Creative Ways to Connect over the Holidays with Greeting Cards

Over the holidays, there is one item that can help us celebrate those connections and close the distance: holiday greeting cards. They are a simple gesture that feels like a warm hug, spreading holiday cheer and showing the recipient you are thinking of them- even if you can’t be there in person. Here, we’re sharing some creative ways to connect over the holidays with the help of our personalized greeting cards.

1. Annual Family Greeting Cards

Many families have a tradition of sending annual greeting cards over the holidays. Inside the greeting cards, they share a year-end recap to show family and friends what they’ve been up to over the past year, how much their kids have grown, and more. With so many unable to visit and be with their families in person this year, this annual tradition is undoubtedly more significant than ever. Customizing your holiday greeting cards is a thoughtful way to make that personal connection with family and friends from afar, updating them on life during these unfamiliar times and wishing them health and happiness over the holiday season.

Our Photolab offers a wide variety of customization tools to personalize your own family holiday greeting cards, from allowing you to add family photos to the inside and outside of the card to providing professionally designed templates in Christmas, Hanukkah and winter themes. Choose a family photo you already have or take some time to shoot a new holiday-themed photo (check out this blog for holiday photo tips). You can also add your year-end recap directly to the inside of the card using our text customization feature. Our collection of folded cards offer lots of space to fill in all of your year’s most note-worthy memories and moments. We also suggest ordering a few individual print photos that you can include inside the card. That way, the recipient can take out the photos and frame them or put them into a photo album!

2. Co-Worker & Client Greeting Cards

For many working from home this year, connecting with co-workers has only happened at a distance and over video calls. If you’re missing your daily coffee breaks with your co-workers, sending them a personalized holiday card is a thoughtful way to stay connected over the holidays. Dig through your hard drive for a photo of you and your co-workers, or snap a festive picture of your family, pet or Christmas tree. Use that photo on the front of your card, and then type a personal message inside. Once you receive your printed cards, consider including a gift card to a local coffee shop inside as a nice surprise! For those of you who are artistically inclined, skip the photo and scan a drawing you’ve done that can be featured on your holiday cards.

A personalized card can also be a thoughtful gesture to your clients to help bolster your relationship and thank them for their business over the past year – particularly in these uncertain times. Add an image that represents your business, and include a custom message wishing them well over the holidays. If you have a number of clients or co-workers to send to, order as a 25-pack and sign them individually for a special touch!

3. Keepsake Greeting Cards

The holidays are often a milestone for many different reasons, making this a particularly special time to connect with loved ones. Our greeting cards are fully customizable, so you can highlight your special holiday milestones with photos and text and send off to your loved ones right here in town or around the world. These kinds of milestone greeting cards make especially great gifts for parents and grandparents, who love a keepsake they can showcase proudly on their mantle or fridge.

Here are a few milestones you might want to share in your holiday greeting cards:

Baby’s First Christmas

A photo of your sweet little new addition to the family is the perfect way to customize your holiday cards this year! If you fancy yourself a photographer, grab your camera and stage a fun, festive photoshoot of your baby so you have the perfect shot to feature on your greeting card. Or match a photo to one of our card templates, like our ‘Peace on Earth’ design with a photo of your peaceful sleeping baby.

First Christmas Married

Many weddings turned into elopements this year or were pared down to only a handful of guests. Share some of your wedding memories with family by creating a special holiday card that doubles as a keepsake for those who were unable to attend your wedding.

First Christmas in our New Home

Moving into a new home is a special milestone and celebrating the holidays there for the first time is often extra special, as it signals the start of new traditions. Snap a photo outside your new home that you can showcase on the front of your holiday card. Or employ the help of a local photographer who is offering porch portraits – a great way to support local while preserving this milestone in your life!


Our Photolab is here to help make the process of creating your personalized greeting cards as quick and seamless as possible, while also offering specialty customizations to make your cards 100% unique and memorable.

Luxe Customizations

To give your greeting cards an elevated and memorable look, try one of our luxe specialty papers, which can be used to customize our double-sided cards, folded cards and postcards. Choose from linen natural white, linen white, matte soft white, matte white, shimmer silver, shimmer soft gold, woodgrain, stipple and techwave: the perfect touch for your one-of-a-kind cards.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our greeting cards are customizable and quick. Single-sided photo cards and our folded cards on premium photographic paper are ready in 24 hours. All other card options are ready in just 5-7 days.

