Floppy Boots Got You Down? We Take Care of That.

Are your winter boots flopping over and making a mess in your closet? Here’s a quick solution to get rid of #bootflop for good!

If you want to clean up your closet, and take good care of your boots over the spring and summer months, have no fear! You can end #bootflop forever with this quick and fun trick that uses an old pool noodle–we know you have one somewhere!

  1. Grab an old pool noodle.
  2. Measure and rough cut to the boot height.
  3. Place inside your boots and zip up!

It’s as easy as that. The pool noodle will keep your boots upright, so you can organize them in your closet without wasting any valuable space. Then, when winter rolls around again, they’ll be ready to put on and go!

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We hope you enjoy these other tips and life hacks, too!

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