Ecowaterless Car Cleaning

Washing your car has historically been a daunting task…

This is how we cleaned cars in 1914

In the 1950’s this is how we cleaned cars. Note even nearly 70 years people still clean their cars like this.

An average car wash uses over 200 liters of clean drinking water, contaminates the ground with dirt and you don’t know how your car will look on the other side (pressure washes usually scratch the car).

Of all the earth water: 97% is unusable as it is in the ocean and is salt water. The other 3%is fresh water and only 1% of that is accessible which we can use to drink and our other water needs. This is as the other 2% is locked in icecaps.

Right now: 460 billion litres of clean drinking water is used annually in the car washing industry.


That’s enough water to fill 184,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of clean drinking water.

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh and only 1% of it is drinkable.

Each car wash is equivalent to 400 bottles of clean drinking water


That’s where Ecowaterless comes in.

Ecowaterless Car Cleaning KitOur solution uses zero water, contains only natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable. Along with that you can clean your car in 15 minutes as opposed to the time it would take with a hosepipe, bucket and sponge. Our solution also contains a natural wax which keeps your car shiny and adds another layer or wax coating to your car which protects it against dirt.

Each time you clean your car with Ecowaterless you save 400 bottles of clean drinking water. On top of this you save fuel, car emissions and time from travelling to and back a car wash.

Along with that, Ecowaterless donates a portion of their profits to Canada water aid and the company actively do local volunteering days. Ecowaterless has also won the Vancouver smart business award.

Ecowaterless Car Cleaning Kit is available at London Drugs.

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