5 Alternative Easter Baskets

With Easter, the first things that come to mind are chocolate eggs, stuffed bunnies, egg colouring kits, and colourful weave baskets. But Easter doesn’t have to consist of only the traditional items – this year, think outside the box (or basket!) We’ve curated a few alternative Easter baskets featuring unique items for kids and adults that you can use as inspiration to build your own!

1. The Self-Care Easter Basket

This Easter basket is made specifically for the person in your life who would love a little self-care! Whether it’s a facial massage spa set, an all-natural candle from Woodlot, a hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush from Revlon, a luxurious-feeling night cream from Derma-E, or some detoxing matcha face masks from Maskeraide, there’s definitely something they can indulge themselves with!
BONUS: Build your Easter basket using a non-traditional basket or tote so that it can repurpose for something else.

2. The Music Lover Easter Basket

For the kids or adults who love to blast their tunes, this Easter basket is made for them! Adults will dig these colourful Jam Live TW Headphones or BoomPods Zero Bluetooth Speaker, while kids will love these Mandalorian or Frozen-themed headphones from EKids. There are also these adorable animal-shaped Bluetooth speakers. Choose from a pug, tiger, bear, panda, and even unicorn for a unique Easter basket surprise.

3. The Memory Maker Easter Basket

Be sure to include one of these items for the person who loves to capture memories! The Fujufilm Instax Mini Cameras allow you to capture moments and create mini keepsakes instantly with small-sized film, while the Fujifilm Quicksnap Disposable Camera offers a touch of nostalgia. The Mason by Aura digital frame is another unique Easter basket gift choice. This digital WiFi photo frame allows you to displays your photos, but also allows your family to share their photos to it by using the app. Don’t forget, you can also create customized gifts using our PhotoLab! Read about these gift ideas in our blog 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home.

4. The Electronic Toy Easter Basket

There will be guaranteed excitement when kids (or kids at heart) spot one of these items in their Easter basket! These electronic toys are great for entertainment, but can also be outdoor fun for the whole family to interact with. Choose from a remote-control helicopter, glider, micro-drone or a hyper stunt car.

5. The Foodie Easter Basket

These Easter basket goodies are sure to delight the foodie in your life! Kids will love creating bunny-shaped waffles with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, while adults will appreciate the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker or the KitchenAid Hand Blender. If the Easter Bunny is feeling a little extra generous this year, why not splurge on a Cuisinart Master Stand Mixer, great for whipping up all kinds of festive desserts. (This one may not fit inside the basket though!)

You can still build an epic Easter basket with all of the traditional treats, but if you’re looking for an extra special or unique item, we hope our curated list gives you a few ideas. Happy Easter!

Give Your Home A Spring Refresh With These 5 Photo Ideas

A lot more time has been spent at home this past year. If you’re feeling like your space is getting a bit ‘stale’ and could use a design refresh right now, you’re not alone. Especially as we head into spring, now is a great time to brighten up your home with some fresh and colourful images! Try these 5 photo ideas from our LD Experts in the Photolab that will help breathe new life into your space.

1. Swap Out Your Framed Photos

Freshening up your space is as simple as swapping out the photos in your existing frames! Pick some favourites from past spring seasons that will add some brightness and colour to your home. These could include landscape photos you’ve captured during spring or family photos of springtime events like Mother’s Day and Easter. Vacation photos are also a great way to brighten up your space.

We have a wide variety of print and enlargement sizes to fit all kinds of standard frames, from 4”x6” all the way up to 44”x96”. Pick between glossy or pearl finish, depending on your preference. For framed prints, we recommend pearl, as there isn’t as much glare with this mattified satin surface, making it a good option for displaying behind glass.

The easiest way to refresh your frames with new prints and enlargements is by downloading our London Drugs Photolab App on your smartphone (available for iOS and Android), uploading some of your photos directly from your phone, and ordering some prints. If your photos live on your computer, not to worry, you can always order from our Photolab website as well.

2. Create a DIY Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for a DIY project to take on at home, creating your own gallery wall is an easy and rewarding project that will give your space an entirely fresh look. This is also something you can add to as you find new frames and take new photos that you want to add to the gallery wall. Just like the other frames in your home, these can also be updated seasonally.

