Locally-made ShylaSpreadsHope Masks to support vulnerable childhood cancer patients in British Columbia becomes part of London Drugs’ Local Central program

June 4, 2020 – When we learned the story about the Tang family having to close their dry clean and tailoring business and a recent tragedy they faced, our family businesses entered into discussions with theirs about how London Drugs might be able to provide assistance. When the family’s small business Sew Clean had to close due to COVID-19, the Tang family switched to making masks with proceeds going to Childhood Cancer Family Support Society, an organization that greatly helped their five-year-old daughter prior to her tragic passing in December. Now, the family’s ShylaSpreadsHope masks will be available for purchase at six of our locations beginning Monday, June 8.

“When my daughter, Shyla, was going through her cancer treatment, Childhood Cancer Family Support (CCFS) was there for us emotionally and financially,” said Victoria Tang, ShylaSpreadsHope Masks. “After learning that their fundraising events were cancelled due to the pandemic, I wanted to help raise money for the non-profit organization. I began sewing fabric facemasks for people and raising funds. Since then I have created a team of local seamstresses to fulfil on production. ShylaSpreadsHope is a way to honor my daughter’s memory, by giving back to the community and spreading love and hope. In the midst of our darkest times, I know we can get through anything as long as we work together and continue to show kindness and compassion. I am so grateful to London Drugs for their willingness to support this cause, helping Shyla spread hope”.

The masks are currently in production with inventory to be made available at the following locations: Brentwood Mall in Burnaby, and in Vancouver at Broadway and Vine, Dunbar, Hastings and Abbott, Kerrisdale and Olympic Village. The masks are available in adult and children’s sizes in five colours at a cost of $12 with all proceeds going back to ShylaSpreadsHope. Three dollars from every $12 purchase will go to Childhood Cancer Family Support Society.

“All of us at London Drugs are particularly moved to be able to help the Tang family in their efforts to reignite their business as part of our Local Central program while supporting Childhood Cancer Family Support at the same time,” said Clint Mahlman, president and chief operating officer, London Drugs. “We are in the midst of a mask-wearing era and kudos to this family who have had much heartache and grief to be able to pivot to making masks when their business had to close.”

Customers can find the ShylaSpreadsHope masks in the six locations’ Local Central section. Local Central was launched in April in response to small businesses being severely impacted by COVID-19. The list of Local Central businesses being supported continues to grow and the current list can be found here:  https://londondrugs.com/local-central.html


ABOUT ShylaSpreadsHope Masks

ShylaSpreadsHope is a fundraising and community-building initiative created in loving memory of Shyla Ann Tang, who courageously battled a rare form of childhood cancer for three years before passing away at the age of five. In honour of Shyla, we are giving back and fundraising for Childhood Cancer Family Support. This charity helps families who are struggling with the financial burden of taking care of their child with cancer or blood disorder by providing them with financial aid and community support. After closing the doors of our Dry cleaning and Alteration shop, my team and I are committed to making quality comfortable fabric face masks for the community. Each mask is made locally with TENCEL Lyocell fabric which is breathable, soft, lightweight and biodegradable. Each mask comes with a filter pocket and is washable / reusable. For every mask sold, $3 will be donated to Childhood Cancer Family Support Society.


Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Nellie’s – Inspired by a Mom from the Prairies


Nellie’s – Inspired by a Mom from the Prairies

Nellie’s founder James Roberts gives credit for their success story where it’s due. “Nellie’s is named after my mom, who believed in keeping things simple – in a good way.” This is obvious in products like their iconic powdered laundry detergent. “The fact is, more cleaning power can be packed into powder,” Roberts continues, “Only one tablespoon is needed for a regular load of laundry.”

Made in Canada with Canadian Ingredients Nellie’s has been making their eco-friendly cleaning products based out of North Vancouver for over a decade, with high-quality biodegradable and hypo-allergenic ingredients.

“We don’t want to go elsewhere for materials unless we have to,” says Roberts, “For example, the soda ash used in our detergent is mined in Canada – it goes from the ground to processing, to the container in your home. That helps employ a lot of Canadians along the way.”

Nellie’s number one Canadian value: Common Sense. “When I grew up, there weren’t a dozen cleaners under the sink,” says Roberts, “We like to make products people really need. We also believe things can be made in Canada. Sometimes domestic ingredients may cost us a little more, but it makes sense to support local.”