Easy Ordering

Start personalizing your holiday greeting cards by visiting our Photolab online, or download our London Drugs Photolab App on Google Play or the App Store to order conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Our easy-to-use platform will help you customize every aspect of your cards, from style, theme and photo placement to what is written inside and out. You never even have to leave the house – your order can be shipped directly to you. If you need them quicker, you can also opt for in-store pick-up at your nearest London Drugs.

Keep in mind, if you’re planning to send your greeting cards by mail this year, it’s better to get them ordered and sent off sooner rather than later to avoid delays during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Family this Autumn

Autumn brings the cooler weather, falling leaves, shorter days, and the start of cozy season. With it, comes great opportunities to spend quality time with family, and making memories. Here are 4 fun things to do this Fall with your family.

1 – Baking

Explore new and old recipes together. From home made baked biscuits or Nanaimo bars, to muffins or bread, pull the family together in the kitchen to enjoy crafting tasty treats. Not sure where to begin? You can find a recipe for almost anything online, or dust off one of the old family cookbooks in the pantry and finally try a recipe you’ve been waiting on. With everything from rolling pins and stand mixers, to flour and sugar, we can help take care of your baking needs.

2 – Game Night

Family game night was a staple in many homes before screens became the primary form of entertainment. Revert to those days by gathering everyone around the table  for an evening of laughs and entertainment to play a boardgame. Consider a classic family game like Scrabble, Operation, Clue, or Monopoly. Or you can try some of the new exciting games like Exploding Kittens, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, or Rat-A-Tat-Cat.  No matter the game you choose, the fun is just beginning.

3 – Play Video Games

Sitting together and gaming can be an entertaining experience for everyone including grandma. Introduce your kids to the classics you grew up with, like these Arcade1Up vintage cabinet games, or dust off your Atari or original Nintendo Entertainment System. If you’d prefer, you can also explore the cutting edge graphics of the all new PS5 or introduce grandma to the Xbox series X. Whatever system or game you choose is secondary to the belly laughter and memories made as a family.

4 – Family Movie Night

Whether sitting down for a classic, or the newest release, watching a movie as a family is a great way to end off the evening. You may no longer be able to walk down to Blockbuster to pick up the latest flick, but you can come into London Drugs as a family and browse the great movie selection. While in the store you can also find a new TV, Soundbar or home theater if you need to update some tech to get the most out of it!

5 – Design and Print Family Memories

With the weather cooling, and people spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit your memories from the last year, and create personalized mementos. From custom photobooks to personalized calendars, our Photolab offers a wide assortment of products you can bring to life with your precious family memories. Immortalize your dog on a pillow, or make grandma a 1000 piece puzzle of the recent family portrait, the possibilities are endless.

There are many ways to enjoy quality family time this autumn, and no matter what you choose, we wish you many laughs and smiles.





8 Tips to Keep your Floors Clean with Pets

Having pets is a fulfilling experience, but can also be a messy one. Here are 8 tips to help keep the floors in your house spotless with fury friends around.

 1 – Groom Regularly

Pets shed. A lot. Keeping on top of their hair is a great preventative method to ensure the floors stay clean. Brush your pet regularly to prevent their hair from accumulating on floors and surfaces.

 2 – Use a pet bed

Your pet probably spends a lot of time lounging around the house. gifting them a pet bed, gives them their own cozy space. Little do they know, it also helps collect their hair in one spot. This can limit the hair being spread all over the house, or ending up in the carpet.

 3 – Vacuum in multiple directions

When you vacuum the floor, don’t only go back and forth, but turn the vacuum 90 degrees and go side to side as well. The variety of directions and angles will help loosen and remove stubborn hair.

 4 – Use a dry squeegee on your carpets


You use them for windows, but have you considered using a squeegee on your carpet? When vacuuming, fur and hair can tangle itself in the carpet, making it very challenging to remove. Using a dry squeegee and running it along the carpet will create static electricity which helps draw the hair out. It will clump as you go. Remove the clumps, and set aside and be amazed at how much your vacuum missed.

 5 – Quick action to prevent stains


Accidents can and do happen. When they do, reacting quickly is imperative to ensure they don’t remain. There are a variety of methods to remove stains. Be sure to try and blot out the moisture and clean it thoroughly. Shaving cream, diluted dish soap and baking soda are some of the helpful ingredients to remove stains.