Here’s how to create your own gallery wall:

  1. Choose a colour palette. This can go for your frames (all one colour, or a mix of colours in a palette) and for your images (black and white or colour photos). A colour palette can help you keep a cohesive look and feel amongst all the prints on your gallery wall. Of course, if you prefer a more eclectic look with a variety of colours, go for it! Your space should reflect your style.
  2. Pick a theme. The theme could be your pets, family, friends, vacations, wedding photos, etc. They don’t have to all be from the same day, but choosing an overall theme will help you narrow down and select which images to feature. For instance, you could display photos of your pet throughout their life, or photos of various vacation destinations you’ve visited over the years. If you want to change your images seasonally, pick a spring theme for this time of year, selecting photos taken during previous spring seasons (or get outside and shoot some new ones!).
  3. Pick a display medium, and print your photos. Before you start printing, it’s important to decide how you want to display the photos in your gallery wall. As an example, do you want to go with framed prints or canvas gallery wraps? If you’re framing behind glass, you may want to opt for pearl versus glossy enlargements. Fine art prints are also an excellent choice to give your photos that gallery-quality look. Our Photolab also offers framed and matted prints if you want that matte look for your images. We recommend choosing one print style to stick to for all of your gallery prints.
  4. Choose a layout. Organize and assemble your images on the floor to see how they will look on display. This gives you the opportunity to make changes to your vision…before hammering any nails into the wall! It can help to put a vertical line of painter’s tape down on the floor to ensure your prints are being distributed equally on both sides of the tape and the overall ‘wall’ looks balanced. If you like clean lines, you may choose to have all of your prints fit nicely within a defined rectangle or square. Or, go with a more ‘imperfect’ look by having some prints stick out past the others.
  5. Measure out your display. Use painter’s tape once again to mark a vertical line, this time down the centre of the wall. Then measure your frames and tape a square/rectangle showing where you want each of your frames on the wall, keeping consistent with the spacing between your prints.
  6. Assess your gallery wall. Take a step back to assess whether you like the look. If not, peel the tape and try again!
  7. Hang your prints. Get your hammer, anchors and level out, it’s finally time to hang your prints!

 3. Add Fresh Life to Your Coffeetable

Don’t neglect your coffeetable, it’s easy to give it a refresh too! A new vase and a floral scented candle can breathe in some fresh new life, as can a bright new coffeetable book. A good coffeetable book is not only a conversation piece, and a place to store treasured memories, but it can also be a piece of décor that you can easily switch out from season to season. For spring, personalize a coffeetable book from our Photolab with some of your favourite springtime memories (scenic hikes, your garden, family activities, trips, etc.). You can even choose from spring templates to help theme your photo book. We recommend choosing the coffeetable book with a custom photo cover, or cover with a window; you will be able to personalize the cover with a spring-themed photo of your choice that will be seen when the book is sitting on your coffeetable, making it a perfect piece of seasonal décor.

4. Bring Spring Indoors with Photo Panels

Liven up your space by going BIG with one of your favourite spring-themed images! While we have enlargements up to 44”x96” in size, another option is to have your image printed as multiple-panel split art, where your image is split over a few large prints. This style of wall art can make your images look even more eye-catching!

Our aluminum metal panels are a great choice for this split art style, as they are frameless and ready-to-hang. The high-gloss surface also makes colourful images pop really well, so they are perfect for brightening up your space with vibrant spring images. Lots of people seek out cherry blossoms and tulip fields for photo ops during the spring – those are great images to feature in this format, as would any other vibrant landscape images!

When hanging your split art, start with the middle panel first to ensure your prints will be centred on your wall. We suggest spacing the panels out about 2 to 3 inches apart if your panels are on the larger size. Smaller panels may look better with a little less spacing.

5. Brighten Up with Some Updated Pillows

A tried and true way to add some brightness to your home in time for spring is to update your pillow cushions! A new cushion colour or pattern will do the trick, or you can customize something fun with our Photolab’s photo pillow cases. Choose a pet or family photo to feature, or if nature photography is your forte, a macro flower photo or other spring scenes would be a great way to customize your pillows for the season. They’re sure to make you smile every time you walk into the room!

