Bring on the Bubbles — It’s National Bubble Day!

It's National Bubble Day!

The New Year can bring with it a dose of harsh reality after the holidays: back to early morning wake-ups, daily routines, and a definite lack of seasonal sparkle. But here’s a fun antidote: National Bubble Day!

If your holiday bubble has burst, National Bubble Day is the perfect opportunity to give yourself permission for a little fun and pampering. Frankly, we’re in favour of self-care any day of the week, so if you could use a holiday to recover from the holidays, bring on the bubbles and have some fun.

Lather Up!

Lather up on National Bubble Day

A sudsy soak is more than a simple sanitary escape. It’s almost like doing a workout! Research has actually shown that a hot bath helps to burn calories and regulate blood sugar. So grab some soap or bubble bath and lather up!

Star and Rose Ice Cream SoapPre de Provence Lavender Soap

Try this super fun ice cream soap or opt for something a little more luxurious.

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Blowing Bubbles

Get your baby some bubbles for national bubble day

Babies love bubbles as much (if not more) than adults, so get them in on the bubble action with a bubble bath of their own or a bottle of bubbles to blow.

Burt's Bees Baby WashAttitude Baby Leaves Natural Bubble Wash

Try Burt’s Bees Bubble Bath or Attitude Baby Leaves Natural Bubble Wash for bubbles that are gentle on baby’s skin.

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Let Your Cup Bubble Over

Make your own bubbly water with a SodaStream

It’s common knowledge that drinking water is crucial for optimal health, but plain old water can get a little boring.

Bubbles to the rescue!SodaStream

Add a little sparkle to your water with a SodaStream.

Did you know that drinking carbonated water has health benefits that range from improved digestion to increased cognitive performance? 

And making your own sparkling water at home also helps the environment and your wallet!

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Pop the Bubble

National Bubble Day

Take a trip down memory lane with a good old fashioned pack of bubble gum. You’ll feel like a kid again blowing giant bubbles (and picking sticky gum off your face). Go ahead, we dare you.

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Happy National Bubble Day!

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