from the best in the world, who just happen to be Canadian.

5. Curling Creates Community

Life in Canada can be tough in the winter months. It’s no wonder that people in towns across the country take to their community curling clubs for some shelter from the elements and good times with friends and neighbours. Camaraderie is baked into the sport, with players wishing each other good luck or “good curling” before the game and usually sharing a table up in the clubhouse after the game as well. These clubhouses also capture the spirit and history of the curlers and community members that have come before, through memorabilia, photographs, and stories. Drop into a curling club for a glimpse at the people who have made their Canadian community what it is today.

Nice Needs No Filter on Pink Shirt Day 2018

In today’s digital world, it can be a challenge to escape online negativity, whether it takes the shape of harassment, spreading rumours, sharing embarrassing information, or posting threats. In fact, nearly one in five young Canadians aged 15 to 29 have reported being cyberbullied or cyberstalked.

For the tenth year, London Drugs is proud to once again be a part of the Pink Shirt Day campaign, which this year focuses on the unfortunate, but common threat of online bullying.

The 2018 official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt says it all: ‘Nice Needs No Filter’. It’s a message of possibility that with education and encouragement, the World Wide Web can be a more kind and positive space.

This year’s theme encourages everyone – no matter what age – to think twice before posting something negative online. Instead, let’s use the internet to spread kindness, and together, we can prevent the harm and devastation that cyberbullying causes in our communities, schools, and neighbourhoods.

Get your official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts at any London Drugs location. By doing so, you’ll be helping to support youth anti-bullying programs in BC and throughout Western Canada. These programs give youth a voice against bullying and help them build up the character, resilience, and bravery to stand up for themselves and others.

Youth and organizations continue to support Pink Shirt Day following the stand of two grade 12 Nova Scotia students in 2007. The students took action after witnessing a grade 9 student being bullied for wearing pink to school and encouraged their schoolmates to wear pink to send a message against bullying. Since then wearing pink shirts has sent a powerful message to help end bullying in schools, workplaces and communities.

As one of the first official Pink Shirt Day sponsors and now after a decade of involvement, London Drugs has helped raise more than 1.2 million dollars for Boys & Girls Clubs in Western Canada through the campaign.

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 28th. Thousands of Canadians are expected to wear pink to take a stand against bullying.

ShakeOut BC is October 19th

Richmond head office and all 51 stores in B.C. will participate in ShakeOutBC  October 19th.

If an earthquake were to happen while you were outside your home, shopping at a business or just out in your community, would you know what to do? In coastal British Columbia it is imperative we be prepared. This October 19th London Drugs will be activating emergency drills in 51 communities across the province for the annual ShakeOutBC event, and everyone is invited to participate.

London Drugs will be staging an emergency drill at its head office in Richmond as well as in it’s 51 stores across B.C. Customers will be notified on Oct.19 at 10:19 am over the P.A. system that an emergency drill will commence. A pre-recorded rumbling-type sound followed by instructions to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” will be made by store management. Each store will have emergency preparedness ambassadors ready with materials and a sample emergency preparedness kit for discussion and engagement with customers in the stores.

“I’m really proud of London Drugs’ business continuity team taking our emergency drill for ShakeOutBC to an accelerated level” says Clint Mahlman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs. “We have been doing this drill for years but practicing it on a grander scale at our head office and taking it to all 51 B.C. stores with broader communication and engagement with our customers is an important step in bringing this crucial awareness and education to a much wider audience.”

These events correlate with the company’s commitment to leadership in the safety and wellbeing of all of its staff and customers.

“The Great British Columbia ShakeOut is gaining more and more traction.  Having London Drugs take a lead role, showcasing their efforts to be prepared as a business, highlights the importance of businesses supporting their staff and community by having business continuity and preparedness plans,” said Dave Cockle, President of the BC Earthquake Alliance. “I believe that working with London Drugs this year reflects an increased understanding that the earthquake risk in B.C. is a shared responsibility and the importance of businesses being involved in preparedness.  We’re on our way to creating a culture of preparedness and making British Columbia a more resilient province.”

Customers in all stores across British Columbia are encouraged to get involved during the demonstration and learn about the basics of earthquake survival and emergency preparedness.

All London Drugs stores have emergency kits and information highlighted in stores. Below are items necessary to survive for up to 72 hours without power or assistance. Emergency kits should be stored in a conveniently located and durable backpack.

Key things to have in your emergency kit are:

  1. Water – estimate for four litres per person per day for drinking and sanitation.
  2. Food – gather food that won’t spoil like canned goods, protein energy bars, dried fruits and meal replacement beverages. Don’t forget to pack the can opener. Include hard candies, chocolate and gum in your kit for a diversion for your senses.
  3. Essentials – flashlights, extra batteries, candles, matches, garbage bags, a blanket, hand sanitizer, whistle and a small mirror.
  4. First Aid – ensure your first aid kit is up to date and medications have not expired, include gauze, pads and tape along with an assortment of bandages. Include several pairs of disposable latex gloves, face masks, antibacterial handwash, and a small pair of scissors.
  5. Battery powered or a wind up AM/FM radio to keep updated on current conditions.
  6. Seasonal clothing and footware along with a dust mask in case of poor air quality.
  7. Entertainment – cards or any other board games. Crossword puzzle or pocket book to keep you occupied while waiting for the power to return.
  8. Additional non-essential but important items include duct tape, Swiss army knife, Kleenex, toilet paper, city map, and recent photographs of loved ones in case of separation.

London Drugs provides several sizes of emergency kits for individuals and families. It’s also recommended to have a smaller emergency kit, including a solar blanket for added warmth, in your vehicle should you be in your car during a disaster.

Find more emergency supplies here.

To get involved and to find out more emergency tips visit

Building Suicide Safer Communities With CMHA

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), in partnership with London Drugs, is on a mission to bring suicide prevention training to communities across western Canada. Suicide prevention training isn’t just for professionals. Suicide prevention is everybody’s business.

The most basic premise of suicide prevention is that if we are thinking about suicide ourselves we need to tell someone, and if we are concerned someone else may be thinking about suicide we need to ask them about it, clearly and directly. If they are indeed thinking about suicide, we need to listen carefully for long enough to acquire some understanding of what they are going through and then based on what we’ve learned help them link with supports and resources to keep safe for now.

But all of us worry, “will they be offended if I ask them?” Experts agree that you will not suddenly open someone up to the possibility of suicide as an option by talking about it, but rather will show them you care enough both to notice they are troubled, and to ask. The intention is to open up a dialogue that can lead to the possibility of help. And if they are offended? You might get something back like “Hey things are bad but they aren’t that bad!’, and you can again respond that the ask comes out of noticing they were troubled, and feeling care and concern for them.

CMHA’s vision of mentally healthy people in a healthy society has every community working to become suicide-safe, with many people equipped to step in and offer help to someone who is struggling. We can all be part of making this change happen — and one place to start is to sign up for a safeTALK workshop where you’ll learn what to look for, what to do and how to help. Visit to learn more. was made possible through the generous support of London Drugs. We are grateful to London Drugs for recognizing that suicide is everybody’s business and that we all have a part to play in creating suicide safer communities.

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