Spring Cleaning Your Photos

Speaking of refreshing your home with photos this spring, your photos might need a little spring cleaning too! If you have lots of old photos in albums or collecting dust shoeboxes, now is a good time to digitize them to ensure they aren’t lost to damage and degradation. Digitizing them yourself can be a big undertaking, but our Photolab can help make the process seamless. Just pick up a Photo Scanning Box at your local Photolab, bringing it home and fill it with up to 800 photographs and documents (up to 8.5”x11” in size). Then just bring the box back to us in-store, and we’ll digitize them all for you and put them on a USB drive. Simple as that! We also have a Slide Scanning Box to help you digitize up to 80 35mm slides.

Once digitized, your photos will not only be safe, but you’ll have so many more opportunities to share those precious photos! Use them in any of our 5 ideas above, from printing and framing them, to including them in your coffeetable photo book, or printing them on a pillow! The options are endless once your photos are digital.

You can also check out this blog for more tips on organizing and preserving your irreplaceable photos.


5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter At Home

While Easter may not include all of the people and traditions it normally would this year, there are lots of ways to make the most of it with your bubble! Try some of these creative ways to celebrate Easter at home, from Easter-themed art projects to virtual egg painting parties.


1. Swap Easter Ears for an Easter Mask

A set of Easter ears always makes for a fun photo opp, but this year, why not switch things up with an Easter face mask from our Photolab? You can choose one of our Easter patterns, or you can customize your mask with one of your own photos. Order yours in advance so you have a chance to wear it leading up to Easter as well! They’re sure to get a smile while you’re out grocery shopping.

2. Create Some Easter-Themed Art

If you’re looking for an activity for the kids, our free Take & Create Books are great to have on-hand. You can pick them up from our Photolab in-store, or you can download the book for free and print it out at home. It’s full of templates for things like photo mugs, bookmarks, buttons and even face masks that they can draw in their own designs for. Let their creativity run wild with creating their own Easter artwork!

Once they’re done drawing, you can scan the pages with an at-home scanner, or simply bring the book back to the Photolab and we can scan them for you. Once the drawings are scanned, you can then upload the files to our Photolab and personalize some Easter keepsakes with those drawings.

3. Virtual Easter Egg Painting Party

Show off your egg dyeing or egg painting skills with your bubble, or have a virtual chat where you can paint ‘together’ and vote on the best designs. Consider sending egg dyeing/painting kits to each household so everyone can participate. We have everything you need – from paint brushes and paints to food colour kits in both original and neon colours.

If you’re planning to host a virtual Easter celebration, make sure you first check out our DIY Studio video on 5 tips to look and sound your best on your video calls! Pro photographer Erin Manning has some handy tips to share, from how to find the most flattering light (or using a ring light like this) to positioning your camera for the best angle. It’s free to sign up to get access to all of our DIY Studio modules – you can join here!

You can also find helpful tips for using a camera as a webcam for your video calls here.

4. Create Cards to Send to Family & Friends

An Easter photoshoot at home is a fun way to get your household involved and create some lasting memories. (Not to mention, it’s a chance to ditch the loungewear for some nice Easter clothes for a change!). For the best photos, a tripod is recommended, either for your smartphone or camera. You can use the camera’s self-timer, or a remote controller to make sure everyone can get in the shot. Those aforementioned Easter face masks would be great for a group photo, or have some other props on-hand, like Easter baskets and your painted Easter eggs. If you’re looking for photo tips for capturing all of your Easter activities, check out this blog here.

After you’ve taken a photo everyone is happy with (and everyone’s eyes are open!), you can personalize your own Easter cards with that image to send as a special keepsake to family and friends you weren’t able to celebrate with in-person. Our cards have Easter-themed templates for you to choose from, so you can pick the design you like best to add your photo to. Plus, you can add a personalized message inside too. It’s a thoughtful way to connect with those outside your bubble.

5. Play Easter Bunny

While you might not be able to do an Easter egg hunt together with all of your family, you can be the Easter Bunny this year and send your loved ones a special Easter basket of goodies they can enjoy! Make it extra special with a personalized Easter mug, either featuring your kids’ artwork (made using our Take and Create Books), or a photo from your at-home Easter photoshoot. Just add some chocolate and candy eggs, a personalized card, and wrap it all up to drop off or send by mail.


