7 Ice Cold Photos That Will Warm You Up

As cool temperatures set in across the country, Canadians are getting re-acquainted with that slick and slippery old friend: ice. Sure, ice can be treacherous for walking or driving, but it can also be stunningly beautiful. Here’s a collection of ice-inspired photos from around the country, and a reminder that we’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

1. The Obligatory Pond Hockey Photo

Skating Rink Skates

Photo by @lara.melnik

Strapping on the skates and spending the afternoon with friends on the pond is a quintessentially Canadian pastime.

2. The Ice is Coming for Us

This impressive shot of ice forming around a rock is a gentle reminder that the cold winter is well on its way (especially for our friends in Alberta).

3. Heli-Skiing Sights

Ode to Ice London Drugs Beautiful Canada

Photo by @cmh_heli

Adventurers who take skiing to extreme heights are bound to find something spectacular to look at on the way. The glacier in the background of this gorgeous photo is a reminder of our tiny place in this great wide world.

4. A Stunning Frozen Waterfall

Photo by @kwasy.morley

Alberta and British Columbia are filled with hidden gems like this frozen waterfall. Winter explorers are bound to find something interesting like this.

5. A Glacial Pace

Photo by @dcranephoto

This incredible photo of Bear Glacier in British Columbia is yet another example of the beauty hidden within our country’s borders.

6. Climbing Up Ice

Ode to Ice Beautiful Canada - London Drugs

Photo by @timbanfield

Only for the experienced climber, ice climbing is an extreme sport that is truly beautiful to photograph. Just imagine climbing up a frozen waterfall! There are many spots to get your ice fix in Alberta, like Kananaskis Country.

7. The Only Ice Hotel

Yes, you heard right! Check in to the only ice hotel in North America, Hôtel de Glace, based in Quebec. Discover ice-filled hotel rooms, ice sculptures, and even a wedding chapel.

8. Bubble Season

Abraham Lake Bubbles Beautiful Canada London Drugs

Photo by @ananya.ray

Find the frozen bubbles at Abraham Lake in Alberta that make for a beautiful photo, and an even better story. Do you know how these bubbles are formed?

How are you enjoying the icy Canadian winter??

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8 Places to See Beautiful Christmas Lights in Canada

There’s something truly magical about Christmas lights during the holidays. Thousands of twinkling lights can make any place feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland. We’ve rounded up eight of our favourite spots in Canada to take in Christmas light shows, tunnels, and even a train.

1. Grouse Mountain

Christmas lights Grouse Mountain Beautiful Canada - London Drugs

Photo by @vancitywild

After taking the gondola up Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC, walk through a tunnel of lights before skating and grabbing hot cocoa. Tip: it’s a great holiday date spot!

2. VanDusen Botanical Garden

Walk among the maze of Christmas lights at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC. For many it’s a yearly tradition to see the Festival of Lights!

3. CP Holiday Train

CP Holiday Train London Drugs

The CP Holiday Train is travelling from province to province collecting donations for North America’s food banks. Find out when the train is coming to a town near you – and see a live holiday show!

4. Leduc County Christmas Lights

Walking in a Christmas wonderland at Leduc County Christmas Lights in Alberta! Remember to bring a donation for the food bank and snap a great picture with these twinkling lights.

5. Vancouver Christmas Market

Stand inside a giant Christmas tree at the Vancouver Christmas Market! Reflective of a traditional German market, shop for classic treats, visit local vendors with handmade goodies, and ride the merry-go-round.

6. Bankers Hall

Bankers Hall Calgary - London Drugs Blog

Photo by @aliyahkm

With a huge Christmas tree surrounded by lights, put Bankers Hall in Calgary on your to-visit list for a picture-worthy moment!

7. Prince’s Island Park

Prince's Island Park Calgary - London Drugs Blog

Photo by @anaib

Walk over to Prince’s Island Park near downtown Calgary, AB, for a bridge full of lights and festive Christmas cheer.

8. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge - London Drugs Blog

Photo by @vancitywild

All lit up for Christmas, the Canyon Lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park are beautiful over the holidays. It gets busy though, so go early or on weeknights if you can!

Did we miss somewhere? Tell us in the comments! Merry Christmas from all of us at London Drugs!

Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places to Enjoy Fall Leaves

For many, autumn means falling leaves for crunching underfoot or raking into a piles for canon-balling. For us, autumn’s colourful by-products are a full sensory experience. Right now, trees all over the country are exploding in shades of red, orange, and gold. Canada is a beautiful country year round, but the fall leaves bring something special.