Nellie’s also believes in another good Canadian value – honesty. Every ingredient in their products is listed on their website.

Nellie’s and London Drugs – a Canadian connection that goes way back. “London Drugs engaged with Nellie’s early on,” says Roberts, “They started by selling our Nellie’s Dryerballs over 10 years ago, and they have grown with us all the way since. That’s another Canadian prairie value. You support the people in your community.”

Shop Nellie’s line of cleaning products, for laundry, kitchen and bath here: https://www.londondrugs.com/nellies/

To find out more about our Proudly Canadian program, click here.




The Employment Scam

We have been advised of a recruitment scam where fraudsters are targeting employment applicants. We understand individuals may be contacted or encouraged to apply or accept jobs via a fraudulent website impersonating London Drugs. This is an attempt to improperly obtain personal information from prospective candidates. If you are approached about employment at London Drugs, you can verify the opportunity by calling our main inquiries line at 1-888-991-2299, or connect through email at https://www.londondrugs.com/contact-us/

Always be cautious when applying for positions online. A few simple tips to protect yourself from this type of fraud:

1) Verify all job opportunities before submitting an application by searching the company’s recruiting website.
Ours is https://london-drugs-limited-jobs.careerplug.com/account 

2) If you are contacted directly and without applying for a position by someone recruiting, ask to call them back through their publicly posted contact number and ask for that individual by name. Often the agent who answers the phone will be able to help you verify that the offer is legitimate and ensure you are speaking with the correct person. London Drugs can be reached at 1-888-991-2299.

3) If you are asked to submit a resume or complete a job application, do not include information like date of birth, social insurance number, or other sensitive personally identifiable information until you have verified the request is legitimate – such as through a publicly posted number.

4) If you are offered a position and it includes instructions to deposit a cheque and make a withdrawal, conduct mystery shops, make a purchase on behalf of someone else, or forwarding shipped products, verify these opportunities carefully. London Drugs does not currently offer positions of these types and if we did, they would be posted on our careers page.

5) If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, please contact your local police.

For additional information on protecting yourself from scams or to report fraud visit the Canadian Antifraud Centre at www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm

Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Baby Gourmet


Baby Gourmet – Started by two Calgary Moms who just wanted to feed their babies better.

“When my daughter was six months old. I went to the grocery store and bought a couple jars of baby food. After opening a jar of strained green beans, I knew instantly I wasn’t going to feed her anything I wouldn’t eat myself,” says Baby Gourmet co-founder Jennifer Carlson, “And I definitely wasn’t going to eat that jar of green beans!” Jennifer and her sister Jill Vos, launched Baby Gourmet in 2006 at the Calgary Farmers Market.  Since then, it has grown to become Canada’s leading brand of organic baby food.

Babies deserve the finest ingredients

Baby Gourmet uses only the very best, non-GMO organic ingredients – no fillers, added sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives of any kind – and 75% of their entire product offering is made in Canada. “We are most proud of our new innovation,” Carlson says, “A finger food line of lentil chickpea puffed snacks that are made in Saskatchewan.”

Canadian authenticity – from their kitchen to yours.

“Jill and I create every single product that comes out of Baby Gourmet,” says Carlson, “Every product starts in our kitchen and then moves into production under our watchful eye.” This hands-on process keeps Baby Gourmet at the forefront of the Canadian baby food market. “We use our motherly instincts to decide which flavours to bring to market and have a deep understanding of our fellow moms and what they want for their babies.”

Growing Canadian success (and Canadian babies!)

“We feel strongly about strengthening communities and local economies. We can do this by supporting the passionate Canadians behind Proudly Canadian brands,” says Carlson, “London Drugs has been a key partner of Baby Gourmet for the last 8 years and are an integral part of helping put the best organic baby food into the mouths of Canadian babies!”

Here’s to growing them big and strong.

Shop baby gourmet online here.

To find out more about our Proudly Canadian program, click here.

Small businesses closed due to the pandemic start to see their products hit London Drugs store shelves

May 12, 2020 – Since the launch of London Drugs’ Local Central on April 28, more than 1,200 Western Canadian companies have submitted products for consideration to be made available on our store shelves.

