Greener (and Affordable) Alternatives for Your Home

Greener alternatives for your home

They say change starts at home, and that’s especially true when you consider all the things that go in you, on you, and around you every day. Being a little greener in our consumption habits — whether that involves eliminating toxins, facilitating recycling, or reducing our ecological footprint — means making informed choices about the products we use daily.

Fortunately, there are lots of great, green choices available these days. Here are some of our favourites, and they’re all readily available at your local London Drugs!

Organic Snacks

There may be different perspectives on the health benefits of organic foods, but there’s no question that their production is easier on the planet. Here are some alternatives that make going organic as easy as snacking.

Que Pasa chipsQue Pasa Tortilla Chips and Salsa – Made in Delta, BC, in a certified zero-waste production facility, these chips are hand-cut from organic stone-ground corn tortillas. And the Que Pasa salsa is the perfect organic dip. Que Pasa is currently working toward being carbon neutral by 2020.




Nature's Path Love CrunchNature’s Path Love Crunch Premium Organic Granola Bars – These are good for kids’ lunches, but save a few for yourself… the dark chocolate makes them a well-loved parents’ snack too! They are 100% organic and non-GMO, their facilities are zero-waste, and they are working toward being carbon neutral by 2020.




Newman's Own Popcorn

Newman’s Own Organics Pop’s Corn – USDA organic corn, natural butter flavour, and all profits go to charity. Eat the whole bowl.

Greener Cleaners

These alternatives use natural or plant-based ingredients.

Attitude CleanerAttitude Cleaners – Worry-free ingredients, EcoLogo Certified, CO2 neutral, and Canadian made products ranging from personal care to household cleaners.





Method Cleaner

Method Cleaners – Method is a certified B Corp offering a full range of cleaning products made with the precautionary principle: if there’s a chance the ingredient is unsafe, they won’t use it.




Nellie's Laundry SoapNellie’s All Natural Laundry Products – 100% biodegradable and and free of toxins and phosphates, Nellie’s products are made in BC.

Greener for Your Body

Your skin is basically one giant sponge. So be careful what you put on it!

Live CleanLive Clean – This Canadian company offers nature personal care products that are free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate), parabens, and phthalates.




Green Beaver

Green Beaver – From mineral-based sunscreen to shampoo, deodorant, and even toothpaste, this Canadian company makes it a priority to use organic and local ingredients wherever possible.




Mineral FusionMineral Fusion Cosmetics – These beauty products are free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates, and are never tested on animals. Packaging contains recycled materials and is recyclable.


Greener Tech

The production and use of technology has a definite ecological footprint. Here are a few alternatives that can help lighten the load.

Certified Data – All computer and accessory products under this London Drugs brand are made to higher RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) standards. This standard is not required in North America, but we think it’s worth it. You can also bring back your gently used Certified Data computer box for a credit, so it can get used again. Learn more

HP Printer CartdrigesHP Printers and Cartridges – HP is a global brand committed to sustainability. (They were our Sustainable Vendor of the Year for 2017.) They design their printers for recycling, and have the best ink cartridge recycling and remanufacturing program out there.





Philips LED LightbulbsPhilips LED Lights – These high-tech beauties will pay for themselves in electricity savings — over 80% more efficient than old incandescent bulbs. And they are available in warm, bright, and dimmable options for almost every kind of fixture.




Sugar Sheet Copy PaperSugar Sheet Paper – Okay, not tech per se, but everyone needs to print sometimes. And this paper lets you do it without harming a single tree in the process. It’s made with bagasse, the waste product from sugar cane processing.



Greener Around the Kitchen

Seventh Generation Paper TowelsSeventh Generation Paper Towels – Clean up spills with a lighter touch on the planet. This paper town has a minimum of 80% post-consumer-waste recycled content and is unbleached.





London Drugs Scours

London Drugs Recycled Scours – Scour your home with scours made from recycled pop bottles.





The Green Bin Starter PackGreen Lid Compost Bucket – A Canadian-made solution for easy food scrap collection. No more stinky bucket – you just compost the whole thing!





Greenpan FrypanGreen Pan Frypans – Unlike traditional non-stick frypans made with Teflon, Green Pans are made with ceramic so the coating will not blister or peel. They also use upcycled stainless steel for the handles and upcycled aluminium for the cookware bodies.



There are a lot more green products for you and your home, available every day at London Drugs that are well worth the extra effort and care for your family and the planetary home we all share.

