Toy & Game Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner! With all the toy options out there, you may be wondering what in the world to get the kids on your list. We’ve compiled some of the hottest toys and games to help make your life easier! From STEM toys that sneak in a bit of educational learning, game room essentials like tabletop air hockey for the competitive kids, and wacky multi-player games that bring on a lot of laughs, these toy options are sure to entertain for hours of fun!

The Upside Down Challenge Game (for ages 8+)

In the Upside Down Challenge Game, players compete to do challenges like giving high-fives, writing their name, and catching a crumpled up ball of paper, all while their vision is flipped upside down, while wearing the upside down goggles. Even the simplest tasks become difficult when the world is flipped upside down! The game contains 1 pair of upside down goggles, 25 challenge cards, 5 create your own challenge cards, instruction sheet, and 1 pad of paper to draw on. You can even play friends on Zoom, provided that each person has their own Upside Down Challenge Game!

Chow Crown (for ages 8+)

Get the family laughing together with the Hasbro Chow Crown Game. The musical electronic crown in this game is fitted with six forks, and once it’s on the player’s head, the participant has to grab as many bits of food as possible without using their hands. Once the music stops and the crown stops spinning, it’s the next person’s turn. This Hasbro Chow Crown game is also an ideal way to introduce unfamiliar healthy foods to kids who are reluctant eaters.

Throw Throw Burrito (for ages 7+)

Throw Throw Burrito is what you get when you cross a card game with dodgeball. Try to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos at one another! The cards you collect earn points, but getting hit by flying burritos loses them. Make sure you clear some space at home to play (and put away any breakable ornaments and antiques!)

National Geographic STEM (for ages 4+)

Your kids can become a shark scientist with the National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit STEM Toy! Using the kit, they can identify teeth from the Sand tiger, Otodus, and Crow sharks and learn awesome shark facts with the included learning guide. Plus, they can dig and discover 3 real shark tooth fossils, each from a different shark species. This kit also makes a great homeschool lesson!

If your child is not into sharks, there is also the Break Open 2 Geodes STEM Kit. Geodes are naturally forming volcanic rocks that contain amazing crystal formations inside. The kit includes geodes that can be cracked open to discover beautiful minerals. Kids love these treasure-filled rocks, as it encourages an appreciation of nature and geology in your child with this extraordinary science kit. Plus, they can learn all about geodes and minerals with the full-color educational learning guide included.

Find our full selection of STEM and STEAM toys here.

Electronic Arcade Basketball (for ages 6+)

Race against the shot clock with Ambassador Electronic Arcade Basketball. Two baskets let you challenge friends to one-on-one competitions, and the electronic scoreboard keeps track of your points. The spring-powered basketball launcher makes it easy to take multiple shots in seconds. A loud buzzer lets you know when each round is over so you can bask in each victory. This Ambassador Electronic Basketball Arcade Game boasts a compact size for convenient tabletop placement. The game also features a large LED scoreboard display with countdown timer and buzzer, spring-loaded shooters, automatic point counter and cool sound effects!

Ambassador Tabletop Air Hockey and Football (for ages 6+)

Bring the fun of the arcade home with Ambassador Tabletop Air Hockey. The compact size fits neatly on a dining room table or coffee table, and the simple setup snaps into place for effortless assembly. Scoreboards on both sides let you keep track of goals throughout each match. This Ambassador wood tabletop air hockey game uses AA batteries to power the airflow, so there’s no need for power cords or a nearby wall outlet.

There is also Ambassador Tabletop Football. Traditional hand grips let you control the action for perfect goals, and the manual scoreboard makes it easy to declare a victor. A snap-together design makes assembly a quick, simple task. Colourful players and a bright green field add extra fun to each match. Both of these games make excellent addition to your family room, game room or basement!

Hauck Speedster Go Cart (for ages 4-8)

The Speedster Pedal Go Cart is the ultimate gift for the energetic kid on your list, as it encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and co-ordination. Along with the durable features and sporty design, the Hauck Speedster Pedal Go Cart gives an authentic driving experience and lets the driver control the pedal speed. The Speedster’s quick response and sharp handling will excite young racers. Features include sporty graphics on the front fairing, an adjustable bucket seat, four spoke rims with 10″ EVA wheels, a 3-point steering wheel, double touch Handbrake and a steel tube powder coated frame.

