Need to Fix a Cracked Makeup Palette? We Take Care of That.

Have you ever dropped your favourite makeup compact, only to have it smash to pieces before your eyes? Don’t throw your cracked makeup palette away just yet. Here’s a quick and easy solution to fix a broken makeup palette like a blush, eyeshadow, or bronzer.

  1. Grab a pencil, pen, or end of a makeup brush.
  2. Smush it into tiny pieces until it becomes a powder.
  3. Smush, smush, smush.
  4. Grab some rubbing alcohol.
  5. Add a couple of capfuls to the powder.
  6. Mix it all up to become a consistency like cake frosting.
  7. Grab a piece of tissue and a coin.
  8. Press gently, holding for a few seconds.
  9. Allow to dry.
  10. Place a cotton pad inside to prevent further cracking – voila!

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