Unused Veggies? We Take Care of That.

Do you ever buy too many veggies and then worry they’ll go bad before you can use them up? Here’s a clever way to package them up into easy-to-use smoothie chargers. 

  1. Gather your various unused or excess vegetables.
  2. Toss into the blender with a bit of water.
  3. Blend. (You guessed it!)
  4. Pour veggie smoothie into an ice cube tray
  5. Freeze the chargers overnight.
  6. Make your usual morning smoothie. We used banana, strawberry, Vega Protein Smoothie in Bodacious Berry, Kiju Organic Juice in Cranberry Pomegranate Blueberry.
  7. Add 2-3 chargers.
  8. Blend. 
  9. Enjoy!

No matter how many smoothies you make, London Drugs has you covered in store and online. Except for the fruit and veggies – get those at your local grocery store.

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