London Drugs provides wireless pin pads for donations to the Salvation Army

In 2011 London Drugs provided the Salvation Army with wireless pin pads at two locations to increase their donations. With the continued trend of people carrying less cash and more cards in their wallets, this year London Drugs is providing kettle workers at four of its largest locations with wireless pin pads this holiday season.

From Saturday December 15 until Monday, December 24, four locations will offer the ability to make a donation to the Salvation Army using debit and credit cards.


London Drugs invites customers to help homeless families get Inn from the Cold

The Littlest Things Make a Big Difference

This holiday season all eight Calgary London Drugs store locations will be accepting at-till donations to support Inn from the Cold’s Littlest Things campaign. The campaign aims to create a brighter future for homeless families in Calgary communities by providing basic necessities; the littlest things that make a big difference and help create a brighter future.

“We feel proud to unite with our customers to work together to end homelessness,” says Pat Tonner, Manager at London Drugs’ Brentwood location in Calgary. “In partnership with Inn from the Cold we can make a big difference and actively support those struggling in our communities.”

From December 1st to December 31st London Drugs customers can make donations as small as $2 at any checkout. The timing of the campaign coincides with the dramatic increase in the number of families seeking help from Inn from the Cold.

One hundred percent of the donations collected will go towards Inn from the Cold’s programs and supports that help families rebuild their lives.

Celebrating 25 years of support and $400,000 raised from the Hall of Flame Fire Fighter calendars

On November 29, London Drugs and the Vancouver Fire Fighters charitable society were welcomed on a tour and presentation of the VGH Burn Unit in Vancouver.

We were asked to visit the Burn Unit in recognition of London Drugs and the fire fighters 25-year support of the physical building of the unit and the ongoing commitment to advancing patient care. During the presentation, Lois Budd, patient services manager (and patient-care advocate extraordinaire) together with Dr. Jim Boyle, medical director (and great humorist) explained how through the 25-year sale of the Hall of Flame calendars at London Drugs, much needed specialized equipment and materials have been able to be purchased.

Rob Felix, London Drugs executive and general manager, general merchandise, was presented with a special plaque thanking London Drugs for the approximately $400,000 that has been raised for the Burn Unit over the past 25 years.

For Rob, the presentation and tour were humbling. Being inside the Burn Unit together with a group of fire fighters and being able to see patients who this group rescues and brings to the Burn Unit unfortunately all-to-often, brought the importance of London Drugs support, full circle.

VGH’s Burn Unit treats the very sick. Patients include victims of devastating vehicle accidents to children scalded with extremely hot water to cooking accidents, structural fires and many more unfortunate burn inflictions. You never want to be here or have someone you love be here. That is clear. But, this facility is so important and so necessary for British Columbians. They have done an amazing job at advancing the care of patients here including 24-hour visitation for families. In a hospital ward with such devastation, they have tried their best to make it as liveable as possible.

This year, through the sale of the Vancouver Fire Fighters Hall of Flame calendars at London Drugs, the Burn Unit was able to purchase a vital new piece of equipment: the Meek Mesher. The Meek Mesher is a special skin grafting machine that just arrived November 28, from Finland.

Seeing the Meek Mesher first-hand and learning about how it will benefit burn victims reminded all of us on the tour just how important it is to continue to support the fire fighters charitable society and the BC Burn Fund. This specialized equipment and care would not be possible without outside support and donations.
One of the patients currently in the Burn Unit lost his home to a fire including all of his money that was stored in his sofa. There are many more stories and patients this hospital and unit sees every hour, every day, and it is heart wrenching.

So thank you to all of the London Drugs customers who support the VGH Burn Unit with your purchase of the Hall of Flame calendars each year. We saw and heard first-hand, how important it is for our continued support.

London Drugs and Five Hole for Food a Good Fit

Credit: Vanessa Ng

Local shopping giant London Drugs has joined with grassroots charity initiative Five Hole for Food (FHFF) in doing something it knows best – redefining communities, through grit and good intentions.


London Drugs Presents Donation to B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation

On Sunday, June 5, 2011 London Drugs presented a donation of $27,285.00 to the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation during the Miracle Weekend Telethon. The funds were raised from the sale of Jeans Day Pins at London Drugs locations across British Columbia.


London Drugs presents $100,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross

Japan is trying to rebuild after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11 triggered a tsunami that killed thousands and left countless others homeless.


Pink Shirts at London Drugs raises over $100,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs

On Wednesday, April 6 London Drugs presented a cheque for $111,122 to the Boys and Girls Clubs following the success of the 2011 Pink Shirt Day campaign. The total for the 2011 campaign is the largest generated from the sale of the pink shirts at London Drugs stores across Western Canada with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs.


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