Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places to Enjoy Fall Leaves

For many, autumn means falling leaves for crunching underfoot or raking into a piles for canon-balling. For us, autumn’s colourful by-products are a full sensory experience. Right now, trees all over the country are exploding in shades of red, orange, and gold. Canada is a beautiful country year round, but the fall leaves bring something special.

Whether you’re in the middle of the city, out in the country, or deep in the mountains, trees are celebrating the change in weather and giving us a spectacular show. And we’re giving them a standing ovation!

Nicely done, Canada. Nicely, done.

Here are 10 stunning places to enjoy autumn – and the fall leaves – in beautiful Canada.

1. Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Stanley Park - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Fionalucyw

There’s something quintessentially West Coast about wandering around a drizzly Vancouver seawall with a pumpkin-spiced latte in hand, and enjoying the coziness of Stanley Park.

2. Cassidy, British Columbia

Cassidy calibreus - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Calibreus

Who wouldn’t want to take a fall adventure down this path in Cassidy, B.C.? It’s the perfect blend of colours, transitioning from summer to fall with rustic elegance, and just a hint of mystery. How exciting!

3. Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Robyn-Nikx

You, too, can bundle up in Kelowna and enjoy the crunchiness of leaves, warm sunshine, and a rambling stream before the weather turns colder. Just pack up the truck and take a quick drive out to Mission Creek Regional Park to explore!

4. New Denver, British Columbia

If this isn’t the perfect weekend, we don’t know what is. Nothing says fall coziness more than an afternoon in the park with our fur-babies. Who packed the picnic?

5. Princes Island Park, Calgary, Alberta

Princes Island Parrk, Calgary - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Hasina.Kassam

Even in the middle of the city, Calgarians enjoy the ambiance of fall nature and people watching in Prince’s Island Park.

6. The Rocky Mountains, Alberta


Want to get away from it all? The Rocky Mountains in Alberta are the perfect fall getaway from… everything. Nothing but rugged wilderness out here!

7. Waskasiu Prince Albert Park, Saskatchewan

Waskasiu Lake, Saskatchewan - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via

Frost is showing up in some parts of Saskatchewan already – like here, in Waskasiu Prince Albert Park. But that doesn’t stop us! The gold in those trees makes us feel like we’re treasure hunting!

8. Mont Pinacle, Quebec

Now that’s a view! While we love the scenery in Mont Pinacle, it’s the cozy rainbow of fall colours the trees are displaying that warms our hearts.

9. Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Argenel

We think we’ll stop and sit a while. Right here. If you bring the hot cocoa, we’ll meet you there.

10. Nova Scotia (or out your own back door!)

Halifax Canada - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Seandmcmullen

Leaves are a brilliant red in Nova Scotia this time of year. It has us all fired up! But chances are, if you look out your own backdoor, they’re just as colourful. We’re sure lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


How are you enjoying our Beautiful Canada this fall?

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7 Favourite Fall Décor Ideas to Try Now

Fall Decor Ideas - London Drugs Blog

Sweater weather, pumpkin spice and family dinners are just a few of the things that make fall one of the best times of the year. The weather may get chillier and the days shorter, but there’s no denying that the fall season inspires a festive vibe and overall cozy feeling inside the home. The following is a list of DIY fall décor ideas that are bound to get you (and your home!) in the mood for fall.

1. Place Cards

Fall Place Cards - London Drugs Blog

Thanksgiving may have already passed, but there’s always an excuse to throw a dinner party! During the rainy season, it’s easy to entice friends and family to gather for a hot meal. If you’re in a pinch or want to keep it simple, liven up the dining room table with this (pine) fresh take on dinner place cards.

2. Leaf Decor

Fall Garland Decor - London Drugs Blog

Not ready for Christmas décor yet? A quick and easy decorating tip for the kitchen table or hallway is to use the natural décor around you. In this case, use clean fallen leaves (or pick up fabric leaves at your local craft store) and hang them with string to create a colourful fall garland.

3. Autumn Wreath

Fall Wreath - London Drugs Blog

Wreaths are not just for winter! Opt for making your own wreath or purchasing a base at your local dollar store, and add orange fairy lights, plastic fruit and fall flowers. Once December is here, add some fabric ornaments to transition into a holiday look.

4. Cinnamon Candles

Cinnamon Stick Candles - London Drugs Blog

What sparks memories of fall more than the smell of freshly baked apple pie and cinnamon? To recreate this scent in your home, take a tall pillar candle with your favourite fall scent, and line with cinnamon sticks. Not only do they smell amazing, but these candles also make a fantastic centrepiece.

5. Fall Basket

Fall Centerpiece Baskets - London Drugs Blog

Chances are, you have a few wicker baskets stored away in the closet for summer picnics or Easter treats. Make even more use out of them this season, and stack them to create a gorgeous fall centrepiece. Add pinecones, ribbon, and green foliage until you’re decorating in December…then add Christmas bulbs!

6. Framed Prints

Framed Prints Fall - London Drugs Blog

For fall inspired decor that can also work year-round, pick out a couple of rustic wooden frames for accompanying prints. These can be of leaves, pressed flowers, photographs or paintings, and can also be used to display kids’ seasonal artwork.

7. Pumpkin Succulents

Pumpkin Succulent - London Drugs Blog

Flowers may not be the most popular gift during the fall season, but that doesn’t mean we have to shy away from plant-based decorations! Recycle the outer shell of a cored pumpkin and plant your own succulent terrarium. Fill with moss and dirt, and display in lieu of a carved pumpkin.