Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Hardbite Chips – Real Canadian People, Places and Flavour

“Honestly, our packaging is one of our most Canadian statements,” says Hardbite Marketing Manager Darlene McIntosh, “ It is with Canadian-made pride that we designed our packaging to profile Canadian destinations with nature-loving lifestyle imagery.  On every bag we feature the Canadian flag, and a real place with real people.”

But what you see on the shelf is just the beginning. Hardbite Chips have Canadian qualities right to the bottom of the bag.

Independently owned, and proudly made right here in BC.

Hardbite Chips are made in Surrey, in British Columbia’s only potato chip manufacturing facility. There, chips are cooked in small batches, for the ultimate in crunch and taste. Company ownership is local, too. The people that run the company work in the same building as the people who run the spicing drums.

“Made in Canada is a badge of honour,” says McIntosh, “And as an independently owned Canadian company, we will continue to wave that flag proudly.”

Fun Chips, with Serious Canadian Values

Like the potatoes they use, the Hardbite philosophy is solidly rooted.

“When people choose to buy Canadian, that means they are choosing to support their community, grow the economy, and sustain a strong and fairly treated workforce,” says McIntosh, “Beyond that, buying Canadian also means peace of mind, as manufacturing is highly regulated, consumers can be assured products are safe.”

But the Hardbite team never likes to be too heavy. “We communicate with each other, we say what we mean and we don’t hold back,” says McIntosh, “Because snacking should be fun, people!”

Keep on Exploring, Keep on Snacking!

The Hardbite philosophy is inspired by Canada’s wide open spaces. It’s a sense of adventure that has led to the development of an amazing array of flavours, including such ‘out there’ varieties as Spicy Dill, Chipotle Raspberry Parsnip and a whole line cooked in avocado oil.

“We love exploring,” McIntosh continues, “Whether it’s going for a long walk in the woods or blasting down a muddy mountain trail on a bike, it’s all about celebrating nature. And what better way to celebrate an adventure than to scarf down a bag of all-natural chips that taste awesome.”

Bring it on!

Shop Hardbite products online here.

Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Que Pasa Foods

Que Pasa Foods – Multicultural Chips Made in Canada the Authentic Mexican Way

“Canada is all about diversity, and so is Que Pasa!” says Arjan Stephens, President of Que Pasa Foods. “Last year we celebrated Que Pasa’s Mexican origins through our limited-edition Day of the Dead chips, and earlier this year launched a new flavour, Korean BBQ, as a way to pay homage to our country’s great Asian cultural influences.” This great Canadian Chip company has authentic roots and products that bring the fiesta to any backyard or kitchen event.

Born and raised in Vancouver, now part of the amazing Nature’s Path Foods family

Que Pasa started out as a street-front deli in Vancouver in 1983. Today, as part of the Nature’s Path Foods family, they remain family-owned, and continue a deep social and environmental commitment to organics and sustainability.

“We’re proud that no one makes tortilla chips the way that we do – our unique approach uses all organic and non-GMO ingredients and whole corn kernels that are ground between hand-cut Mexican volcanic lava millstones,” says Stephens, “.This is how it was done in Mexico centuries ago – you can’t get more authentic than that!”

Every chip makes a difference.

Being Proudly Canadian is more than just the red & white chips Que Pasa releases every Canada Day. It’s a commitment to craftsmanship, people and the land.

“When people buy Que Pasa products, they know they are supporting organic agriculture,” Stephens continues, “ And food artisans who put 1000% of their effort and energy into crafting the most delicious, organic, hand-crafted chips, salsas and tortillas.”

The Que Pasa manufacturing facility in Delta, BC, was the first production facility in Canada to be given a Zero Waste Certification from Green Business Certification Inc, and the company is eagerly working towards their next goal: being climate neutral by 2020.

Being Canadian is all in the family.

London Drugs and Que Pasa are both Canadian companies founded by families, and we share values that go beyond the shelf.

Like Arjan Stephens says, “London Drugs is another family-run business that leads with their hearts. We love working with the London Drugs team and how we’ve joined together to help ensure organic food is accessible to Canadians!”

You could say we go together like chips and salsa.

Shop Que Pasa products on our website here.

Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Province Apothecary

Skin care that’s Truly Canadian, from Coast to Coast

Representing a country as big as Canada sounds like an impossible task for a growing brand. But for Province Apothecary, it’s built right in to their product line.

“The most Canadian thing about our brand and product are our ingredients,” says Province Apothecary founder Julie Clark, “We source them from each Canadian province. That’s actually where we got our name!”

Some of Julie’s favourite ingredients are organic seaweed from Nova Scotia, maple syrup from Quebec, organic sunflower oil from Ontario, organic beeswax from Alberta, organic lentil flour from Manitoba, and organic raspberry oil & glacial clay from British Columbia.

“Holistic, Clean and Effective.”

Those are the words Julie says best describe the Canadian values of her company, which started with a personal journey to find better skin care.
”The product I’m most proud of is our eczema balm,” Clark says, “This is the reason I started the company. I’ve had eczema all my life and it was my goal to make an all natural product to heal my skin.”
Now the Province Apothecary line has grown to include oils, cleansers, face serums, toners, lip balms and more – always free from petroleum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and ingredients, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, dyes, alcohol, solvents, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), palm oil and toxins of any kind.