We wish you all a safe and Happy Easter, and hope you all have the chance to create and capture some great memories!


4 Tips to Help You Save Money

If you’re like one of many people who have made saving money their new year’s resolution, you’re not alone. Making small changes throughout the year can help you save big in the long run. We’ve rounded up some ways that can help you tackle your money-saving goals.

1.) Track your Expenses

It’s easy to guess how much we spend per month, but instead of guessing, get a more accurate look at your expenses. Look through your bank account or credit card statements for the month and separate them into categories so you can easily see the breakdown of your monthly spending. These categories can be things like groceries, electricity, car & gas, clothing, medical, miscellaneous, etc. This way, you can see how much money is going to each category and where you are able to cut back.

2.) Food Savings

After breaking down your expenses, you may realize you are spending way too much on going out to eat, or purchasing take out. When you factor in the price of your meal, tip and even the gas money it takes to drive to the restaurant, it can really add up. Cooking more at home is not only easier on your wallet, but it allows you to use up what you already have at home. If you’re someone who loves grabbing your fancy morning latte or lunch time cappuccino every day, why not invest in a coffee maker and milk frother for home? You can even add a few drops of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, or whatever flavouring you prefer to make a fancy coffee drink without having to spend a fortune in the long run.

Another way to save money regarding food purchases is to invest in items that can help prolong the shelf life of your food. FoodSaver is a food preservation system that includes vacuum seal bags, vacuum zipper bags and containers designed to work together with vacuum sealers for optimal performance. The system removes air from bags and creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness and protect food from spoiling. As well, dehydrating fruit using a dehydrator is a great way to have an endless stash of healthy snacks!

3.) Energy Savings

If you see an opportunity to cut back on your home electricity and utilities bill, there are so many little ways you can save money in this area. These include:

  • Turn off any lights when they’re not being used
  • Unplug any unused electronics
  • Take shorter showers
  • Wash laundry in cold instead of hot water
  • Hang laundry to dry
  • Swap any old lightbulbs for energy efficient ones
  • Wear warm sweaters and pants or use blankets instead of tuning up the heater

BC Hydro has a full list of all the ways you can cut costs, which you can view online here. Another great way is to invest in a smart thermostat. These can be easily controlled from your phone, tablet or laptop, and can be used to check your energy history, to see how much you save and see how to save money. As well, they can turn themselves down when you leave your home.

4.) Brand Swap

We all have our tried and true favourite products that we restock or often reach for. But if your goal for 2021 is saving money, and you are struggling to find items that won’t break or break the bank, the London Drugs family of brands is for you! The line up of “by London Drugs” products offer quality items at great price points. Each line has products in different categories:

We hope you found these tips helpful. Remember, you don’t have to try all of these tips at once. Start with one, and then slowly incorporate another into your lifestyle. By keeping track of your expenses and making small changes, reaching your money-saving goal for the new year may be easier than you think!

4 Organization Tips for the New Year

With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. If one of your resolutions was to be more organized, we are here with some tips so you can focus on the important things this year. Continue reading for our 4 quick steps to organizing your space.

1 – Make a Plan

The starting point is always a plan. Break your organizing down into manageable steps you can work through. Start with areas or rooms, and go through them one at a time. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and build up the excitement as you complete each section. Set yourself a goal. Remember, it can be as simple as cleaning and organizing the closet, to a complete makeover with a whole new storage system.

2 – Declutter

We all have items around the house that we don’t use. Some hide in the backs of drawers, others collect dust on shelves. With your plan in hand, go through each section you laid out to find items you no longer use or need. Compile these items into a donate pile. Protip- if you are unsure, box the item up, and store it. If you haven’t gone to retrieve the item in 6 months, it’s time to donate.

3 – Find a Home for Everything

The key to an organized space, is allocating a home for everything. Once you have decluttered, the real fun begins and you can get creative. This is where your goal comes in handy. If you’re planning a full make over, it’s time to account for what type of storage you will need. Remember it’s always better to buy storage bins, baskets, bags or totes, knowing how you will use them. Design your new space with purpose, and it will feel much more Zen. There are a wide assortment of storage solutions available. With options like shelving, drawer liners, closet organization solutions, totes & bins, there is a storage solution for your aesthetic. This can seem daunting, but once all items have a home keeping organized becomes that much easier.