5 Steps to Reduce Waste at Home

Tips to Reduce Waste at Home

Canadians generate an astonishing amount of waste. According to Statistics Canada, Canadians generated 10.2 million tonnes of disposable waste in 2016, roughly 3.5 tonnes per person, which is about the weight of an elephant. Greenpeace Canada reports that 3.25 million tonnes of that is plastic waste.

We can make a vital ecological contribution by reducing waste, recycling as much as possible, and supporting sustainable brands.

Here are five simple steps for reducing waste at home that will help you shrink your carbon footprint.

1. Level up Your Recycling

We’re all pretty used to recycling old standards like paper and bottles, but did you know there are so many other items you can recycle — everything from electronics to printer cartridges, headphones, cellphones, water filters, styrofoam, and the list goes on!

Our Bring Back the Pack recycling program makes it easy to recycle many types of product packaging, too. In fact, when you shop at London Drugs, you can leave all of your product packaging with us and we’ll ensure as much of it as possible gets recycled. Check out our website for the complete list of what’s accepted.

Pro tip: A beautiful recycling area in your home will make recycling that much more enjoyable!

2. Reduce Your Energy Usage

Doing an energy audit of your home might sound intimidating, but it can help you to identify areas where easy improvements can be made. 

Look for things like air leaks around windows and door frames, old appliances that aren’t energy efficient or that can be unplugged when not in use, and light bulbs that can be switched with more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

You can also replace old thermostats with programmable thermostats and set timers to warm up the main rooms for a few hours in the morning and bedrooms for a few hours in the evening. This will soften your impact on the grid and also on your wallet!

3. Compost, Compost, Compost

Composting is now widely supported through many municipalities, which makes it easy to participate. But it’s also beneficial to set up a raw compost for your own garden. Put any cooked food, bones, or leftovers in the city bins, as they tend to attract unwanted visitors.

Small countertop bins are great for vegetable peelings, egg shells, and coffee grounds that your veggie garden will love! 

4. Reduce Your Single-use Plastics Consumption

Single-use plastics are one of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution today — think plastic bags, straws, coffee cup lids, zip-style bags, etc. Take a day to observe your daily habits and notice where you might be able to swap out a reusable container for single-use packaging.

For example, head off to school/work with drinks and snacks in a stylish reusable travel mug and handy washable fabric snack bags.

Reusables can also contribute to better health. For example, the SodaStream soda maker with recyclable carbonation cartridges not only saves plastic bottles but also gives you an endless supply of refreshing sugar-free drinks. Pair your healthy drinks with these washable silicone straws.

5. Support Sustainable Brands

There is no shortage of inspiring companies creating great products while taking care of the environment. The circular economy model supports designs that are optimized to be disassembled and reused, essentially designing out waste. From toilet tissue made from recycled paper, to printer paper made from sugar cane byproducts, these companies are doing their utmost to reduce their impact on the biosphere.

Many of these products are also lovely to use: natural makeup, whole grain cereals, healing teas, and healthy granola bars are easy ways to do good not only for the planet but also for your body.

Modern life inevitably produces waste, but with a bit of effort and some conscious choices, we can make steps toward reducing our waste at home. Shifting our habits a little bit every day adds up to greater peace of mind and a cleaner, brighter future.

6 Earth-friendly Brands We Love

6 Earth-friendly Brands We Love
It’s not easy being green, but we’re working hard to make it a little easier for you to choose truly green products, by sourcing vendors and products that are going above and beyond to treat the planet — and you — with great care.

These six earth-friendly brands are some of our favourites for the lengths they go to in sustainability.

Nature's PathNatures Path

You may know Nature’s Path for its delicious granolas, but did you know Nature’s Path has been providing organic breakfast and snack foods since 1985? The family-owned company got its start in B.C. with a commitment to organic agriculture. Now North America’s largest organic cereal maker, it has won numerous awards for its achievements in business and sustainability. In 2018 it won London Drugs’ Sustainable Vendor of the Year award.

Attitude CleanersAttitude Cleaners

This made-in-Canada, cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and EWG-verified and Ecologo-certified family of products ticks all the boxes when it comes to keeping your loved ones — and the planet — safe from toxins. Its offerings range from skin, hair and sun care to household cleaners and even pet care products. Learn more about its EWG-verified products.

