Bissell Pet Contest


Calling all pet parents and pet lovers!! We want to hear why you love your pet! Is it because they make the perfect hiking companion or that they know how to make you smile after a rough day? Whatever it is, share it with us as part of our Bissell Pet Contest and you will be entered at a chance to win one of four prizes! These include one of two (2) Bissell Little Green Machine ProHeat Carpet Cleaner 2513E, one (1) Bissell Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Vacuum 2258C or one (1) grand prize of a Bissell Pet Home Package! This package includes a Crosswave Pet Bissell Vacuum 2306C and a year’s worth of Bissell Clean & Fresh No Rinse Dog Shampoo. See full contest terms and conditions below. Good luck!


Bissell Pet Contest – Official Rules

1) To enter:
-Like the London Drugs page
-Like the contest post
-Tell us why you love your pet in the comments

-Follow London Drugs on Instagram
-Like the contest post
-Tell us why you love your pet in the comments

[September 13 – October 2, 2019 11:59pm PST]

2) No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per social network per contest. Limit one (1) prize may be won per household. Four (4) winners will be drawn from all combined social media platforms. Entries must be received no later than [October 2, 2019 at 11:59pm PST]. London Drugs is not responsible for entries that become lost or misdirected.

3) Contest is open to all residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who, as of the date the prize draw is made: (i) have not won a London Drugs contest since [October 2, 2018 11:59pm PST]; (ii) have reached the age of majority in the province in which they reside as at [September 13, 2019 ](iii) are not employees of London Drugs, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization (if any), or any family member living with any such employee.

4) The winners will be randomly chosen on the day the contest ends (see dates below) in Vancouver, British Columbia, from all eligible entries received per contest. To win, selected entrants must have correctly answered the skill-testing mathematical question on the online entry form and must sign London Drug’s declaration and release confirming compliance with the contest rules and acceptance of the prize(s) as awarded, releasing London Drugs from liability in association with the contest and prize and consenting to the use of their name, photograph, voice and statements for promotional and publicity purposes.

5) There will be 4 (four) prize(s) awarded to 4 (four) winners: each receiving one of the following: One of two (2) Bissell Little Green Machine ProHeat Carpet Cleaner 2513E (value:$139.99 each), one (1) Bissell Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Vacuum 2258C (value: $169.99) or one (1) grand prize of a Bissell Pet Home Package! This package includes a Crosswave Pet Bissell Vacuum 2306C (value: $399.99) and a year’s worth of Bissell Clean & Fresh No Rinse Dog Shampoo (value: $400+). Prize(s) must be accepted as awarded, are non-transferable and no substitutions are permitted. London Drugs reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value should any prize become unavailable for any reason. Prize will be awarded at the closest London Drugs location to the winner.

Contests dates: September 13 – October 2, 2019 11:59pm PST
Draw Date: 12:00 PM Pacific Time [October 4, 2019]

6) Selected entrants will be contacted by email, or social network they were drawn from. No correspondence will be entered into except with selected entrants. If the winner does not respond then she/he will be notified for the second time, 3 (three) days after the first notification. If the winner still does not respond within 3 days of the second notification, a new winner will be chosen in the same manner until a winner is successfully contacted.

7) The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of eligible entries received. Decisions of the judges in respect of all aspects of this contest including, but not limited to, eligibility of entries and correctness of answers given to the skill-testing question, are final.

8) London Drugs, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization, and their respective agents are not liable to an entrant in any manner relating to the contest or the awarding and use of the prize(s).

9) This contest is subject to all federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations. By entering the entrant consents to the collection of all personal information included on their entry and agrees to the use and disclosure of such information by and between London Drugs and their agents. The winner(s) also agrees to the collection, use and disclosure of their name, entry, photographs, voice and statements for London Drugs’ publicity purposes without further compensation. All personal information collected from entrants will be used only for the purposes of administering the contest and for marketing and promotional purposes as contemplated by these rules; under no circumstances will any personal information be sold or rented to third parties. All personal information collected by London Drugs will be kept in accordance with the privacy policy of London Drugs, which can be viewed at, and in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

10) The right is reserved by London Drugs to terminate this contest, in whole or in part, and/or modify, amend or suspend the contest, and/or these rules in any way, should any cause beyond the reasonable control of London Drugs or its agents affect the proper administration thereof.


