January 24th, 2017

Need to Deep Clean Your Blender? We Take Care of That.

Is your blender looking grimy from all those morning smoothies? Here’s how to get rid of any caked-on residue and give your blender a serious deep clean in seconds (without using considerable elbow grease). This LD Solutions hack will have your blender clean and shiny in no time.

  1. Pull out white vinegar and a lemon—two natural cleaning agents!
  2. Cut the lemon into small chunks (about 14 pieces).
  3. Fill an empty ice cube tray with lemon chunks.
  4. Add white vinegar to top off the cubes.
  5. Freeze.
  6. Once frozen, put 4 cubes into your blender.
  7. Blend on high.
  8. Empty and rinse!

Voila, super clean! No matter how big of a mess you’re in, London Drugs has you covered in store and online.

And if you need to scrap your current blender for a brand new one, we take care of that. Just remember to recycle your old one!

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