Sports Medicine products designed for Canadians, by Canadians.

Whether it’s hockey, curling, skiing or hiking, Canadians like their sports. For over 20 years, Trainer’s Choice has been focused on helping Canadians perform at their best and stay healthy at the same time. “Many Canadians suffer from nagging injuries with constant pain and do not seek treatment,” says Trainers Choice founder and president, Rick Schaly. “We look to find solutions that will supplement their treatment options.”

The roots of Trainer’s Choice extend back 20 years to a thriving small town sports medicine clinic. Since then, the brand has expanded to dominate its market niche as the frontrunner in the Canadian Sports Medicine Product and Appliance industry. Trainers Choice connects with Canadian orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, athletic therapists, and sports medicine doctors, to design functional, supportive, and comfortable products, from knee stabilizers to wrist braces, lumbar supports and more.

Rick Schaly, President of Trainers Choice, explains the unique role the company’s Canadian roots play in their product development. “The field testing is unique where designers themselves test products in their Canadian practice,” Schlay says, “We also put them on athletes and industry professionals for serious situational testing.” Relationships with the Toronto Rock Lacrosse team and the Hamilton Tie Cats show just how effective the Trainers Choice approach has been. So whatever Canadian activity you pursue, if you are looking for sports medicine support, the choice is clear.

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