6 – Use a placemat for their feeding area

Keeping your pets water and food on a placemat, especially one with a small, beveled edge, can help contain spills. By doing so, you can protect the floor from being soiled, and the possibility of food being tracked through the house.

7 – Swiffer tile and wood floors

You probably have a hard floor somewhere in the house. A Swiffer is a great tool to help keep them sparkling. It can help catch hairs to make cleaning easier, and also help clean up paw prints.

8 – Keep paws clean

When your pet returns from an adventure outdoors, be sure to clean their paws. Having a towel near the door helps simplify this process, so it’s easy to grab when needed. Some people also suggest having a small container of water at the door to dip paws into before drying, for an even better result.


8 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Going off to college or university can be an exciting transition, especially if you’re planning to live on-campus in a dorm room! Being away from home and moving into a tiny dorm space can be a bit of adjustment, though. It’s easy to feel homesick in a new place without your friends and family. That’s why our Photo Experts have put together 8 décor ideas that will make your dorm room feel more like home.

1. Make a Collage Print of Friendly Faces

Seeing the smiling faces of your family and high school friends can help you feel more at home – and our collage posters can showcase all of them in one giant print you can hang on your wall! Just drag and drop your photos into the poster templates (your choice of colour) for an easy piece of wall art to brighten up your dorm.

2. Add Depth With Reflective Surfaces

If the small size of your dorm room has you feeling a little claustrophobic, there are a couple of tricks to help make your space seem larger. Mirrors are a classic way to help make a room appear more open and bigger. Another way to create the same kind of effect is with our Photolab’s aluminum metal panels! These have a high-gloss finish that will catch and reflect light, helping to make your small space feel bigger. As an added bonus, our aluminum panels come ready-to-hang, making them a quick and easy way to decorate the walls of your dorm. You can have them printed with any choice of photo, or order an aluminum panel montage wall or aluminum panel collage if you want to showcase a selection of multiple images.

3. Use Easily-Removable Wall Clings

Just because your dorm room is only a temporary home for the semester doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Our removable wall clings make it easy to decorate your walls without having to use any nails or screws…and they peel off easily without leaving a residue. They’re made of a water resistant 100% polyester fabric with a repositionable self-adhesive backing, making it easy to apply them to a wide variety of surfaces.

4. Give Your Mousepad Some Personality

You’re at college to study, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your study space! Add some personality to your desk with a mousepad customized with a fun photo of your choice.

5. Make Something You Can Hug & Squeeze

Have a photo of your family, friends or pet printed on a pillowcase, so you can give them a hug anytime you miss them! They also make a nice accent piece for your bed – you can customize a pillowcase with a scenic photo that works with the colour scheme of your dorm room to really pull the space together.

6. Customize Your Calendar

A new school schedule and new routine would benefit from a bit of organization to ensure you’re staying on top of class times, assignment deadlines, exams, and study breaks with friends. Instead of hanging a generic calendar, why not personalize your own magnetic memo board or calendar with some of your favourite photos? That way, it can double as a piece of décor in your space!

7. Personalize Your Smartphone

A smartphone is a must-have for keeping in touch with family and friends while at school – whether it’s video-chatting, texting or calling. It will hopefully help you from feeling too homesick. And adding little reminders of home, like a photo of your closest friends, to a smartphone pop-up grip is also a fun way to keep them close (because, let’s be honest, your smartphone never leaves your side)!

8. String a Photo Garland

A non-permanent way to add some life to your dorm walls is with a photo garland. Just use some colourful Washi tape, Command Small Spring Clips and some twine/string to hang your photos from. With vintage-looking prints trending right now, we suggest printing your pictures in one of our 7 vintage print styles: classic old tape, classic scalloped edge, classic colourful stack, classic showcase, classic four square, classic white and classic retro (the last 3 would be similar to the nostalgic Polaroid!). They can be printed as glossy, pearl or on one of our specialty papers, including bamboo, metallic, Kauai and Baryta. Square prints are also a great option, perfect for your showcasing your Instagram snapshots. You might also find our NEW half sized prints to be a perfect fit too.

Capturing College Memories

College and university are not only a place to learn, but a place to make new friends and new memories. And a great way to preserve and display those new memories is, of course, with photos. Single-use film cameras and instant cameras have become incredibly popular right now, and these also result in fun physical photos you can use to decorate your space!