Craftsman Deluxe Game House (for ages 6+)

Have a board game lover in the family? They will love the Merchant Ambassador Craftsman Deluxe Game House! The convertible design lets you test your skills at chess, checkers, backgammon, mancala and six other iconic board games. Dice, ball markers and other playing pieces provide everything you need to set up each game, and the mahogany wood finish gives this set traditional beauty. Packaged with instructions, this Merchant Ambassador Craftsman Deluxe Game House makes it easy to master each board.

MD Sports Table Tennis & Air Hockey Table

For the older kids and teens on your Christmas list, the MD Sports Table Tennis is an awesome choice. It is an official tournament size table, measuring at 9 x 5ft, has durable 15mm thick playfield for consistent ball bounce, a sturdy 35mm diameter arch style legs with stability panel and lockable casters, and 35mm oversized apron with protective corner caps for additional support. Plus, it conveniently folds for single play mode and compact storage.

You also can’t go wrong with the MD Sports Air Hockey Table. This table contains a sleek overhead scoreboard with arcade sound effects, a reinforced frame construction for improved durability and stability, 120V AC Motor for strong and consistent air flow and has adjustable leg levelers for perfectly balanced play surface. It also includes two pushers and two pucks.

Squishmallows (great for all ages!)

Squishmallows are the softest, cutest, cuddliest plush around! They have a super soft, marshmallow-like texture and make great couch companions, and bedtime buddies. With a variety of characters, youngsters (and even adults!) can collect them, as each Squishmallow has its own unique name and storyline to add to the fun.

We hope this guide of toys and games was helpful in in giving you ideas for a holiday gift for the kids (or kids-at-heart-) on your list! Be sure to also check out our Christmas Toy Event, on until Dec 24, 2020.

Don’t forget you can order online and pick-up in store, or choose curbside or front door pickup at select locations.

Halloween – 5 Candy Alternatives for Allergies (Including surprise toy bags!)

Halloween candy is as much a part of Halloween tradition as the costumes. For children with allergies though, trick-or-treating can be a little…trickier. So when the little ghosts and ghouls come knocking this year, it’s best to be prepared for a variety of allergies. With many nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free alternatives available, Halloween should be inclusive for all children, regardless of their dietary restrictions. Keep reading below for some of our suggested must-haves to keep on-hand, in case your standard trick-or-treat candies can’t be enjoyed by all.

 1 – Halloween Surprise Toy Bags

This is an alternative to food, and pleases everyone. Each Halloween Surprise Toy Bag contains a surprise toy, including – mini playing cards, whistles, bubbles, games, figurines, stickers and more. A great item to have on hand if you’re giving out candy with peanuts or gluten and need something for the children who can’t have those treats. These come as a pack of 20.

2 – GoldFish Snack Packs

These crackers are baked with real cheese, and feature no artificial colours or flavours. A snack most children already love, you know they’ll be excited about getting them in their bag. (Bonus points: it’s low in sugar: a great alternative to sugary candy!)

3 – MadeGood Chocolate Chip Mini Bars

These little bite-sized versions of MadeGood’s granola bars are nut-free and gluten-free. In addition to their clean ingredients, 2% of sales from their Halloween products go to support Children’s Miracle Network.

 4 – Halloween Variety Fruit Pack

With Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers and Fruit Rollups, this is pack offers 40 full-sized fruit candy favourites. They’re a great alternative for kids with nut and gluten allergies.

5 – Ganong Sunkist Fruit Snacks

These Ganong Sunkist Fruit Snacks are a fruit-based option, made with real oranges, and are peanut, gluten and fat-free. Pick up a 72-pack box to ensure you’re fully stocked with Halloween treats!


These are just a few of the alternative options for Halloween trick-or-treaters who can’t have nuts, gluten, dairy, etc. We’re sure you can find many more creative options in-store. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids (and Parents)

We’ve got just over a month until Christmas. Time to get your shopping sorted!

Starting with last week’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Cook, we’re posting gift guides every week until Christmas. Each will be aimed at different groups and include gift ideas from stocking stuffers to show stoppers.


This week, our guide has gift suggestions for all the kids in your life that parents won’t mind playing with either! Whether you’re a parent yourself, or you’re buying presents for other kids and parents in your life, London Drugs has plenty of ideas and options.

Board Games are Big Again

Board games have gotten incredibly popular over the last few years. Board game cafes and bars in Calgary and Vancouver can attest to their popularity! Board games are tried and true, and (actually) fun for the whole family. They make great gifts, but choosing between the hundreds of games available can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help!

