Winter Skin Care Tips

As winter approaches, it becomes especially important to pay attention to skin care. The combination of cold, dry weather outside and indoor air that is dry and heated can damage our skin’s health. Winter weather dries out the skin and makes it less elastic and more fragile and prone to cracking. Skin that is dry wrinkles more easily, and dry skin is more likely to produce complications such as chronic eczema (red patches) or bleeding from cracks that may become infected. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to protect our skin and help keep the dewy, hydrated glow your skin had before the arrival of winter.


The goal of your winter skin care program should be to keep as much moisture in your skin as possible. Start by limiting the number of long, hot showers and baths you take. Use warm rather than hot water, and don’t spend longer than necessary in the water. It may seem odd, but water does not moisturize skin. In fact, water repels oil, and it causes our skin to lose its natural oils. Limit yourself to a single five- to ten-minute bath or shower a day.

Avoid using deodorant soaps, perfumed soaps, and products that contain alcohol, because they, too, can rob the skin of its natural oils. Wash with a light touch; don’t use bath sponges or scrub brushes. If you use a wash cloth, use it gently.

Once you are out of the water, apply a moisturizer with skin-softening ingredients to your skin while it is still damp. This will help seal the moisturizer into your skin. To reduce any greasy feeling from thick creams, rub a small amount between your hands and then apply it to the rest of your body. Using a humidifier indoors can also help ensure that there is enough moisture in the air to keep skin hydrated.

Choosing Skin Care Products

The skin care products you use in the warmer weather may not be appropriate in the winter. The key is to select gentler products, such as a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away moisture from your skin. Don’t choose cleansers and soaps that contain harsh chemicals, alcohol, or fragrances. You should also
look for fragrance-free laundry detergents and avoid fabric softeners. Winter air also dries out the skin on your scalp, leading to itching and dandruff. You can treat this problem by selecting the right products. Look for a shampoo and conditioner that are soap-free and designed to remove dirt and build-up while hydrating your scalp and conditioning your hair. If you need more relief, you may want to apply a scalp relief serum as well. A good moisturizer is especially important in the winter, but the one you use in the summer may not provide enough protection for your skin once the air becomes colder and drier. If you are using a lotion and your skin still feels dry, consider switching to a cream.

Don’t forget your hands and lips. Applying a hand cream after each washing can help keep the skin on your hands soft and help prevent dry, cracked skin, and a moisturizing balm applied to the lips can help keep them from chapping and cracking. If you need help selecting products that are right for your skin, your London Drugs beauty consultants will be happy to help you.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Think sunscreen is only for the summer? Wrong! It is extremely important to use a sunscreen all year long. Not only will it help keep your skin from looking prematurely old, it will also help prevent the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause. Snow reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays, so going outdoors in the winter could expose you to nearly a double dose of skin-damaging radiation. When choosing a sunscreen, look for a product with a minimum SPF (sun protection factor) of 30. A sunscreen that is labelled “broad spectrum” will protect against both UVB rays (the ones that cause sunburn) and UVA rays (which penetrated deeper into the skin and are responsible for premature aging and contribute to the development of skin cancer). Don’t forget to protect your lips with a lip balm that has an SPF of 30, and reapply it every hour.

Dress for the Cold

Some fabrics used in cold weather clothing can be rough and scratchy. To prevent irritation, it is best to keep these fabrics away from direct contact with your skin. Instead, wear light layers of clothing made from soft materials against you skin and add layers of heavier materials on top. Protect your hands with gloves or mittens. Wearing wet clothes, socks, or shoes can irritate skin, so be sure to change out of wet clothing as soon as possible. If you still experience skin dryness and irritation after taking precautions, your London Drugs pharmacists can guide you in selecting an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream that can help. If you don’t see improvement after a few days, you may need a prescription-strength moisturizer. Our pharmacists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these products.

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LDBeauty Tips: How to Layer Your Skin Care

Layer Your Skincare LD Beauty London DrugsIf you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the hype about 15-step Korean skin care regimens (what’s an essence, anyway?), you are not alone! While it can be intimidating, there’s actually a method to layering these beauty products to produce the most beneficial results.

Rule #1. The lightest or thinnest texture should always be applied first. The order of application looks something like this: serum, toner, essence, eye cream, moisturizer, oil. You might not use all these products (or you might use more!), which is all fine. Following this general rule will allow each product to penetrate into your skin before moving onto the next.

Rule #2. Give each product a minute to absorb into your skin before moving on. As you progress into your layers, the longer your intervals should be.

Rule #3. The heavier the product, the longer you should wait between applications. This will prevent products from mingling together too much and creating any dreaded pills that roll off your skin. Find things you can do while waiting: brush your teeth, style your hair, make a cup of tea, get dressed, etc.

Keep scrolling to learn how to get the best results from your products by layering them in the correct order!

1. Double Cleanse

Yes, even cleansing is layered now! A good cleanse at night is crucial for preparing your face. Otherwise, you’re leaving a barrier of makeup, sunscreen, and environmental debris that will prevent proper absorption. A single cleanse in the morning is all you need.