In addition to being able to print all your digital photos (order via our London Drugs Photolab App on Google Play or the App Store!), our Photolab also still offers film processing, so you can always bring in those single-use film cameras to us to be developed. Or if you want truly instant prints, then pick yourself up a Fujifilm Instax or Polaroid Originals and some instant camera film so you can snap and add to your photo garland in seconds. We also have a selection of pocket-sized photo printers so you can print out your favourite memories from your smartphone in an instant. Print a copy for yourself and a few for your new college buddies!

Be Prepared with Emergency Bags

When the unexpected happens and you need to evacuate your home immediately, the last thing you’ll want to do is try to think of everything you will need to take with you. That’s why it’s always best to be prepared in advance. A grab & go emergency bag is a great example of how you can have everything you need all in one spot so you can do exactly that – grab it and go! We’ve curated a few essential items that may be important to have on hand to build your own grab and go emergency bag.

Emergency Bag Essentials

Keep this emergency bag where you can easily access it, such in a closet by your front door, or you can even have it ready in your car. An important thing to remember is to avoid reusing the same items you would pack on trips, such as camping. It may seem practical, but you might forget to switch them back to your emergency bag and not have them when needed. As well, don’t forget items that may benefit your mental health or that can help you pass the time, such as your favourite book, a deck of cards, a boardgame or some movies downloaded on a tablet, etc. For more items, you can browse our full emergency preparedness selection here.

Digital Downloads: Easily Print and Display Canadian-Made Art

Photo credit: @saraboychukphoto (shop featured digital print)

Filling your home with beautiful, locally-made prints has never been easier! Digital downloads have become extremely popular as of late, and they have made acquiring new décor for your house as simple as clicking a button.

Many local artists, bloggers and photographers have digital prints or ‘printables’ available for purchase (or in some cases, for free!), which can easily be downloaded straight to your computer. These digital prints are usually also available in several sizes, so you can decide which will suit your space and frames best. Once you download the file, you can then simply upload to our Photolab and order as many high-quality prints as you like (for personal use – more on that later) on whatever print surface you like! With in-store and curbside pick-up available at your local London Drugs, we can have your prints ready for you in record time. Many people find digital downloads to be a great way to update their space with locally-made art, as the process can be faster than waiting for a physical print to ship in the mail from the seller, and allows greater flexibility in terms of display.

Below are just a few local options to source digital prints to decorate your home. You can also hop over to Etsy, where there are virtually endless choices for digital downloads for sale from local Canadian artists and photographers!

Fraîche at Home

Photo credit: Fraîche at Home (shop featured digital print)

Photo credit: Fraîche at Home (shop featured digital prints here & here)

Tori Wesszer of Fraîche Living, who is known for her aesthetically pleasing and delicious recipes, also has a collection of style-forward digital prints for the home – many specifically for the kitchen! From coffee guides and recipes to inspiring quotes, all of Fraîche at Home’s prints will add a special touch to your space. They also make a great gift for a foodie! Her digital prints start at just $10.00.

Sara Boychuk Photography

Photo credit: @saraboychukphoto (shop featured digital print)

Photo credit: @saraboychukphoto (shop featured digital print)

Photographer Sara Boychuk’s Etsy shop has a selection of wall art for digital download, featuring scenic landscape images. Her photography captures the beauty of Canada’s great outdoors, with images of the Rocky Mountains to the lush forests of the West Coast. They will add a truly Canadian feel to your home! Her digital downloads are available for as little as $10.00, and she’s even added new prints (including the 2 above) in anticipation of this blog feature, so be sure to check them out!

Clean & Scentsible

Photo credit: @cleanandscentsible (download featured digital prints here & here)

Photo credit: @cleanandscentsible (download featured digital prints here & here)

Jenn of Clean & Scentsible releases the sweetest printables seasonally, to help keep your home feeling fresh and welcoming! Some of our favourites right now include her cute bee and honey printables, lemonade printables and s’mores printables. The featured printables you see above were all printed as 8×10 or 11×14 pearl prints from our Photolab. They’re great for styling a snack table, or just to display in your kitchen or really anywhere else in your home. Jenn kindly offers all of her printables free of charge for personal use!

