Health Tips Video: Do You Need to Update Your Immunizations?

Do you need an update on your immunizations?

Immunization, or vaccination, is a marvel of medical science. Immunization protects people from diseases by introducing viruses and bacteria to their bodies in a safe way, triggering their immune systems to start producing antibodies. These antibodies then protect them if they encounter these disease-causing agents in the wild, either reducing the likelihood of developing the disease or eliminating it entirely.

Since the invention of vaccines, immunization has eradicated smallpox and dramatically reduced the incidence of other diseases like polio. Countries like Canada provide childhood vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, and more diseases in order to protect children and the population at large.

Do You Need Adult Booster Shots?

As London Drugs pharmacist Gianni Del Negro notes in the video below, childhood immunizations do not always provide lifetime immunity. It’s important to check your vaccination history to see if you need any adult booster shots.

How do you know if you need additional vaccinations? It’s okay if you can’t find your childhood immunization records. Thanks to provincial vaccination schedules, your pharmacist or doctor can figure out when you last received various vaccinations and whether you’re due for more.

If you’re a parent, keep track of your child’s immunization records. They may be required when registering your child for daycare or school.

Recommended Vaccinations for Adults

Some immunizations are recommended for adults

Some vaccinations are recommended for every adult, like diphtheria and tetanus. Booster shots for those diseases are recommended every 10 years. Others, like the shingles vaccination, are recommended for adults over 60.

Other vaccinations may be recommended by your pharmacist depending on your travel plans, lifestyle, or age. If you like to garden, for example, it’s important to get a booster shot for tetanus. If you’re a parent or a grandparent, you may need a booster for pertussis.

And everyone should be getting their flu shot every year!

You don’t necessarily need to see your doctor to see if you need any additional immunization. Visit London Drugs and talk to a pharmacist. They can check your immunization status and, depending on what vaccines you may need, give you your shots in store.

To check your immunization status or learn more about adult vaccinations, visit your local London Drugs pharmacy.

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