All selected entrants will be required to sign the Statement of Declaration and Release attached before they can be declared a winner and receive a contest prize.


Clever Tips for Packing School Lunches

Back to school, back to routine. It can be a hectic transition, and when thinking of what to feed the little ones during their days at school, you want to ensure they have all the fuel and good nutrition they need to remain sharp. At the same time, you want to make it as quick and easy as possible, especially with that never-ending to-do list! You might be pleasantly surprised at how many snack and healthier food options you’ll find at London Drugs. Check out some clever ideas below for school lunch packing and snacking so your child has the energy needed to get through the school day.

Make Lunches Fun

Firstly, keep packed lunches interesting by providing options. Aim to have at least three of the four food groups in your child’s lunch. From there, mix and match to get the most variety. An example can be some cheese cubes, a ham sandwich and some grapes or a boiled egg, veggies and dip and some apple slices. You can also make lunches more exciting by using cookie cutters to cut shapes from sandwiches, cheese slices, etc.

If your kids don’t like typical lunch foods like sandwiches, why not try skewers? Again, you can mix and match with meat, cheese and veggies or a mix of fruit. BONUS: Include dipping options such as a light ranch or yogurt to make it extra fun.

Food Prep Goes a Long Way

Set a side one day a week to prepare school lunches. This could be prefilling food containers with hummus and dip or carrot sticks or making a big batch of homemade chicken noodle soup for the week ahead. The goal is to have everything ready so all you have to do is fill up your kids’ lunch boxes the night before or morning of the school day. TIP: PB&J sandwiches can actually be frozen in advance, which makes it a great lunch option to make in large batches. Just pack it in the morning and it will be thawed by lunch time.

Nutritious But Still Delicious!

Along with fresh fruits, veggies, dairy and meat products, you can also pack healthy versions your child’s favourite sugary snacks (that are just as tasty!) These include Smart Sweets, (no artificial colours or flavours, 3g of sugar and 24g of soluble fibre per bag!), Solar Raw Kale Chips, (packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) and Made Good Granola Bars and Minis (taste like dessert but contain the nutrients found in one full serving of vegetables!), New World Peanut Butters (just make sure to check with your child’s school for allergies) and Rudolfs Organic Jams (organic and no added preservatives)

Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gluten-free options too, like Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks, Kind Bars, and The Gluten Free Bites.

For kids with allergies, Enjoy Life Chewy Bars are free of gluten and peanuts, while Freeyum Allergen-Friendly snacks are free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, fish, shellfish, sulphites and sesame.

Subscribe for Simplicity

Life gets busy. Between work, picking up and dropping off the kids from school, and taking them to their after-school activities, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for running errands like re-filling the pantry. Luckily, our new Snack Subscription can help with that. It’s an easy way to ensure you’re always stocked up on snacks for school lunches or weekend snacking – without having to run out the door. Simply search up your favourite snack product on our website and check the purchase options for the “subscribe for this product” button. From there, you can choose to receive it every 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.

Pack with Reusables

Say goodbye to plastic bags and bottles and hello to reusable, eco-friendly options! These Lunch Kits, which come with a lunch box and water bottle, are reusable and are a great choice especially if your child’s school doesn’t allow paper or plastic bags for packed lunches. They can even be customized with your child’s favourite photos so they’ll always know which one is theirs. You can order the Lunch Kits in blue/blue, pink/pink and green/white from the London Drugs Photolab.

If you like to pack snacks like vegetables and fruit in small bags, there’s an eco-friendly packing option for that too. Stasher Reusable Food Bags are made with platinum silicone, so they’re durable and can be used over and over again. The material also prevents bacteria growth and is dishwasher and microwave safe!



The Best Kitchen Gadgets You Need For University Life

University life can be hectic, especially if it’s your first time away from home. Sure, the cafeteria and take-out are quick and convenient, but you can’t survive on mystery meat and instant noodles. Cooking for yourself is healthier, more affordable, and will help keep that overworked brain as sharp as a knife. It also can be a nice change of pace during a busy day. We’ve got some great ideas for kitchen gadgets that will save you space, time and help you avoid cramming too much junk food while cramming for exams.