4 – Clean up your Digital Space

Don’t forget your computer. Most of us focus on our living space, but our digital space can become cluttered and chaotic too. Set aside some time and organize your files. Find a filing system that works for you, and be sure to back up your important files on a separate drive in the unfortunate event of a drive failure. Be sure to clean out your phone too. Go through and unload any unused apps, and be sure to back your photos up. For more on cleaning your phone, check out this blog.

Bonus – If you have a lot of old photos and mementos, consider making them into scrapbook or album, or having them scanned. This will ensure your precious memories last forever. See this blog about how our Photolab can help you digitize your old prints.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Made with Love, For the People You Love

After a year where most have gone long stretches without seeing loved ones, it has made us truly appreciate how important the presence of partners, friends, parents, grandparents and other family members are in our lives. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate romantic relationships, but your relationships with all loved ones, and remind them how much they mean to you.

With the help of our Photolab, you can create thoughtful and personalized Valentine’s Day gifts to share with each and every person you care most about. Add some love to a custom card, a heart-shaped puzzle, or even a photo book full of special memories. Just remember to plan ahead and order soon, so you can ensure the gifts you have put care and thought into creating arrive to your loved ones in time for February 14th.

In case you need a little help getting started, here are some easy ways to create gifts made with love, for all of the people you love.

For Your Partner

Putting a little thought and a lot of love into creating something just for your partner will certainly be appreciated. And a good place to start is with a personalized Valentine’s Day card! Nothing says Valentine’s Day 2021 like a card personalized to say ‘If we can live together in quarantine, we can do anything’. Or tailor your card to whatever else you want to say. If you’ve been apart this year, you can make your message focused on what you miss most about them. Our cards are fully customizable, so you can add a sweet photo of the two of you and the perfect personal message that speaks to your relationship. Make it funny or make it sentimental, the choice is yours!

As for a gift, love is often compared to a jigsaw puzzle, so why not make your own heart-shaped puzzle for your partner for Valentine’s Day? You can spend quality time piecing it together, revealing a special photo of the two of you. Once you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake that you can frame, or store in a matching tin (if you choose our 114-piece heart puzzle with matching tin).

If something jewelry-related is more your speed, consider gifting them a special locket with meaningful photos inside. We can print locket photos in circle, heart, oval or square shapes, and each locket print is a 4”x6” print with 44 different sizes from 1”x1” down to 0.2”x0.2”, so you can find the perfect one to match your chosen locket.

For Your Parents

If you miss being able to give your family members a hug, you’re not alone. We have had to get creative with ways to keep the connection alive with parents and family members during these times, from drive-by birthday parades to video calls. Show your parents some extra love this Valentine’s Day by creating something unique: a special photo book curated with your favourite moments as a family! Include photos from the last few years, or dust off your shoeboxes full of old photos to find some real gems to share (our Scanning Box Service can help you digitize your old photos and slides).

While we have Valentine’s Day-themed templates you can use to customize your photo book, we also have plenty of other themes if you’re looking for something a little more family-oriented. The books are printed on high quality photo paper and can be customized with linen and leather covers, soft covers and photo covers so you can create a truly special keepsake for your family. While you may not be able to connect with them in person, putting together a one-of-a-kind gift like this will help you show them they are in your heart.

For Your Grandparents

Social distancing measures, especially in care homes, have made isolation a reality for many seniors during the past year. Sending a card or gift their way on Valentine’s Day is a small way you can help stay connected with them, especially if it’s followed up with a virtual chat!

Create something truly touching – a gift that’s personalized just for them. Even better, create something that doubles as an activity! Our puzzles can feature a photo of your choosing, and our customizable text feature allows you to write a special message that lets them know how much you miss them. Photos of their grandkids are a sure bet. Or try digging up an old photo of your grandparents as a young couple so they can reminisce about Valentine’s Days past.

Photo blankets and pillow cases are also thoughtful ways to share special memories that your grandparents can cozy up with! A small gift this Valentine’s Day can go a long way to making grandparents feel loved and reminds them they haven’t been forgotten.

