9 DIY Easter Projects to For You and Your Kids

DIY Easter - string eggs

Easter is here, so it’s time to gather the family for some quality time together this holiday weekend. But beyond an Easter egg hunt and a big delicious dinner, what are some good activities to keep little hands occupied and entertained? Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for engaging DIY Easter projects.

DIY Easter - Marbled Eggs

Photo via Alice and Lois

1. Marbled Easter eggs

When it comes to decorating eggs this year, get fancy! You can make beautiful marbled eggs with just nail polish and water

 (and rubber gloves to keep the mess down). Check out the tutorial here and try all kinds of colours!

2. Sidewalk chalk eggs

Spring has sprung, and soon the weather will catch up. Your kids will want to spend all their time outside in the sun. Get them prepared for outdoor fun by making some egg shaped sidewalk chalk! Mix tempera paint and Plaster of Paris, place the mixture inside plastic Easter eggs, wait for it to dry, and voila!

3. Pin the tail on the bunny

It’s not Easter without the Easter Bunny! Update the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game from your youth to “Pin the Tail on the Bunny”. Print the bunny out on poster-sized paper, cut out some fluffy tails, and you’re good to go. No need to use actual pins, little pieces of tape will do the trick for bunny-to-tail adherence (and save your walls). This is a fun and safe way for kids to interact with rabbits! Rather than getting them a real bunny for a pet, which is a surprising amount of work, play with pretend bunnies instead.

Easter DIY - Pin the TailPhoto via Sugar and Charm

4. Bunny hand puppets

If your kids are really bunny-crazy, make some felt bunny hand puppets for them to play with year round. The bright colours and soft fabric make these just as fun to put together as they are to play with. They’ve got such great little faces!

5. Easter egg scavenger hunt

If you want to perhaps reduce the amount of chocolate your kids eat, as well as make the traditional Easter egg hunt a bit more exciting, try an Easter egg scavenger hunt! Fill plastic Easter eggs with clues that will lead to the next egg, and the next, until the adventurers eventually find the final egg and a special prize.

DIY Easter - String Eggs

Photo via Tiny Rotten Peanuts

6. String Easter eggs

This one is a bit messy, but that’s why your kids will love it. Put those sticky fingers to good use! Blow up some small balloons and wrap them in coloured string or embroidery floss soaked in a liquid glue solution. After they dry, pop the balloons and you’re left with these cool string eggs!

7. Toilet roll bunnies

These little bunnies turn out so cute, you’ll hardly believe they were made from repurposed toilet paper rolls! Cover them in fabric or paint, add some ears, whiskers, and a tail — you’ve got a bunny! This project is really easy for kids for put their own spin on.

DIY Easter - envelope bunnies

Photo via Martha Stewart

8. Envelope bunnies

Say “Hoppy Easter” with these adorable envelope bunnies. With markers, construction paper, and pompoms kids can create rabbits out of envelopes, and then fill those envelope bunnies with a card and treats!

9. Mini wooden Easter baskets

This one is a bit more fiddly and time consuming, but it’ll keep your kids engaged and they’ll end up with a fantastic Easter basket to hold some chocolate eggs. All you need is paper cups, popsicle sticks, glue, and paint. If you treat them carefully, these baskets can be kept for future years and your kids can remember how much fun they were to make!

Remember, all of these suggestions should be family activities. Do the crafts with them, and don’t expect picture perfect results. The fun is in trying new things and learning together! Happy Easter!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids (and Parents)

We’ve got just over a month until Christmas. Time to get your shopping sorted!

Starting with last week’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Cook, we’re posting gift guides every week until Christmas. Each will be aimed at different groups and include gift ideas from stocking stuffers to show stoppers.


This week, our guide has gift suggestions for all the kids in your life that parents won’t mind playing with either! Whether you’re a parent yourself, or you’re buying presents for other kids and parents in your life, London Drugs has plenty of ideas and options.

Board Games are Big Again

Board games have gotten incredibly popular over the last few years. Board game cafes and bars in Calgary and Vancouver can attest to their popularity! Board games are tried and true, and (actually) fun for the whole family. They make great gifts, but choosing between the hundreds of games available can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help!

Modern board games range from serious strategy games like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan to classics with a twist like NHL-OPOLY. Strategy games tend to be better for older kids, but Dixit is good for kids three and up while still being super fun. Pandemic is a cooperative game, teaching valuable lessons about collaboration while players work together to save the world. Kids and parents alike will appreciate learning new games.

Gift Guide for Kids - Monopoly Deal

Or, you can give the parents in your life some classics from their childhood to share with their own kids, like Twister or Battleship. Monopoly Deal is a great new version of an old classic that is quick to play and won’t cause any family feuds!

Tech Toys

While board games are great, video games are really the modern classic. This year’s ultimate gift is the Nintendo Switch, especially bundled with Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch can be a home gaming system, or a portable device kids can continue playing on for those long car rides.

Gift Guide for Kids - Super Mario Odyssey

Image via Nintendo.com

If the kid on your list is into computers, teach them the basics of programming with this cool programmable robot.

Gift Guide for Kids - WowWee programmable robot

Image via WowWee.com

iPads are incredibly versatile techie gifts, good for young and older kids alike. They’ve got YouTube and Netflix for watching kids shows, tons of easy-to-learn games, and they make it easier to connect with family through FaceTime. There’s nothing better for grandparents, aunts, and uncles than a video chat with excited kids on Christmas morning!

Kid Crafts

For families wanting less screen time, crafty gifts are endlessly fun. Scientifically minded kids will be into these Cool Science Experiments, ranging from invisible ink to lava lamps to hoverboards.

Those who love to draw will appreciate a fresh set of pencil crayons. Pair them with a sketchbook to make a complete drawing kit.

Colouring books are always fun and relaxing. Give them a colouring book with their favourite movie characters (be it Minions or Spider-Man) or opt for beautiful shapes or animals and let the recipient tell their own stories with colour.


As frustrating as stepping on those tiny pieces can be, Lego is a classic toy for a reason. Get fancy sets for older kids, like this Star Wars Resistance X-Wing, or go back to basics with a  classic creativity set. You can make anything with Lego.Gift Guide for Kids - Star Wars X-wing lego

Personalized Presents

Personalized presents are great for kids—they love seeing pictures of themselves and their family! The PhotoLab can put your family photos on just about anything, but some particularly good gifts are personalized mugs, ornaments, and puzzles.


For more gift-giving advice for the kids (and parents) on your list, speak to an LD Expert today. To make a purchase, visit London Drugs in-store and online.

We’ll be back soon with a top gift guide for techies. See you then!

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