Mini-Fridge with Style

If you’re living in a residence without a kitchen, a mini-fridge is essential for keeping healthy meals and snacks on-hand. Some campuses allow you to rent one for the year, but if you don’t have that option, why not get a mini-fridge with style? This RCA Retro 3.2cuft fridge has personality and practicality.

Space-Saving Water Pitcher

Hydration is key to staying healthy, so pop a Brita Space Saver Pitcher in that mini-fridge to have great tasting cold water on-hand for whenever you need it. Here’s a What’s the Green Deal? bonus fact: one Brita filter can replace 300 standard plastic water bottles!

Compact Coffee Maker

Now that you’ve got hydration covered, we know you’ll be needing some caffeine for those late-night study sessions and early mornings. Instead of spending all your money at the local café, you can make delicious coffee in your room, and take it on-the-go (bonus points for using a reusable coffee mug!). The Cuisinart 4-Cup Coffee Maker takes up very little counter space and is easy to store. Perfect for your tiny kitchen – or improvised kitchen.

Multitasking Multi Pot

Unfortunately, not all residences allow in-room coffee makers, so you might need to be a little more creative. Some might say a kettle, but an even more versatile option to consider is the Salton Multi Pot -1L. It can boil water, and cook your favourite dishes like pasta, soups, rice and more. Use it to boil water, then you can use the Bodum Brazil French Press to make your coffee. Or if you’re late for class, the Bodum Travel Coffee Press serves as both a French press and travel mug, for that dash to class.


Induction Cooktop

You won’t always have time to cook, but when you do, you can make the most of it with the right appliances. If your place doesn’t have a stove but does have a counter, the Salton Double Induction Cooktop will transform your bite-size kitchen into the hippest little eatery on the block. (Again, be sure to get permission as not all residences allow cooktops in rooms).

8-in-1 Multicooker

Can’t have a cooktop? A multi-cooker pot can give you a ton of options for cooking in your little home. With the Crock Pot Express 8-in-1 multicooker, you can whip up soups, stews, chilli, rice, steamed vegetables, mac & cheese, pulled pork, oatmeal, fruit cobbler, butter chicken, enchiladas – even cheesecake! With one of these on your counter, you’ll be the Gordon Ramsay of your floor.

Handy Blender & Dicer

Another multi-tasking must-have for a small space is the Magic Bullet. This little wonder gadget can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind, and more- all in just 10 seconds or less. You’ll be able to put together the fastest, tastiest meals ever, as well as super quick and healthy smoothies for quick breakfasts and impromptu study sessions with friends. Another specialized dicer is the Farberware Pro Rice’n’Slice. This handy tool spares you from having cauliflower pieces all over your dorm while dicing cauliflower rice. Its convenient function allows for quick and easy dicing of veggies, and it doesn’t need electricity in case there is no plug within reach.

Healthy Popcorn Popper

Speaking of studying, you’re going to need snacks. And lots of them. Instead of reaching for the aforementioned chips, make sure to stock your room with healthy snacks that you won’t regret eating while you’re nose is in a textbook. Popcorn is a fun study food, but packaged microwave popcorn can be full of fat and oil, so keep it light with the FlavorQuik Microwave Popcorn Popper. Its unique shape uses steam heat instead of oil or butter to give you a healthier snack in just minutes, and it’s collapsible, so it’s easy to store.

Mistake-Proof Cooking Thermometer

Never cooked before? Fret not! The Accutemp Instant read thermometer will ensure your food is always cooked just right. Its digital interface and fold-up design make it simple and compact, taking the guesswork out of cooking.

As you prepare to tackle another year of hard work, great friends and fun adventures, hopefully these kitchen gadgets will make busy campus life a breeze.

Sunscreen Safety: 5 Things You Need To Know

Sun Care Safety London Drugs Chemical Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those things we are supposed to apply liberally to our arms, legs, face, and our kids. So, what’s actually in it? How does sunscreen work? Are some sunscreens ‘greener’ than others?

Here’s a little summertime reading for anyone planning to protect themselves from the sun—5 things you need to know about sun safety.

1. Understand the two types of sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen creates a layer of particles (zinc or titanium oxide) that deflect the sun’s rays.

  • Effective immediately
  • Does not degrade from UV exposure
  • Does not penetrate the skin
  • Also effective against UVA rays
  • Safe for use in coral areas

Chemical sunscreen uses compounds that absorb the sun’s rays, turning them into non-damaging wavelengths.