Printing Your Digital Downloads

Ordering a print of Clean & Scentsible’s lemonade printable on our Photolab website

Printable Sizing

Before making your purchase, make sure to check the sizing of the printable. Our Photolab can print a wide variety of standard and enlargement sizes, but it’s best to double-check to make sure the print isn’t a custom size. If you don’t see a standard print size offered, you can always reach out and message the seller to see if they are able to offer the print in a different size.

Also, just be sure before you purchase that you are purchasing the digital file, as some artists do offer both digital and print versions of their work.

Quick and High-Quality Printing

Digital downloads offer a quick and easy way to get new prints up on your walls. A few clicks online and you’ll have a digital print ready to download. Then it’s as simple as uploading it to our London Drugs Photolab to order in the print size and surface of your choosing! We have a wide range of sizes for high-quality glossy and pearl prints/enlargements, as well as fine art papers including canvas, bamboo, Kauai and Bartyta to give your printables that gallery-quality look.

Our Photolab also offers prints that come framed and matted, so all you have to do is choose where to display them! Or choose to add foamcore or premium foamcore to select prints.

For extra quick turnaround, make sure to order for in-store or curbside pick-up. Otherwise, we can also deliver right to your home.

Note about Copyright

In most cases, these digital download files are meant for personal use only, and not for commercial use. If you’re unsure, just check with the owner first to better understand the copyrights before downloading and printing.

Custom Art

Many Etsy sellers also offer a custom element to their printables. For example, they can customize the artwork to include a name, or in some cases, the entire artwork can be customized. Be sure to check the ‘description’ section of the Etsy listing to see how your customization preferences should be communicated to the seller.


If you order prints featuring a locally sourced digital download, be sure to tag us on Instagram or Twitter, we’d love to see how you’ve displayed it!


4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living

You can still have a memorable summer this year, even while staying closer to home and heading outside when the sun is out. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors, from gardening in your backyard, to picnicking at your local park. We’ve curated some items you can find at London Drugs, that will help make your time outside more enjoyable!

Camellia Leaf Privacy Screens

This Camellia Leaf Privacy Screen is a great addition to any outdoor space. You can use it to dress up an existing fence, cover up an unsightly one, or create a fence where you need it!  They are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. As well, they require little maintenance and expand to fit a wide variety of spaces, like a smaller apartment patio or balcony. Made with polyethylene plastic and a sturdy willow frame, these 6.7 feet x 3.3 feet screens are also fade-resistant for 3-5 years, depending on sun exposure.

Bond Portable Gas Fire Bowl

If your ideal evening is kicking back and relaxing outside, we would definitely recommend getting yourself the Bond Portable Gas Fire Bowl. It brings a warm and inviting vibe to any outdoor space. Made out of durable steel, this gas fire bowl has a 54,000 BTU heat output fueled by a clean burning 20lb external propane tank (sold separately). It features an instant electric ignition with flame control knob, a locking lid with handle for portability, and also includes pumice stones, a 10ft propane gas hose with regulator and tank seat.

Garden Accessories

Are you an avid gardener, or want to start growing spices or vegetables at home? You’ll love the Bond 4-Tier Greenhouse! It features 4 wire mesh shelves for ventilation and a plastic cover with zippered flap, giving your seedlings and flowers a great head start sprouting or blooming. Plus, with dimesions of 2.25 x 1 x 4 feet, it can fit a variety of outdoor spaces, even the smaller ones.

If you want to decorate your outdoor space, but don’t really have a green thumb, not to worry – we have a wide selection of patio decor you can use instead of plants to add your own personal flare! From rustic and nautical, to whimsical and tropical, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your style. Explore our full selection of patio decor here.

Canopy and Bug Tents

Getting outside and soaking up a little sun is great, but for those hotter days, this Collection by London Drugs Heavy Duty Canopy is great for providing a little extra shade. The canopy, measuring at 9.8 x 9.8 feet, features a polyester fabric with a PVC coating and folds away conveniently for easy storage and portability.

If you enjoy the heat, but can’t stand the bugs, we have a solution for you! Made from sturdy 11.5mm fiber glass and 19mm steal tubes, this 9.8 x 9.8 foot Collection by London Drugs Bug Shelter provides protection from pesky mosquitos while also offering a little bit of shade.

We hope you found these items helpful in making the most of your summer this year! Don’t forget to browse our full selection of outdoor living essentials in store and online.


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