In the Field with the New Sony RX100-VII Camera

Sony has just dropped their RX100-VII compact point-and-shoot camera! Our LDExperts had the opportunity to take it into the field at the Richmond Sunflower Festival and put it to the test. Watch the video below to get a peek into the camera’s key features and see actual footage from the RX100-VII. Then keep reading below to find out what we think (and catch our exclusive video with Jin from Sony Canada at the bottom of this post)!

The Sony RX100-VII is the seventh iteration of Sony’s top-end point-and-shoot RX100 line. The newest incarnation brings many features of the A9 mirrorless into a compact pocketable camera. The all-new 20.1 MP, 1” stacked sensor can capture bursts at 20 frames per second, has incredible autofocus and can create 4K HDR video!

The impressive spec list of this camera doesn’t stop there. The most notable performance upgrades come in the video features. Sony decided to include an integrated 3.5” microphone jack, and continuous autofocus with face, eye and object detection in video mode (including eye detect for animals). Combined, these features open this camera up to anyone looking to create high-quality video content with sound.

Equipped with a Zeiss 24-200mm F2.8-4.5 lens, this camera can achieve nice wide-angle shots for up-close action, with the telephoto abilities to get right in on the action from the sidelines. The burst mode of 20 frames per second with no blackout or dropped frames is lightning fast, and ensures you can capture those moments of high-speed action.

Having it out in the field at the sunflower festival, we spotted a hummingbird to put the camera’s quick focus and burst mode to the test. When we spotted it, we quickly pulled the camera out hoping to capture the shot. To our pleasant surprise, the camera powered up, and zoomed in in no time.  The autofocus instantly locked in on the hummingbird and the burst mode captured it beautifully. The quick response of the RX100-VII proved it as a capable pocket power machine.

These features also translate well for parents with active kids. The autofocus and burst mode combine to make sure you always capture your children in any activity they are participating in.

It’s also great for shooting in manual mode! For the more seasoned photographer, the camera’s manual controls allow full control over all settings, to really capture the shot you want. The front ring dial also allows for a custom experience by choosing what setting it controls.

Overall, our impression was how capable this camera was for such a small package. We strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a serious upgrade from their phone, but without diving into the interchangeable lens world.

Watch Jin from Sony Canada walking through even more camera feature highlights.

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