8 Tips to Keep your Floors Clean with Pets

Having pets is a fulfilling experience, but can also be a messy one. Here are 8 tips to help keep the floors in your house spotless with fury friends around.

 1 – Groom Regularly

Pets shed. A lot. Keeping on top of their hair is a great preventative method to ensure the floors stay clean. Brush your pet regularly to prevent their hair from accumulating on floors and surfaces.

 2 – Use a pet bed

Your pet probably spends a lot of time lounging around the house. gifting them a pet bed, gives them their own cozy space. Little do they know, it also helps collect their hair in one spot. This can limit the hair being spread all over the house, or ending up in the carpet.

 3 – Vacuum in multiple directions

When you vacuum the floor, don’t only go back and forth, but turn the vacuum 90 degrees and go side to side as well. The variety of directions and angles will help loosen and remove stubborn hair.

 4 – Use a dry squeegee on your carpets


You use them for windows, but have you considered using a squeegee on your carpet? When vacuuming, fur and hair can tangle itself in the carpet, making it very challenging to remove. Using a dry squeegee and running it along the carpet will create static electricity which helps draw the hair out. It will clump as you go. Remove the clumps, and set aside and be amazed at how much your vacuum missed.

 5 – Quick action to prevent stains


Accidents can and do happen. When they do, reacting quickly is imperative to ensure they don’t remain. There are a variety of methods to remove stains. Be sure to try and blot out the moisture and clean it thoroughly. Shaving cream, diluted dish soap and baking soda are some of the helpful ingredients to remove stains.

6 – Use a placemat for their feeding area

Keeping your pets water and food on a placemat, especially one with a small, beveled edge, can help contain spills. By doing so, you can protect the floor from being soiled, and the possibility of food being tracked through the house.

7 – Swiffer tile and wood floors

You probably have a hard floor somewhere in the house. A Swiffer is a great tool to help keep them sparkling. It can help catch hairs to make cleaning easier, and also help clean up paw prints.

8 – Keep paws clean

When your pet returns from an adventure outdoors, be sure to clean their paws. Having a towel near the door helps simplify this process, so it’s easy to grab when needed. Some people also suggest having a small container of water at the door to dip paws into before drying, for an even better result.


Pet Products You and Your Furry Friends Will Love

Pet Products Your Furry Friend Will Love

Every pet owner knows their furry friends bring immeasurable joy, companionship, and love to a household.

Science has proven that our pets also bring us concrete health benefits like lowered blood pressure and better immunity. They get us outside for fresh air and exercise, give us much-needed snuggles after a long day, teach our kids about care and responsibility, prevent loneliness, and even facilitate socializing and meeting new people.

And although our pets rarely ask for much in return, here are a few things you’ll love to bring home for them as thanks for their unconditional love.


Pet Products Your Fuzzy Friends Will Love

Pets love to play! But they can be tough on their toys. Tired of toting a chewed up frisbee to the park? Freshen it up with a Nerf Dog Barbell Chew. It’s great for fetching, tugging, and tossing around.

If more traditional chew toys are more your pet’s style, try this bacon-scented Hartz Tough Bone Dog Toy. It cleans  teeth while your pet chews to their heart’s content.

And for those days when it’s too cold or too wet to frolic in the park, this fun gator-shaped sqeaker mat will have you and your pet squealing with delight.


Pet Products Your Fuzzy Friends Will Love
Every pet deserves delicious food and treats. Give your cat the freshest food from Whiskas. These perfect portions reduce waste and ensure their meal is always fresh and tasty.

Teaching your dog new tricks? Reward their efforts with some chewy Zoe treats. With flavours like peanut butter and banana, bacon, and chicken parmesan, you’ll have them shaking a paw in no time.

Is all that exercise causing achy joints? SierraSil Chews Leaps and Bounds will help ease your dog’s joint aches and pains.

We’re thankful to our pets for bringing all the furry feels into our lives. But for those times your pet needs medical attention despite your tender loving care, London Drugs’ pet insurance has got you and your furry friend covered.

Check out more great pet care products at LondonDrugs.com.

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BUT TERRIFYING? The study examined five personality traits found in humans (openness to experience, conscientiousness, introversion/extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism), and used them rate the personalities of various domestic and wild cats.

What they found is worrying. Along with the African lion, over 100 domestic cat breeds demonstrated the very traits—neuroticism, impulsiveness, and dominance—that cause the violent predatory behaviour of the King of the Jungle.


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