For double cleansing, start with an oil-based cleanser, which is typically very rich and emollient. This will “melt” and lift any products, such as makeup, off your face. After rinsing, you’ll feel a film left on your face—follow up with a classic facial cleanser. Think of the first cleanse as removing, the second cleanse as cleaning.

2. Essences, Toners, Lotions, and Skin Softeners

With the diversity of Asian beauty products entering our market and also influencing Western brands, we’re seeing an explosion of products with differing names but all containing liquid-y contents that look similar. As your second step after cleansing, use a toner, which is designed to replace lost hydration, soften skin, and prepare your face to better absorb skincare that’s to follow. Toners have a very thin, watery texture and should disappear into your skin without leaving a trace.

Essences are your next step—these are sometimes called skin softeners or lotions if coming from Asia. They are thicker in texture than a toner but lighter than a serum. The reason they’re so popular (especially in Asia) is because Asians have a thinner moisture barrier, so this added step helps prevent dehydration. If you have oily skin, skip this step.

Beauty Products Skincare Korean Beauty London Drugs

3. Serum

This is your powerhouse product. Everyone over 18 should be using some sort of serum, whether it’s an antioxidant, AHA/BHA, ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. The serum’s main purpose is to treat specific skin concerns like increasing moisture or minimizing pores. Also, serums are usually the most expensive part of your skincare routine—but they’re worth it. Definitely invest in a good serum if you need to prioritize your spending.

4. Eye Cream

A controversial opinion: an eye cream is not always necessary. If you’re happy with your regular moisturizer and are able to apply it close to the eye area, that’s just fine. But, if you have sensitive skin, yes—use an eye cream since they are formulated to be non-irritating. Or, if you find your daytime moisturizer too rich, causing your makeup to slide off or break up, use an eye cream that’s oil-free or has a thinner texture.

5. Moisturizer

Think of this as the layer that locks in all that good skincare you just infused into your face. Without this, most skin types will quickly dehydrate. Adjust the amount you use depending on your skin and seasonality—in the winter you’ll need more, in the summer less. Similarly, you might want a richer, heavier night cream and something lighter during the day.

6. Oils

As the most occlusive skincare product, add oils last. The exception to this is if you have a thin, astringent treatment oil, which should then go on after your serum and before your moisturizer. Again, defer to the “thin to thick” principle and you’ll be fine.

Korean Beauty Routine Products Skincare London Drugs

7. Retinols

Retinols are another powerhouse product and your single best anti-aging solution. They neutralize free radicals, accelerate skin turnover, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and overall diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply this after cleansing on dry skin then follow up with a moisturizer. Because they’re so potent, start off using just once or twice a week and build up gradually, using a pea-size amount each time. Tip: retinols will make your skin photosensitive, so only use them at night and follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

8. Spot Treatments

Technically, these should be used directly on freshly cleaned skin, but because it’s impossible to put on a spot treatment after cleansing and then work the rest of your skincare regimen around the spot(s), it’s more efficient to simply take a damped cotton bud and gently remove skincare products over the specific spots.

Blemishes might feel like they’re massive, but the “head” is actually quite small and that’s where you should be concentrating the spot treatment. Use a clean cotton bud or even a fine makeup brush to apply pinpoint spot treatment only on the affected areas. If you spread the treatment to the surrounding area you’ll cause perfectly healthy skin to dry up and flake off, increasing redness and prolonging healing. Use spot treatments at night as they will make you photosensitive; and during the day it’s imperative you cover those spots with a broad spectrum sunscreen to prevent darkening or scarring.

9. Sunscreen

Think of sunscreen as insurance. You won’t notice the effects everyday but in the long-term, you’ll be so glad you had it. Don’t rely on the SPF in your makeup—in fact, ignore it. There is absolutely no way you would ever use enough product to achieve the SPF level claimed. Invest in the best broad-spectrum sunscreen that works for you. And if, like most people, your eyes are sensitive to sunscreen, find one that’s specifically formulated for the eye area.

A lot of modern sunscreens are sweat-proof and water-resistant, making them tough to remove. Many people who claim sunscreens cause breakouts should consider the possibility that they’re simply not removing the product thoroughly each night. Oil cleansing is imperative here, which brings us full circle.

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Spring Beauty Galas London Drugs 2019

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Speak with a beauty advisor at your local London Drugs cosmetics department for more details, or view below for gala dates and times.

*Event activities vary by location.


AIRDRIE, 587-775-0906
Mother’s Day Gala
Saturday, May 11, 12-4pm

CALGARY – Beddington Towne Centre, 403-275-1862
Spring Forward with Great Skin
Saturday, May 11, 11am-3pm

CALGARY – Brentwood Town Square, 403-289-4143
Mother’s Day Gala
Saturday, May 11, 12-4pm

CALGARY – First Calgary SE, 403-257-6952
Essence of Spring Gala
Saturday, March 16, 12-4pm

CALGARY – Heritage Plaza, 403-253-1064
Mother’s Day Makeovers
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm

CALGARY – London Place West, 403-240-0738
Beauty in Bloom
Saturday, May 11, 12-6pm

CALGARY – London Town Square, 403-291-0009
Celebrate MOM!
Saturday, May 11, 12-4pm