Modern board games range from serious strategy games like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan to classics with a twist like NHL-OPOLY. Strategy games tend to be better for older kids, but Dixit is good for kids three and up while still being super fun. Pandemic is a cooperative game, teaching valuable lessons about collaboration while players work together to save the world. Kids and parents alike will appreciate learning new games.

Gift Guide for Kids - Monopoly Deal

Or, you can give the parents in your life some classics from their childhood to share with their own kids, like Twister or Battleship. Monopoly Deal is a great new version of an old classic that is quick to play and won’t cause any family feuds!

Tech Toys

While board games are great, video games are really the modern classic. This year’s ultimate gift is the Nintendo Switch, especially bundled with Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch can be a home gaming system, or a portable device kids can continue playing on for those long car rides.

Gift Guide for Kids - Super Mario Odyssey

Image via

If the kid on your list is into computers, teach them the basics of programming with this cool programmable robot.

Gift Guide for Kids - WowWee programmable robot

Image via

iPads are incredibly versatile techie gifts, good for young and older kids alike. They’ve got YouTube and Netflix for watching kids shows, tons of easy-to-learn games, and they make it easier to connect with family through FaceTime. There’s nothing better for grandparents, aunts, and uncles than a video chat with excited kids on Christmas morning!

Kid Crafts

For families wanting less screen time, crafty gifts are endlessly fun. Scientifically minded kids will be into these Cool Science Experiments, ranging from invisible ink to lava lamps to hoverboards.

Those who love to draw will appreciate a fresh set of pencil crayons. Pair them with a sketchbook to make a complete drawing kit.

Colouring books are always fun and relaxing. Give them a colouring book with their favourite movie characters (be it Minions or Spider-Man) or opt for beautiful shapes or animals and let the recipient tell their own stories with colour.


As frustrating as stepping on those tiny pieces can be, Lego is a classic toy for a reason. Get fancy sets for older kids, like this Star Wars Resistance X-Wing, or go back to basics with a  classic creativity set. You can make anything with Lego.Gift Guide for Kids - Star Wars X-wing lego

Personalized Presents

Personalized presents are great for kids—they love seeing pictures of themselves and their family! The PhotoLab can put your family photos on just about anything, but some particularly good gifts are personalized mugs, ornaments, and puzzles.


For more gift-giving advice for the kids (and parents) on your list, speak to an LD Expert today. To make a purchase, visit London Drugs in-store and online.

We’ll be back soon with a top gift guide for techies. See you then!

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Growing Demand for Multicultural Toys in Canada as Share of Immigrants Reaches Highest Level in Almost a Century

Canadian Retailer London Drugs Debuts Exclusive “Diversity Dolls” Collection

The share of immigrants in Canada has reached its highest level in almost a century, according to 2016 census figures released in October.1 This population diversity in Canada is driving demand for more variety and inclusion in everything customers purchase, including toys. This holiday season, Canadian retailer London Drugs is responding to the demand by expanding its toy category to include Diversity Dolls; a collection of six dolls from different cultural backgrounds. The hope is with more options on store shelves, parents can select toys that provide children with a more authentic representation of the ethnic diversity in Canada.

“The country’s makeup is more diverse now than in any other generation and we’re factoring this into many of the merchandising decisions we make; including the toy category,” explains Dan Moy, London Drugs’ long-time merchandise buyer, and father of three. Moy worked directly with the doll manufacturer to select and assemble the individual dolls as a set, which is available exclusively at London Drugs with anticipation the dolls will be a popular toy for gift-giving during the upcoming holiday season.

Moy says there is little doubt that the multicultural toy category will continue to grow particularly when you look at the immigration trends.

Today, 7.7 million Canadians belong to a visible minority. Additionally, four in ten Canadian children under the age of 14 have at least one parent born abroad. If recent immigration trends continue, nearly half of the population of Canada will likely be immigrants or children of immigrants by 2036.2

Products like London Drugs’ Diversity Dolls are a progression toward creating a toy aisle that reflects the diversity of Canada today and in the future.

Diversity Dolls are now available in stores and at


[1] Immigration and ethnocultural diversity: Key results from the 2016 Census

[2] Study: A look at immigration, ethnocultural diversity and languages in Canada up to 2036, 2011 to 2036