For Your Friends

With trips postponed and catch-ups relegated to virtual meet-ups, maintaining a feeling of connection with friends during the past year has been difficult for many. This Valentine’s Day, show your friends how much your time spent together means to you by surprising them with your favourite memories with them. Our square, compact Instagram Books are a thoughtful way to compile all your favourite moments and remind them you’re looking forward to creating more memories together soon. Include photos from past trips and experiences together, or if you’ve been friends for a long time, you could also include some throwback photos (cue the dated hairstyles and questionable fashion choices) that are sure to put a smile on their face.

Our personalized Valentine’s Day cards are also a great way to send a personal message to your friends. Create a card that perfectly reflects your friendship, from choosing the right design template to customizing with photos, and adding a message telling them just how much their friendship means to you.

For Your Furry BFF

With work-from-home becoming the norm this past year, many of us have spent far more time around our pets than usual. Why not show a little extra appreciation for your furry friend on Valentine’s Day, with a gift that says ‘thanks for putting up with me being home all the time’? A personalized pet tag in the shape of a heart would certainly be appropriate! You can customize with a flattering photo of your pet, and even add text to the front and back so you can include their name as well as contact information in case they ever get lost. If you’re looking for more ways to treat your pet on Valentine’s Day, check out this blog.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to create gifts made with love for your loved ones. You can see our full selection of unique and thoughtful gifts from our Photolab here, and conveniently order online, at our in-store kiosks or using our London Drugs Photolab App (available for iOS and Android). If you can’t drop off your gifts to loved ones locally, not to worry, our Photolab ships anywhere in Canada, so you can send your personalized gifts directly to them! Just make sure to order early so your gifts arrive to them in time for Valentine’s Day.

3 Easy Ways to Crush Your Goal of Drinking More Water

There are so many reasons why drinking water is important to your health. The body is made up of approximately 60% water, so it comes as no surprise that water assists with many bodily functions. These include:

  • helping to absorb and transport nutrients throughout the body
  • flushing out bodily wastes
  • lubricating tissues, joints, mouth and eyes
  • helping to regulate body temperature
  • boosting skin health

Drinking enough water each day can be challenging, especially for those of us who don’t normally make it a priority. That’s why we’ve collected a few tips below to help you reach your goal of staying hydrated!

1. Divide and Conquer

If your goal is to drink 8 cups of water a day, divide it up into smaller portions throughout your day to make it easier and less daunting. Set a timer and drink a cup every hour or hour and a half. If you have a big refillable water bottle, use a sharpie to create marks about 2 inches apart from each other. Make it a goal to drink to each mark every half hour or so until you have finished off 2 full bottles. Another way you can slowly drink water throughout the day is to take 2-3 big gulps every time you send a work email, check your phone or go to the bathroom. Tie it to anything you do frequently, to ensure you reach your water-drinking goals.

2. Make it FUN!

There are so many ways to make drinking water more fun, you won’t even realize you’re trying to increase your water intake! If you don’t like the flavour of water, add your own flavour. This can be done a number of different ways, like adding mint leaves, cucumber and lemon slices to your water, or purchasing water enhancing flavour drops. If you’re a soda lover, invest in a Soda Stream to add some sparkle to it!

If you like the refreshingly clean taste of H2O but need to make it a little more exciting, think outside the box. Add in fun-shaped ice cubes to your water (and flavour them while you’re at it), buy a water bottle that changes colour with temperature, drink out of a crazy straw, fill your fanciest wine glass with water, whatever you need to do to feel bougie as you make every sip of water count!

3. Use an App

If you’re still really struggling despite breaking down your water-drinking to smaller chunks, or making it more exciting, it may be time to reach for an app for a bit of assistance. Here are just some hydration apps that can help:

Daily Water Tracker Reminder is one to download, as it allows you to set your daily water intake goal and then log every ounce (or milliliter) with just a tap. You can also see your progress after every glass to see how close you are to reaching to your daily goal.

Hydro Coach is a great hydration app, as it will remind you when it’s time to drink up, and it can even be customized if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Plant Nanny2 is one of the cuter hydration apps, as it not only reminds you to drink water throughout the day and tracks you water intake, but each glass also waters your virtual plants in the app! The more you drink, the more your plant garden thrives!

Regardless of what you do to help you reach your water intake goals, the important thing is to stick with whatever works for you. Good luck and stay hydrated!

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