CALGARY – Mount Royal Village, 403-802-0934
Spring Fling Gala
Saturday, May 11, 12-4pm

CALGARY – Sage Hill, 403-571-4987
Mother’s Day Gala
Saturday, May 4, 10a-3pm

EDMONTON – London Centre, 780-437-7594
Bring on Spring Cosmetic Event
Thursday, April 18, 12-5pm

EDMONTON – Windermere – 780-430-3985
Spring Beauty Gala
Saturday, March 9, 1-5pm

GRAND PRAIRIE – Gateway Power Centre, 780-539-6832
Pamper Your Mom Event
Saturday, May 11, 2-5pm

LETHBRIDGE – Centre Village Mall, 403-320-7784
Mother’s Day Makeovers
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm

RED DEER – 50th Avenue, 403-347-8143
Spring Fling Gala
Saturday, March 23, 12:30-4:30pm

SHERWOOD PARK – Village Market, 780-467-2551
Spring Fling Gala
Saturday, April 13, 1-5pm

ST. ALBERT CENTRE, 780-458-8002
Spring Forward With Beautiful Skin
Saturday, March 23, 12-4pm

British Columbia

ABBOTSFORD – West Oaks Mall, 604-853-9375
Spring Enchantment Beauty Gala
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm

BURNABY – Brentwood Town Centre, 604-570-0253
Shiseido Cherry Blossom Event
Friday, April 26 & Saturday, April 27 – 12-6:30pm

Celebrate Beauty Event
Friday, May 10 & Saturday, May 11 – 12-5pm

BURNABY – Marine Way and Byrne, 604-412-4176
Mother’s Day Gala
Saturday, May 11, 1-5p

MAPLE RIDGE – Valley Fair Mall, 604-463-0394
Valentine’s Day Fragrance Event
Friday, February 8, 5-7pm

SURREY – Cloverdale, 604-575-5885
Spring Fresh Looks Beauty Event
Friday, March 15, 3-7pm

SURREY – Guildford Town Centre, 604-588-8172
For a Special Mother
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm

VANCOUVER – East Hastings, 604-253-6951
Fresh Face Event
Friday, March 22, 12-5p

BURNABY- 5000 Kingsway Plaza, 604-435-8047
Valentine’s Day Beauty Event
Friday, February 8, 12-4pm

VANCOUVER – Wessex – Kingsway, 604-433-1653
Mother’s Day Spring Gala
Saturday, May 11, 1-6pm

COURTENAY, 250-703-2394
Spring Into Colour Gala
Saturday, April 13, 1-4pm

DUNCAN VILLAGE, 250-701-6226
Let yourself Bloom this Spring!
Saturday, April 13, 1-4pm

GIBSONS, 604-886-5782
Spring Blooming Beauty
Saturday, May 25, 12-5p

KAMLOOPS – Lansdowne Village Mall, 250-372-0837
Mother’s Day Beauty Event
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm

KELOWNA – West Bank, 250-707-2365
Spring Renewal Gala
Saturday, May 25, 12-4p

NANAIMO – North Town Centre, 250-760-2035
Valentine’s Day Make Overs
Saturday, February 9, 11am-4pm

Spring Fling Beauty Event
Saturday, April 27, 11am-4pm

Mother’s Day Gala
Saturday, May 11, 11am-3pm

NANAIMO – Port Place Shopping Centre, 250-753-1733
Swing into Spring Gala
Saturday, April 6, 12-5pm

SQUAMISH – Garibaldi Village, 604-898-8865
Mother’s Day Gala
Sunday, May 12, 12-5pm

VERNON SQUARE, 250-549-2191
Lise Watier Makeover Event
Saturday, March 30, 11am-4pm

Mother’s Day Gala
Friday, May 10, 2:30-5:30pm

VICTORIA – Harris Green Village, 250-381-7866
Mother’s Day Makeover Event
Saturday, May 11, 12-5pm


REGINA – First Regina East, 306-546-1605
Spring Fling Gala
Tuesday, March 5, 6:30-9:30pm

SASKATOON – Lawson Heights Mall, 306-975-3847
Around the World on Ladies Night
Tuesday, March 26, 6-9pm


WINNIPEG – St. Vital Centre, 204-253-1949
If I Could Turn Back Time Gala
Saturday, May 4, 12:30-5:30pm

‘Glotion’ Glowing Skin Makeup Tutorial

It’s all about that glow, girl! Our Beauty Advisor Samantha shares her secret weapon for a radiant, glowing complexion: glotion. This lotion has luminizing properties to give your skin a lit-from-within look that is right on-trend. In this tutorial, Samantha shows us her favourite glotion, along with some of her other go-to beauty products for a healthy glow.

Products Featured:


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Winter Skincare Tutorial for Dry, Reactive Skin

If the cold winter weather has a tendency to play havoc on your skin, you’re not alone. During the winter months, lots of people suffer from skin that is dry and reactive. In this tutorial, our Beauty Advisor Amanda will show you a few key beauty products that will combat the dryness by exfoliating, hydrating and soothing your delicate skin.

Products Featured:


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