HP computerHP

This maker of PCs and printers is a global leader when it comes to waste reduction. In 2017, the company achieved a waste diversion rate of 90.9% globally. It also achieved its goal to reduce the GHG emissions intensity of first-tier manufacturing and product transportation suppliers by 20% by 2020 — six years early! HP designs its printers and cartridges to be recycled and 48% of its new commercial desktop products contain greater than 10% post-consumer recycled plastic content. Learn more about its sustainable impact.

Philips Philips Light Bulbs

Philips offers great choices for energy-saving lighting products including LED lighting technology, which is an easy way for most people to reduce energy usage. The company is a leading player in the circular economy with lighting that can be reused and remanufactured. It is also working on a zero waste to landfill commitment. Philips has a target of being carbon neutral globally by 2020, with all of its power coming from renewable sources. Learn more about Philips’ sustainability initiatives.

Green Beaver Products Green Beaver Sunscreen

Green Beaver offers sunscreen with non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide mineral protection, an alternative to chemical sun blockers, that is 100% natural, biodegradable, and reef friendly. Its hair care and deodorant products are ECOCERT Certified with natural source and organic ingredients, and proudly made in Canada.


Salt Spring Coffee Salt Spring Coffee

Committed to providing fair-trade, organic coffee since 1996, Salt Spring Coffee was Canada’s first Fair Trade Coffee company. It is also a Certified B Corporation, has carbon-neutral production facilities, and uses 100% certified organic beans. Since 2001, it has supported coffee producers and their communities through its Fair to Farmer Program. Learn more about its sustainability initiatives.

We’re proud to carry these products and more. Learn more about our green initiatives at What’s the Green Deal?

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s almost time for spring cleaning. If you need a bit of of a nudge in the right direction, these easy and green cleaning tips will help kick-start your motivation to make your place shine like the long-awaited sun.

Environmentally friendly DIY cleaners


Strong detergents and toxic-smelling cleaning sprays are not your only option when it comes to effectively cleaning dirty surfaces. For an inexpensive and enviro-friendly option, all you need to do is look in your pantry to make this effective DIY all-purpose cleaner. No time to make your own? You can also grab an eco-friendly cleaner at your local London Drugs.

  1. In a bowl, mix together 4 tablespoons of baking soda and one quart of warm water.
  2. Optional – add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for fragrance (we recommend grapefruit or orange)
  3. Pour over a sponge or fill a spray bottle, and get cleaning.

[More at Good Housekeeping]


Wash your plastic shower curtain in the laundry


Plastic shower curtains can become mildewy and yellow faster than you may expect. Instead of spending hours scrubbing it down with a sponge or purchasing a new one, throw it in with your laundry.

  1. Remove the plastic shower curtain from the hooks.
  2. Place it in a washing machine with two white (or lightly-coloured) towels.
  3. Add 1 cup of baking soda and 10 drops of tea tree oil (optional).
  4. Wash on a gentle cycle.
  5. Hang-dry the shower curtain on its hooks and dry the towels as you’d like.

[More at Clean My Space]


Let your slow cooker clean itself


Slow cookers are perhaps one of the most versatile appliances you can have in your kitchen. Not only do they allow the busiest of cooks a hands-free and economical way to prepare meals, but they can even clean themselves.

  1. Making sure your slow cooker is turned off, fill with water until above the most concentrated food stain.
  2. Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar to a 6-quart slow cooker.
  3. Very slowly add a cup of baking soda.
  4. Turn your slow cooker to the lowest setting, cover and cook for 4 hours or overnight.

[More at Life Should Cost Less]


Revive a burnt cookie sheet


Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t had the task of cleaning a baking sheet after a particularly burnt batch of cookies has coated its surface. Thankfully, what may seem like an impossible job can be relatively simple with a few easy steps.

  1. Loosely coat your stainless steel baking sheet with a layer of baking soda, a layer of hydrogen peroxide and another layer of baking soda.
  2. Let it absorb for 1-2 hours.
  3. Use a cloth or rag to scrub away the stains.

[More at Tip Hero]


If you try one of these tips, we’d love to hear how it worked for you! Leave your reviews in the comments below.

Going Natural. The Noughty Way.

That’s the balance Noughty all about.

Sulphate-free shampoos like Noughty’s use natural surfactants or detergents to clean hair rather than being laden with silicones and sulphates. So if you’re making the transition to natural hair products from conventional hair care, Noughty want to share with your their experience of what to expect and why, as well as give you some well-earned advice to help you manage the transition. After all, we love to help and natural, healthy hair is what makes us very, very happy.