Whether you’re in the middle of the city, out in the country, or deep in the mountains, trees are celebrating the change in weather and giving us a spectacular show. And we’re giving them a standing ovation!

Nicely done, Canada. Nicely, done.

Here are 10 stunning places to enjoy autumn – and the fall leaves – in beautiful Canada.

1. Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Stanley Park - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Fionalucyw

There’s something quintessentially West Coast about wandering around a drizzly Vancouver seawall with a pumpkin-spiced latte in hand, and enjoying the coziness of Stanley Park.

2. Cassidy, British Columbia

Cassidy calibreus - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Calibreus

Who wouldn’t want to take a fall adventure down this path in Cassidy, B.C.? It’s the perfect blend of colours, transitioning from summer to fall with rustic elegance, and just a hint of mystery. How exciting!

3. Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Robyn-Nikx

You, too, can bundle up in Kelowna and enjoy the crunchiness of leaves, warm sunshine, and a rambling stream before the weather turns colder. Just pack up the truck and take a quick drive out to Mission Creek Regional Park to explore!

4. New Denver, British Columbia

If this isn’t the perfect weekend, we don’t know what is. Nothing says fall coziness more than an afternoon in the park with our fur-babies. Who packed the picnic?

5. Princes Island Park, Calgary, Alberta

Princes Island Parrk, Calgary - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Hasina.Kassam

Even in the middle of the city, Calgarians enjoy the ambiance of fall nature and people watching in Prince’s Island Park.

6. The Rocky Mountains, Alberta


Want to get away from it all? The Rocky Mountains in Alberta are the perfect fall getaway from… everything. Nothing but rugged wilderness out here!

7. Waskasiu Prince Albert Park, Saskatchewan

Waskasiu Lake, Saskatchewan - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Herry.with.an.e

Frost is showing up in some parts of Saskatchewan already – like here, in Waskasiu Prince Albert Park. But that doesn’t stop us! The gold in those trees makes us feel like we’re treasure hunting!

8. Mont Pinacle, Quebec

Now that’s a view! While we love the scenery in Mont Pinacle, it’s the cozy rainbow of fall colours the trees are displaying that warms our hearts.

9. Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Argenel

We think we’ll stop and sit a while. Right here. If you bring the hot cocoa, we’ll meet you there.

10. Nova Scotia (or out your own back door!)

Halifax Canada - Beautiful Canada: 10 Stunning Places To Enjoy Fall Leaves

Photo via Seandmcmullen

Leaves are a brilliant red in Nova Scotia this time of year. It has us all fired up! But chances are, if you look out your own backdoor, they’re just as colourful. We’re sure lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


How are you enjoying our Beautiful Canada this fall?

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Our Favourite #CanadianSummer Photos From Instagram

Even though we are lucky to live in Canada, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, we are not not lucky enough to have a lot of balmy weather. So, when summer finally does come around every year, we are HERE FOR IT.  (Can I get an amen, Alberta?) To give you a tasty appetizer, we thought we’d scour social media to find some of our favourite #CanadianSummer photos.

Sunset Season

No, this isn’t a painting, it’s a real place. Crescent Beach in Surrey, BC, to be precise.



Adventure Dogs

These two Prince Edward Island pals might as well have a speech bubble above that says, “Can you throw the stick again, puh-leeze?!”


The Perfect Chill Spot

The only thing missing from this classic Muskoka scene is a couple of friends to sit with.

Photo by @FLOAT-EH on Instagram


The Boys of Summer

What’s summer without a ball game on a warm night at Vancouver’s Nat Bailey Stadium?


Refreshing View

Let’s make a toast to flannel shirts, glassy lakes and cold iced tea.

An Evening Stroll

Doesn’t this rural PEI road look like the perfect spot for a long, leisurely walk down to the water?


Majestic Mountains

Sure, Jasper gets a lot of attention during their magnificent winters, but their summers are nothing to sneeze at, either.


Summertime on the Seawall

Vancouver’s Sunset Beach is the closest thing Canada has to a Southern California boardwalk, palm trees included.



Remember the feeling of absolute freedom when school got out for summer holidays? It’s not hard to re-capture that feeling at Okanagan Lake in BC.


Road Trip, Anyone?

Who’s got a convertible we can borrow for this perfect slice of Alberta road? We ride at dawn!


Do you have a photo that perfectly captures the #CanadianSummer? Why not have it printed and framed to enjoy all year? London Drugs Photolab experts can help you choose the perfect format for your prints.