  • Easy to apply, non-whitening
  • Requires wait-time to be effective
  • Chemicals can penetrate skin
  • Chemicals degrade when exposed to UV
  • May harm coral reefs

2. Know what’s in your chemical sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens typically contain a combination of two to six of the following active ingredients:

  1. Oxybenzone
  2. Octinoxate
  3. Octisalate
  4. Octocrylene
  5. Homosalate
  6. Avobenzone

Recently, concerns have been raised about long-term safety of some of these ingredients, particularly oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) which, in addition to sun protection, acts as a penetration enhancer. This chemical has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cellular damage. Oxybenzone is present in over 500 other North American cosmetic items.

Remember to watch the spray! Spray sunscreens have increased in popularity, but some experts don’t recommend them because of the hazard of inhaling chemicals and particles.

3. Look for broad spectrum protection

The suns rays come in different lengths, and it’s a good idea to protect against them all. UVA radiation goes deeper into the skin (dermis), causes premature aging and wrinkles, and causes tanning. UVB radiation affects the skin’s surface (epidermis), contributes the most to burning of the skin, and damages your eyes.

4. Is higher SPF better?

People assume that they get twice as much protection from SPF 100 sunscreen as from SPF 50. In reality, the extra protection may be negligible. Used correctly, sunscreen with SPF values in the range of 30 to 50 will offer adequate protection, even for people most sensitive to sunburn. UV protection does not follow a linear relationship, meaning that if you apply half of the recommended amount you get less than half of the labeled SPF protection.

5. Protect the ecosystems and coral

There are biodegradable and reef safe options. 25 to 60 million bottles worth of sunscreen wash off into coral reef areas each year, and researchers have found that common sunscreen chemicals can be toxic to coral health. Hawaii has passed a law that will ban the sale of sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. Sunscreens with titanium oxide or zinc oxide—natural mineral ingredients—have not been found to be harmful to corals. If you are swimming in nature, choose one of these options.

London Drugs is pleased to offer a range of green sunscreen options. Here are some choices that protect as sustainably as possible:

Attitude Mineral Sunscreens
Mineral- based protection: Non-nano Zinc Oxide
Ecologo Certified™
Vegan, not tested on animals
UVA, UVB protection
Made in Canada

Aveeno Mineral & Aveeno Baby
Mineral based protection
UVA, UVB protection

Badger Sunscreens
Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Mineral Protection
87% organic ingredients
UVA, UVB protection

Boo Bamboo Natural Sunscreen
Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide
UVA, UVB protection
Made in Canada

Goddess Garden
Certified organic
Non-Nano, Reef Safe, Non-GMO, Biodegradable
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben and Phthalate Free
UVA, UVB protection

Green Beaver
Non-nano zinc oxide and titanium oxide mineral protection
100% natural, biodegradable and reef friendly
Made in Canada
UVA, UVB protection

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc
Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide
UVA, UVB protection

If you want to learn more, visit for blogs, videos, articles, and products to help you live a little greener.

This Natural Sleep Aid Is Flying off Shelves – U-Dream is Back in Stock!

There are plenty of sleep aids that promise to help you doze off into a restful slumber, but U-Dream has quickly become a cult-favorite among the bleary-eyed and sleep deprived. This natural alternative that works effectively without grogginess and other common side effects from some prescription drugs, has been sold out across Canada until recently but is now back in stock at London Drugs. In fact, it’s constantly been one of the top 50 most viewed products on our website.

People are singing this natural sleep aid’s praises on our website, too. Just check out these 5-star U-Dream reviews:

U-Dream combines traditional Eastern Medicinal herbs and state-of-the-art western herbal medicine, creating an effective natural sleep formula. A blend of roots, fruits, bark and potent flower extracts, this combination of ingredients has been known to addresses the most common sleep difficulties, including insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns.