  1. Be patient. Conventional ingredients leave residues that can coat the hair shaft resulting in build-up that can weigh the hair down and leave it dull. Just like your body after a night out with the girls, your hair may need a little time to detox. It can take several washes to remove the build-up of conventional shampoo which is why we recommend using Noughty for at least 8 washes.
    If you are new to naturals, our Noughty Detox Dynamo clarifying shampoo can help speed this detoxification process along, by gently removing build-up and preparing your hair for its new natural haircare regime.
  2. Size up the bubbles. Think champagne-sized bubbles rather than the ones you blew through a wand as a child.
  3. Being kind makes us all feel good, in just the same way being kinder to your hair will make it look and feel better. The ingredients in natural haircare are gentler on both your hair and the planet.
    For sensitive, dandruff prone scalps who need extra gentle care, we recommend our Noughty Care Taker range.
  4. Get Active. To get the most out of a sulphate-free shampoo, it’s best to activate it before use. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo into your palm and add a little water, then rub your palms together a few times before working the product through your wet hair.   Natural products go a long way so start with a small amount of product, activating it with plenty of water and only adding more as you need.
  5. Lastly and best of all, expect to witness the benefits of high performing natural ingredients!


What to expect from hair detox?

Like you, every head of hair is unique. Your hair detox symptoms and the time it takes to notice the real benefits can therefore vary. You might have only one of the issues we describe below, or you might have all three, but rest assured we have some advice about how to handle the challenges while your hair re-adjusts to natural.

Hair Issue 1: Hair feels tangled, matted, sticky or heavy
Detoxing asks the hair to let go of all the residual product it’s been hanging onto. Since your hair’s not Teflon, it doesn’t just slide off: it may take a few washes to shift the build-up from root to tip and down the drain.

Tips to help: Rinse your hair thoroughly, making sure to work out all of the shampoo before conditioning thoroughly. Try to avoid being haphazard with your approach by slapping a bit on and rinsing it straight out. Instead, take care to ensure every strand is coated. Using a wide toothed comb, gently work out any tangles while the conditioner is still in. Leave the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly, working from root to tip. For additional softness, try our famous Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner.

Issue 2: Hair and scalp feel very oily

Oily scalps is a sign you have been using a shampoo that is too aggressive for your hair, stripping away the natural oils and making your scalp think it needs to produce more. So you’re stuck in a spiral – the more oil you see, the more often you shampoo and the more vigorously you scrub. Patience and persistence of use will give your scalp the chance to rebalance itself all on its own.

Tips to help: If you have an oily scalp or oily hair, NEVER shampoo or rinse with hot water. Always use cool or lukewarm, and don’t massage your scalp vigorously. When you do this, you stimulate the oil glands in the scalp to produce more oil, leading to oily hair.

Issue 3: Hair feels dry, brittle or rough

Silicones do an amazing job at covering up the damage we do to our manes. When they’re washed away in the detox process, the true state of your hair can be revealed, and the home truths can be rough.

Tips to help: Step up your level of conditioning. Think about using Noughty To The Rescue until your hair rebalances. Or alternatively, add Noughty Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner to your routine (especially at the ends of longer hair).

If you have a naturally dry scalp and longer hair, the oils your scalp produces are almost guaranteed not to be enough to protect all of your hair. To stimulate your scalp, massage your scalp vigorously with your fingertips and rinse your hair in hot water. (If it hurts, you’re being too vigorous.)

So, you ready for hair happiness? If you’re new to naturals and the Noughty Hair Care range, the key is to be patient. When making the switch to natural haircare persevere and you will see the results everyone is talking about! Not only do we love that Noughty products are vegan friendly but their products make you look and smell amazing!

Don’t forget to share your photos using #LDBeauty and #noughtyhaircare


Head to our Instagram to learn how to enter for the chance to win a Noughty Haircare Prize Pack for you and your bestie!

Contest closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Find full contest rules and regulations below.


  1. To enter:
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    Step 2. Tag 1 friend
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    Contest dates – Friday, March 2, 2018 12:01AM to Wednesday, March 7, 2018 11:59PM Pacific Time
    Draw date – 9:00AM Pacific Time Friday, March 9, 2018
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A Beginners Guide to Canning and Preserving

Fall is here! But don’t worry, it’s not all rain and cold weather. Fall is a beautiful season of bounty, and you can make the most of that bounty by taking up your new favourite hobby: canning. That beautiful jam you like? You can make it. Dill pickles? You can make those too. Those cans of tomatoes you buy every other week? Yep, you got it! All you need is a bit of equipment and a bit of know-how. London Drugs has got you covered on both counts.