The Most Beautiful Canadian Wedding Photography You’ll Ever See

With the arrival of spring (finally!), we know that wedding season is just around the corner. So many details go into planning a wedding: the perfect dress, amazing food, gorgeous flowers, thoughtful invitations, meaningful vows, stunning (yet delicious) cake…the list can seem endless. Luckily, with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet, beautiful wedding photos are one thing we don’t have to worry too much about around here. Here are some incredibly beautiful Canadian wedding photos we found!

1. Cottage Country

Here’s a gorgeous shot of a quintessential Muskoka Cottage Country wedding. We hope it was at the beginning of the summer, because the guests probably wanted to stay well into September.

2. Alberta Tranquility

A moment of quiet beauty was captured in this unexpected wedding photo, shot just outside Calgary.

3. Romantic Kootenay Adventure

Hats off to this brave BC bride who looks like she’ll do whatever it takes to get a great wedding shot.

4. Beauty at Banff Springs

After celebrating their nuptials in a modern, Western style, this Korean-Canadian couple chose to include a traditional element in their wedding to pay respect to their families and customs, and their photos captured both colourful traditions beautifully.

5. Banff Beauty, pt II

As one of the most beautiful places on earth, Banff is a common locale for weddings, and this gorgeous couple certainly took full advantage of the ready-made scenery for this epic wedding shot.

6. Two Sara(h)s in Ontario

The Fanshawe Conservation Area near London, Ontario is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding, and these beaming brides undoubtedly got a ton of beautiful photos here.

Do you have a jaw-dropping Canadian wedding photo you think the world should see? Share it with us in the comments!

The Most Beautiful Blossoms in Canada

Despite some setbacks and non-starts this year, we are finally(!) beginning to see visual evidence of spring in Canada. Our favourite sign of spring is the emergence of beautiful blossoms, so we thought we’d better celebrate. Canada, we know you’re pretty. You don’t have to show off!

1. Almost There

These delicate little guys in Langely, BC are raring to go, now that the temperatures are finally cooperating.

2. Canadian Tulip Festival

Every May, Ottawa is home to the Canadian Tulip Festival, and this year’s crop is getting ready to strut their stuff.

3. Forever Cherry Blossoms

Vancouverites know that right now is the best time to take advantage of the gorgeous cherry blossoms blooming on streets and in parks all over town.

4. Butchart Gardens, Of Course

No visit to Victoria, BC is complete without a trip to Butchart Gardens, especially in the spring. Don’t you just want to get lost in there for a couple of hours?

5. Walking on Clouds

This little critter is hard at work, so we’ll stop and smell the flowers for him.

6. Wild Mountain Beauty


Along with their spectacular winter vistas, Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta is also famous for their spring wildflowers, and they even celebrate with a Wildflower Festival every June. Half of all wildflower species found in Alberta grow in this park, and of those, 175 species are listed as rare in Alberta, and 20 are only found in Waterton. Worth the hike, to be sure!

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7 Beautiful Signs That Spring Is Just Around the Corner in Canada

Since it’s technically still winter, we may be jumping the gun here in Canada, but the the thought of Spring is too exciting not to talk about. There aren’t many other things that thrill Canadians more than seeing the first few signs of warmer weather: the old, grey piles of snow in Calgary transforming into ankle-deep puddles, the first sights of the new potholes blooming in Saskatoon, any temperature that doesn’t have a minus in front of it in Winnipeg, or one day, just one day, that it doesn’t rain in Vancouver are all welcome signs that spring is near, and we can put another Canadian winter under our belts. Here are 7 Signs that spring is juuuuuust around the corner.


These little friends are usually the first signs of spring Canadians will see. Of course, the second thing they’ll see is fellow Canadians running around exclaiming, “BUDS ON THE TREES! BUDS ON THE TREES!”


Robins know when things are starting to thaw out, so when they show up in your backyard, it’s a good sign that your extremities are about to get warmer.


Photo courtesy of Banff Lake Louise Tourism

It’s a unique experience to play a bit of pond hockey with the warm sun on your face. In the above photo, the Banff Women’s Hockey team are here taking full advantage at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel.


Crocuses are usually the first buds to poke their little heads out of the cold, Canadian ground, and we’ve made early Crocus spotting a competitive spring sport.


The comforting honk of these feathered friends making their way back to our lakes and ponds are a welcome sound in the ears of chilly, damp Canadians.


This patio at Canim Lake, BC isn’t quite ready for lounging on yet, but you know as soon as the temperature gets anywhere around 5 degrees, it will get dusted off and put to good use.

Spring Skiing

Is there any better feeling than skiing with no jacket? No. No there is not. Check out this daring canuck flipping for spring in Whistler, BC.


How excited are you about spring? Tell us, or even better yet show us, in the comments!

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