Started by a husband and wife from Vancouver Island, U-Dream was developed by a team of phytopharmacologists and health care professionals. The specialized formula is packed with a long list of safe, proven and effective plants:

  • Passionflower for anxiety and insomnia;
  • Lion’s Mane for reducing anxiety and depression;
  • Schisandra for stress relief and insomnia;
  • Loquat fruit that helps as a mild sedative;
  • Jujube for symptoms of anxiety and insomnia;
  • L-tryptophan for it’s sleep-inducing qualities;
  • And Tuberfleeceflower and Rehmannia roots for alleviating insomnia

Luckily, now that it’s back in stock at London Drugs, you can find both the lite (4-5 hours) and full (7-8 hours) versions of U-Dream online and in-store.

Been trying to get your hands on U-Dream? Pick some up at London Drugs while it’s still in stock!

Tips on Getting a Full Night’s Sleep

Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Is a lack of sleep messing with your mojo? You’re not alone. Thirty percent of adults claim to have trouble sleeping, says London Drugs Pharmacy Manager Gianni Del Negro. And up to 10 percent of those are experiencing problems during the day because of their sleep difficulties.

Understanding Your Sleep Problem and its Cause

Understanding how and where your sleep is going awry is the first step to finding a solution.

Sleep problems come mainly in three different categories:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep
  • Inability to get into a deep, restorative sleep

There are many reasons you could be experiencing sleep problems, says Del Negro, including medical conditions such as sleep apnea or asthma, pain resulting from certain conditions, stress or depression, or even medications you’re taking.

Poor sleep is often a result of poor sleep habits, particularly the use of electronics too close to bedtime, or too much caffeine, nicotine or alcohol late in the day.

While a few nights of bad sleep might not hurt too much, prolonged poor sleep can have severe consequences, including a weakened immune system, obesity and risk of accidents at work or on the road.  

Help for Better Sleep

The first step is to ensure you maintain a regular sleep routine, which means waking up at the same time and going to bed at the same time every day. Yes, even on weekends and holidays.  

Other lifestyle habits such as regular exercise and winding down a couple of hours before bed can also help in the sleep department.

While Del Negro says it’s always best to try non-medicinal ways of promoting sleep, if nothing is working, pharmaceuticals can help you get some much-needed rest.

One category of short-term sleep aids you can try is Diphenhydramine, which is an antihistamine that causes drowsiness. You’ll find it in products such as Benadryl, Sleep-eze and NyQuil.

Melatonin is another product you can try for better sleep. It’s most effective for resetting your body clock in the event of jet lag or shift work.

Finally, valerian root is an herbal supplement that can promote faster and better quality sleep. But be aware that it can have some side effects and may not be safe to take with other medications. Please consult your doctor before taking it.

If you’ve tried all of these remedies and you still can’t sleep, come speak to a pharmacist at your local London Drugs. We can help!

Fun Ways to Keep Cool

Fun Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

It’s finally here. Summer. The season we’ve waited for all year. Those long, lazy hot weather days we’ve been dreaming about are here, and well, now we’re feeling a little sweaty. And lazy. And we just don’t want to expend a whole lot of energy doing much of anything at all. Much less keeping cool.

But there are so many fun and easy ways to cool down while you chill out this summer. Here a few of our favourite ways to keep cool when the temperature soars.

Play in the Spray

You’ve seen inflatables decorating the neighbourhood during the holidays. Now they’ve found new purpose in the summertime: as sprinklers. That’s right, these inflatable sprinklers aren’t just cute, they’re also functional, and will bring out the play while you get your spray on.


Keep cool in an inflatable kayakGo Boating

A cool sea-breeze may be just the thing you need to cool down, and you can search for the best coastal breezes in your single-seat kayak. Get paddling!



Keep Cool with a Pool FloatieOr Floating

If the pool is your preference, bring your A-game with a fun and funky floatie for you, or for the whole gang! Splish splash!



Keep Cool with a Sun UmbrellaMake Some Shade

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit down and relax. But if you want it made in the shade, and your yard has other ideas, you’ll need to create your own little shady spot with a sun umbrella that’ll make lounging a lot less sweaty.



Keep Your Drinks CoolPack a Cooler

There’s nothing like an ice cold drink on a hot day, but keeping it cool can be a challenge. And going inside for a refill isn’t always feasible, especially if you’re spending the day at the park or the beach. That’s why packing a cooler is essential — whether it’s a single-serving thermal jug or a jumbo cooler on wheels so your friends can join the fun. Just don’t forget the ice packs!


Check out our outdoor living guide for more ways to have fun — and keep cool — in the sun.

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