Canadian Care That’s More Than Skin Deep

Julie is passionate about skin care, but Province Apothecary also cares about the land and the farmers that plant and harvest their ingredients. That’s why they source from small farms and companies across Canada, for ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced and support fair-trade. Province Apothecary also donates a percentage of yearly sales to Canadian Organic Growers, Canadian Honey Council and 1 % for the Planet.

Looking at the Big Picture in a Big Country

Julie Clark was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but she clearly sees all of Canada in her vision. “It’s important for people to buy #ProudlyCanadian products, because it really helps support our local economy. I love to support other Canadian brands. There’s so much talent in this country and there are so many amazing products.”


Shop our full selection of Province Apothecary products here:

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Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Nellie’s – Inspired by a Mom from the Prairies


Nellie’s – Inspired by a Mom from the Prairies

Nellie’s founder James Roberts gives credit for their success story where it’s due. “Nellie’s is named after my mom, who believed in keeping things simple – in a good way.” This is obvious in products like their iconic powdered laundry detergent. “The fact is, more cleaning power can be packed into powder,” Roberts continues, “Only one tablespoon is needed for a regular load of laundry.”

Made in Canada with Canadian Ingredients Nellie’s has been making their eco-friendly cleaning products based out of North Vancouver for over a decade, with high-quality biodegradable and hypo-allergenic ingredients.

“We don’t want to go elsewhere for materials unless we have to,” says Roberts, “For example, the soda ash used in our detergent is mined in Canada – it goes from the ground to processing, to the container in your home. That helps employ a lot of Canadians along the way.”

Nellie’s number one Canadian value: Common Sense. “When I grew up, there weren’t a dozen cleaners under the sink,” says Roberts, “We like to make products people really need. We also believe things can be made in Canada. Sometimes domestic ingredients may cost us a little more, but it makes sense to support local.”

Nellie’s also believes in another good Canadian value – honesty. Every ingredient in their products is listed on their website.

Nellie’s and London Drugs – a Canadian connection that goes way back. “London Drugs engaged with Nellie’s early on,” says Roberts, “They started by selling our Nellie’s Dryerballs over 10 years ago, and they have grown with us all the way since. That’s another Canadian prairie value. You support the people in your community.”

Shop Nellie’s line of cleaning products, for laundry, kitchen and bath here:

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Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Baby Gourmet


Baby Gourmet – Started by two Calgary Moms who just wanted to feed their babies better.

“When my daughter was six months old. I went to the grocery store and bought a couple jars of baby food. After opening a jar of strained green beans, I knew instantly I wasn’t going to feed her anything I wouldn’t eat myself,” says Baby Gourmet co-founder Jennifer Carlson, “And I definitely wasn’t going to eat that jar of green beans!” Jennifer and her sister Jill Vos, launched Baby Gourmet in 2006 at the Calgary Farmers Market.  Since then, it has grown to become Canada’s leading brand of organic baby food.

Babies deserve the finest ingredients

Baby Gourmet uses only the very best, non-GMO organic ingredients – no fillers, added sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives of any kind – and 75% of their entire product offering is made in Canada. “We are most proud of our new innovation,” Carlson says, “A finger food line of lentil chickpea puffed snacks that are made in Saskatchewan.”

Canadian authenticity – from their kitchen to yours.

“Jill and I create every single product that comes out of Baby Gourmet,” says Carlson, “Every product starts in our kitchen and then moves into production under our watchful eye.” This hands-on process keeps Baby Gourmet at the forefront of the Canadian baby food market. “We use our motherly instincts to decide which flavours to bring to market and have a deep understanding of our fellow moms and what they want for their babies.”

Growing Canadian success (and Canadian babies!)

“We feel strongly about strengthening communities and local economies. We can do this by supporting the passionate Canadians behind Proudly Canadian brands,” says Carlson, “London Drugs has been a key partner of Baby Gourmet for the last 8 years and are an integral part of helping put the best organic baby food into the mouths of Canadian babies!”

Here’s to growing them big and strong.

Shop baby gourmet online here.

To find out more about our Proudly Canadian program, click here.

We are Proudly Canadian: Finding common bonds during a time where we all need each other.

Proudly Canadian is a program London Drugs launched in 2018 to highlight our unique selection of products that have Canadian roots.

While #ProudlyCanadian is always near and dear to London Drugs and our customers, with many businesses across our country struggling to survive during COVID-19, we felt it important to share the successes of the many great Canadian companies within our communities.  Companies with amazing stories about their beginnings through to their achievements.  Stories that most importantly are about the people, it is with these people in mind that we share our Proudly Canadian program with you.

Over the coming weeks we will share a collection of stories about great Canadian companies.  We think you will be surprised by how many products have Canadian connections.  Products with ingredients sourced from across our country, products and concepts designed and developed here.  Companies developing products with sustainability as a priority, making caring about the people and our world a significant reason for what they do.

To make it easy for you, you can find our Proudly Canadian products in-store by looking for our bold blue and red signs, or online at Be sure to follow our social feeds for ongoing Canadian stories and features!

What is Proudly Canadian ?

Designed in Canada – Products designed with Canadian innovation. In this category we also look for additional factors such as Canadian ownership, history of doing business in Canada and the number of Canadian employees.

Made in Canada – At least 51% of the total direct costs of producing the goods must be incurred in Canada. This can include Canadian ingredients, processing or manufacturing.

Canadian Proud – This designation lets us highlight products assembled in Canada with foreign parts,  manufactured in Canada with imported resources, etc.

London Drugs is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated since 1945

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