8 Tips to Keep your Floors Clean with Pets

Having pets is a fulfilling experience, but can also be a messy one. Here are 8 tips to help keep the floors in your house spotless with fury friends around.

 1 – Groom Regularly

Pets shed. A lot. Keeping on top of their hair is a great preventative method to ensure the floors stay clean. Brush your pet regularly to prevent their hair from accumulating on floors and surfaces.

 2 – Use a pet bed

Your pet probably spends a lot of time lounging around the house. gifting them a pet bed, gives them their own cozy space. Little do they know, it also helps collect their hair in one spot. This can limit the hair being spread all over the house, or ending up in the carpet.

 3 – Vacuum in multiple directions

When you vacuum the floor, don’t only go back and forth, but turn the vacuum 90 degrees and go side to side as well. The variety of directions and angles will help loosen and remove stubborn hair.

 4 – Use a dry squeegee on your carpets


You use them for windows, but have you considered using a squeegee on your carpet? When vacuuming, fur and hair can tangle itself in the carpet, making it very challenging to remove. Using a dry squeegee and running it along the carpet will create static electricity which helps draw the hair out. It will clump as you go. Remove the clumps, and set aside and be amazed at how much your vacuum missed.

 5 – Quick action to prevent stains


Accidents can and do happen. When they do, reacting quickly is imperative to ensure they don’t remain. There are a variety of methods to remove stains. Be sure to try and blot out the moisture and clean it thoroughly. Shaving cream, diluted dish soap and baking soda are some of the helpful ingredients to remove stains.

6 – Use a placemat for their feeding area

Keeping your pets water and food on a placemat, especially one with a small, beveled edge, can help contain spills. By doing so, you can protect the floor from being soiled, and the possibility of food being tracked through the house.

7 – Swiffer tile and wood floors

You probably have a hard floor somewhere in the house. A Swiffer is a great tool to help keep them sparkling. It can help catch hairs to make cleaning easier, and also help clean up paw prints.

8 – Keep paws clean

When your pet returns from an adventure outdoors, be sure to clean their paws. Having a towel near the door helps simplify this process, so it’s easy to grab when needed. Some people also suggest having a small container of water at the door to dip paws into before drying, for an even better result.


Expert Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Expert bathroom cleaning tips

The kitchen might be the heart of every home, but it’s the bathroom that’s the true workhorse. So it’s no surprise it gets really dirty, really quickly. It’s a shame bathrooms don’t get the love (or elbow grease) they deserve considering how much we depend on them every single day.

Fact: Nobody likes cleaning a bathroom. But, a truly clean bathroom is a joy and surprisingly easy to maintain once you’ve mastered a few game-changing techniques.

Follow these tips and tricks to help make cleaning your bathroom less of a chore.

Make a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Make a bathroom cleaning checklist to make the tasks more manageable

A clean bathroom is easier to maintain than a dirty one, so make it a regular habit. Facing an entire bathroom and all its moving, scummy parts is daunting, so parcel out the duties so you don’t have to do everything all at once.

For example:

Every day – Wipe down outside of toilet; wipe down inside of shower/bath; wipe down counters/sink; clean drain traps.

Every Sunday – Scrub inside of toilet; empty trash can; wipe mirrors.

First Sunday of every month – Put toothbrush holder in dishwasher, put shower curtain in laundry, deep clean drains.

After a month when you’ve gone through every task on your checklist at least once, you’ll see how much faster and easier maintaining a clean bathroom can be.

Simplify Your Bathroom

Declutter your bathroom to simplify cleaning
De-cluttering your space will not only make your bathroom look tidier, but will also make cleaning it a lot easier.

Who wants to spend 10 minutes taking everything off the counters and another 10 wrestling with half a dozen cleaning bottles under the counter just to spend one minute wiping down the surface?

Most bathrooms are small so everything in them should have a purpose and a home. Do you really need all those individual spay cleaners when once would suffice?