Woman In Kitchen Listing Ingredients In Vegetable Preserves

Canning is really just a way of preserving food. Water bath canning is the easiest way to start: you fill glass jars with the stuff you want to preserve (jams, jellies, pickles, etc.) and boil them in hot water. This kills any bacteria present, removes air from the jar, and seals it to prevent any more bacteria from getting in. Water bath canning only works for high-acid foods like fruit, tomatoes, and pickled things.

If you want to get really fancy and preserve your perfect pumpkin pie filling, you’ll need to upgrade to a pressure canner. But the basic process is to sterilize your jars in boiling water, make your preserves, put those preserves in the jars, put on the lids, and throw them back in boiling water. Easy peasy, right?

So where do you begin? First, you need some equipment:

  • Large stockpot, deep enough to completely cover your jars
  • Canning jars
  • Canning lids (these will come with jars if you buy a new set!)
  • Jar lifter
  • Lid lifter
  • Funnel

We’ve got a complete canning kit that includes the jar lifter, lid lifter, and funnel, as well as 250ml jars, 500ml jars, and even 1L jars for things like pickles and whole tomatoes. If you’re making jam or jelly, you’ll also need pectin.

Once you’ve acquired the equipment, you need to decide what you want to can! In early fall we still have stone fruit like peaches and plums, and lots of tomatoes. Later in the season, root vegetables like carrots and beets can make some excellent pickles. And apples, of course!

Pickled cucumbers, homemade preserved on wooden table

If you’ve got a well stocked grocery store that brings in produce from further afield, you can can small batches with basically any type of fruit. We’ve got recipes for strawberry balsamic jam and sour cherry jelly on the blog from earlier this summer. (What’s the difference between jam and jelly, you ask? Jam is made from crushed fruit while jelly is made from fruit juice! The more you know.)

Next, as a beginner, follow a recipe!

Canning isn’t difficult, but when mistakes are made they can range from something minor like a jam that doesn’t set to something dangerous like food that is unsafe to eat. You may balk at the amount of sugar in some of these recipes, but it’s integral to getting the jelly or jam to set properly, and it helps prevent spoilage.

Boiling time will vary depending on what altitude you’re at. You also can’t reuse the flat part of the two part lid for canning jars; you can reuse the ring, but you need a new lid each time you can. And don’t forget to sterilize your jars before filling them with your preserves!

Bell pepper preserves - London Drugs Blog

There are a ton of great websites you can go to for more information and recipes, including the National Center for Home Food Preservation, Food in Jars, and Punk Domestics. Companies that make canning supplies like Bernardin and Ball are also fantastic resources.

Here are a few of our favourite fall recipes. Go ahead and get canning! You can can!

Ecowaterless Car Cleaning

Washing your car has historically been a daunting task…

This is how we cleaned cars in 1914

In the 1950’s this is how we cleaned cars. Note even nearly 70 years people still clean their cars like this.

An average car wash uses over 200 liters of clean drinking water, contaminates the ground with dirt and you don’t know how your car will look on the other side (pressure washes usually scratch the car).

Of all the earth water: 97% is unusable as it is in the ocean and is salt water. The other 3%is fresh water and only 1% of that is accessible which we can use to drink and our other water needs. This is as the other 2% is locked in icecaps.

Right now: 460 billion litres of clean drinking water is used annually in the car washing industry.


That’s enough water to fill 184,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of clean drinking water.

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh and only 1% of it is drinkable.

Each car wash is equivalent to 400 bottles of clean drinking water


That’s where Ecowaterless comes in.

Ecowaterless Car Cleaning KitOur solution uses zero water, contains only natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable. Along with that you can clean your car in 15 minutes as opposed to the time it would take with a hosepipe, bucket and sponge. Our solution also contains a natural wax which keeps your car shiny and adds another layer or wax coating to your car which protects it against dirt.

Each time you clean your car with Ecowaterless you save 400 bottles of clean drinking water. On top of this you save fuel, car emissions and time from travelling to and back a car wash.

Along with that, Ecowaterless donates a portion of their profits to Canada water aid and the company actively do local volunteering days. Ecowaterless has also won the Vancouver smart business award.

Ecowaterless Car Cleaning Kit is available at London Drugs.

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