Craft Your Own Unique Gifts on Make a Gift Day!

Let Your Kids Be the Artist with our Take and Create Photolab Books

The best gift you can give this holiday season is something from the heart. That’s the inspiration behind Make a Gift Day, which is celebrated on December 3rd each year. Make a Gift Day encourages us to hand craft our own gifts, employing a little DIY skill and whole lot of love, to create something entirely unique and thoughtful.

With Christmas just around the corner, Make a Gift Day is the perfect opportunity to make some extra special Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert-level crafter – we’re here to help!

Our London Drugs Photolab can print your photos, and customize all kinds of creative products like mugs and fleece blankets with your photos – but did you know we also print your (or your kids’) artwork on these items too? All we need is a paper copy of the artwork, and we can scan it and put it on any of our creative Photolab products.

To celebrate Make a Gift Day and make the process of customizing your own gifts easier, our Photolab now has free Take and Create Books for you to use! Inside you’ll find templates for designing your own personalized ornaments, bookmarks and 11oz mugs.

Just pick up your free Take and Create Book from your local London Drugs Photolab, bring it home, and let the kids have some fun with drawing their own designs on the templates. If you fancy yourself an artist, why not fill in a couple templates yourself, too? Once you’re all done, just bring in the book with the templates you chose to colour in, and we’ll scan each one and create your unique gifts for you!

(Right) Metal tree ornament template

We have all kinds of ornament designs to choose from in the book – from stars and Christmas tree shaped ornaments, to hearts and marquee shapes. When you order your custom ornament, you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of surfaces, including metal, ceramic, crystal and pewter. Our personalized 11oz mugs can be ordered in a selection of colours, or we can even put your drawing on our Magic Mug! This mug will magically reveal your hidden artwork once hot liquid has been added to it.

(Left) Bookmark template, (Right) 11oz mug template

To start crafting your own unique gifts, just visit your local London Drugs Photolab to pick up your free Take and Create Book!

Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas: A Guide to Getting Personal

So… you give chocolates every year on Valentine’s Day- that wouldn’t be a problem if half the box wasn’t missing. This year, ditch predictable, and get personal. Contrary to popular belief, the stomach isn’t the only way to someone’s heart. Show your sweetheart how well you know them, or take a couple’s stroll down memory lane.

Whether you’re a seasoned romantic, or feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to spicing up V-Day, the London Drugs Photolab has everything to make this year one you and your partner won’t forget.


Fleece Blanket – Personalized with a Heart Photo

You know those photos that warm you from the inside out? Match that feeling from the outside in with fleece lining and a little love. Wrap them up in a moment frozen in time- and give the gift of comfort, in the form of a personalized fleece blanket.


Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards

Is any holiday complete without that Hallmark touch? Your relationship is an original. Nothing down any “greetings” aisle could ever really capture the sarcasm, unique brand of humour, and feelings that make you and yours so special. Speak from the heart, or let a photo do the talking for you- the choice is yours! You can fully customize your card with Valentine’s Day-themed templates, text and personal photos.


Photo Mugs

They might be a caffeine connoisseur or a tea enthusiast – either way, keep things steamy by gifting them a unique, personalized mug. Pick a size that matches their sipping routine: a 14oz for long days at the office, or an 11oz for lazy Sunday mornings.


Aluminum Metal Panels

Make sure your photos withstand the test of time, through even the harshest conditions… just like you two crazy kids! Bright and crisp photos printed on sturdy aluminum metal panels come hang-ready, and are resistant to fading.


Heart Puzzles

Spend a little quality time together this Valentine’s Day. A board game for two is unheard of- instead pour a glass of wine, order a pizza and get puzzling! Put together the pieces to recreate an anniversary, vacation or wedding photo. Our heart-shaped puzzle design makes it extra special for the occasion.


Photo Books

You two wrote your love story, now tell it with vibrant prints, beautifully bound in a hard or soft cover photo book. At the London Drugs Photolab, we review and correct every image, then print them with exceptional ink on high quality paper. Watch those memories that were once just scattered throughout social media or sitting on your hard drive, come to life.


Posters and Collages

Because you just can’t pick one favorite.

Choose the best of the best for a thoughtful photo collage. Liven up any room, and give a heart melting gift of your greatest hits.


Break the cycle of giving the same gift, without having to break the bank! All of our Valentine’s Day products are 10% off  (valid February 2nd-7th, 2018) which is just as sweet as the box of chocolate you’ve already eaten half of…

Happy Valentine’s Day!