An all-in-one hero product like Nellie’s One Soap can be used as a hand soap, tub/shower cleaner, dish soap, and even on your dog.

Use the Right Cleaning Tools

Get the right toilet cleaning tools to make your job easier

The flip side to de-cluttering is stocking up on the right tools to get every job done well. If your toilet brush doesn’t get all the right angles, your toilet bowl will never really be clean. And if your glass cleaner leaves streaks and promotes fogging, well, what’s the point?

If you don’t feel that your efforts produce sparkling clean results, you’ll be less motivated to continue cleaning, so you might have to experiment a little to find the right tools. You might need two toilet brushes and you might find some great anti-fogging solutions in the automotive department.

Use Age-appropriate Accessories in Your Bathroom

If you have kids, adapt your bathroom so it stands a better chance of staying clean. Kids are cute, but they’re messy, which means water and dirt are going to get everywhere. Bring in a stool so they can properly reach the sink. And instead of expecting them to use a hand towel, keep a stack of colourful washcloths folded within easy reach.

Better yet, use this as an opportunity to teach them how to use the cloth to wipe up any wet spots on the counter before tossing it into the hamper.

Reward Yourself for a Cleaning Job Well Done

They say the reward itself is in a job well done, but you might need a little extra incentive to get through your checklist. Find something meaningful to reward yourself with each month – a new book, a new coffee machine, etc. – and use that as your carrot as you clean away.

Shop our selection of cleaning supplies for other resources that may help you keep your bathroom spic and span.

4 Tips for Beautifully Organized Drawers

It’s easy to let your drawers fall into chaos. They’re only open for a few seconds at a time, and they’re easy to hide. But you know they’re there–whispering behind your back, just waiting to explode. We’re here to help you wrangle the clutter with these easy and satisfying tips for beautifully organized drawers.

1. Tidy Your T-Shirts the KonMari Way

If you have a big collection of t-shirts, you know how quickly your drawer can turn into a mess. To save time in the morning, and prevent wrinkles, stack your t-shirts upright in the drawer instead of flat. Your drawer will hold more, you’ll be able to see them all at once for easy choosing, and they’ll stay neatly folded.

Folding skills a little lacking? Check out this step-by-step guide on using the KonMari method to fold like a pro:

2. Use Smart Compartments For Odds and Ends 

Your silverware drawer is pretty organized, right? Knives, spoons, and forks are all in their right places. That’s because of the organizer in there! You probably already have one in the kitchen, so why not get one for your other drawers that need some TLC? Cutlery trays and small bins are inexpensive, and great for keeping cosmetics, junk drawers, craft drawers and other small odds and ends tidy.

3. Contain Those Pesky Kitchen Containers

It’s your kitchen’s dirty little secret. It’s your… FOOD CONTAINER DRAWER! Don’t worry—you’re definitely not alone. Everyone’s is a mess. But it doesn’t have to be! Despite food storage containers being bulky, awkward, and mismatched, your drawer can actually be a soothing place of zen organization.

Recycle any tubs or lids that don’t have a mate. Ahhhh. Feels good, doesn’t it? Next add a drawer divider or two and separate items into size/shape categories. Start with the largest items in the corner and add smaller ones around. Lastly, stack your lids horizontally so you can ‘file’ them instead of digging through the pile every time.

Pro tip: Nest plastic containers together, and turn them on their sides if the stack is too tall for the drawer. Don’t nest glass containers together, as they could get stuck together and break. And store plastic containers and lids separately, since a seal can trap moisture and create a stale smell.

See more tips, tricks, and photos from Better Homes & Gardens

4. Upcycle Using What You Already Have

We love a good upcycling tip! Keeping a messy drawer organized can be as easy as re-using old stuff from around your house. Have you got things collecting dust around your house like old gift boxes, egg cartons, muffin tins, or food containers without their lids? (Really, who doesn’t?) Well then, you have an organized junk drawer!

There, another spring cleaning item checked off your list! Share your best drawer organization tips in the comments below and find everything you need for storage and organization online at London Drugs.