The Most Beautiful Canadian Wedding Photography You’ll Ever See

With the arrival of spring (finally!), we know that wedding season is just around the corner. So many details go into planning a wedding: the perfect dress, amazing food, gorgeous flowers, thoughtful invitations, meaningful vows, stunning (yet delicious) cake…the list can seem endless. Luckily, with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet, beautiful wedding photos are one thing we don’t have to worry too much about around here. Here are some incredibly beautiful Canadian wedding photos we found!

1. Cottage Country

Here’s a gorgeous shot of a quintessential Muskoka Cottage Country wedding. We hope it was at the beginning of the summer, because the guests probably wanted to stay well into September.

2. Alberta Tranquility

A moment of quiet beauty was captured in this unexpected wedding photo, shot just outside Calgary.

3. Romantic Kootenay Adventure

Hats off to this brave BC bride who looks like she’ll do whatever it takes to get a great wedding shot.

4. Beauty at Banff Springs

After celebrating their nuptials in a modern, Western style, this Korean-Canadian couple chose to include a traditional element in their wedding to pay respect to their families and customs, and their photos captured both colourful traditions beautifully.

5. Banff Beauty, pt II

As one of the most beautiful places on earth, Banff is a common locale for weddings, and this gorgeous couple certainly took full advantage of the ready-made scenery for this epic wedding shot.

6. Two Sara(h)s in Ontario

The Fanshawe Conservation Area near London, Ontario is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding, and these beaming brides undoubtedly got a ton of beautiful photos here.

Do you have a jaw-dropping Canadian wedding photo you think the world should see? Share it with us in the comments!