This week, customers will start to see some of the products from local companies in select London Drugs locations. All of these companies have been severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more products from local businesses will continue to be added to the Local Central initiative in the coming weeks.

“We have been humbled and more passionate than ever to support our local companies through these trying times,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our customers can look for the Local Central signage to find these products in many London Drugs stores. The stories and backgrounds of these small businesses is truly remarkable. We are excited at the prospect of continuing to grow Local Central to help more local businesses.”

Be sure to check this list of small businesses supported and where you will be able to find them: https://londondrugs.com/local-central.html

Odd Society Spirits hand sanitizer is one of the local products now part of London Drugs’ Local Central.

“We are incredibly grateful to be given shelf space for our hand sanitizer at five London Drugs stores in Vancouver,” explains Gordon Glanz, Odd Society Spirits owner and distiller. “London Drugs continues to make small business a priority – initiatives like Local Central provide new opportunities to reach customers, and help businesses like ours through these difficult times.”

Small business owners have until May 15, 2020 to submit their products for consideration at https://www.londondrugs.com/local-central-application.html

London Drugs opens up end of day shopping hours to the public and introduces a new way to support COVID-19 relief efforts

May 8, 2020 – As more and more grocery stores and pharmacies have expanded their opening hours beyond 9 pm in the last couple of weeks, it has given frontline workers many more options to find the essentials for their families now. As a result, the past two weeks have seen a dramatic decline in frontline workers and first responders taking advantage of our exclusive end of day shopping hour. As of May 11, everyone will once again be able to shop during this time. We will reinstate the exclusive shopping hour in the future as needed.

At the same time, we are offering a new and noisy fun way for Western Canadians to support COVID-19 relief efforts. London Drugs is offering $5 cowbells at all stores as well as online with net proceeds going to COVID19 health care needs in each Western province.

“We love seeing the community spirit, support and togetherness during the 7 pm cheer,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs president and chief operating officer. “The purchase of a cowbell will not only add to the nightly cheer we hear across our cities but also the net proceeds will go directly into our provinces’ health care systems.”

The following foundations will be supported through funds raised by cow bell sales:

British Columbia
British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Foundation for Public Health

University of Alberta Hospital Foundation

Hospitals of Regina Foundation
Saskatoon Hospital Fund

Manitoba Health Sciences Centre Foundation

For more information on London Drugs’ ongoing measures to keep staff and customers safe, please visit https://blog.londondrugs.com/tag/covid19.


Proudly Canadian Brand Stories – Earth’s Own Oat Milk – Canadian from the roots up.

One look at the Earth’s Own tagline,  “We Dig Plants.”, and you know right away, it’s genuine.

“All of our oats are grown by Canadian farmers on the Prairies and in Quebec,” says Brittany Hull, Director of Marketing for Earth’s Own, “You can’t get much more Canadian than that.”

Local Ingredients, Local Production.

Earth’s Own sources ingredients locally wherever possible. They also produce all of their delicious plant-based milks in Canada instead of shipping product over borders. This results in a smaller environmental footprint for this growing brand and supports local farmers and plant workers to build a brighter and tighter sense of community.

Being bold in a most Canadian way.

The Earth’s Own brand takes a strong stand for their values. But this bold attitude is delivered with style, humour and above all, authenticity. From the cheerful packaging to their cheeky ‘Plantifesto’ their important message comes across as friendly, intelligent and tasteful –like their oat milk itself.

Saving the world – one plant at a time.

Earth’s Own knows that environmental impact goes beyond borders. Their solution: plants.

“Because of our Canadian climate, our oats don’t require irrigation,” Hull says, “This means that they are grown using 7x less water than dairy milk.”

Plant-based eating is inherently having a lower environmental impact because plants are grown to eat directly, rather than feeding animals for food production. And that’s not all, Earth’s Own containers are also made from plants and the company supports plant-based community projects.

Proud to be one of London Drugs’ newest Canadian brands.

“Our first time shipping Earth’s Own products in London Drugs stores was in April 2020,” says Michael Rende, Director of Sales for Earth’s Own, “This shows a great nimbleness to support local brands during these unprecedented times. Customers are always looking for brands they can trust, and Earth’s Own is grateful to be in London Drugs stores, supporting our Canadian roots right along with them.”

Shop Earths Own here!

To find out more about our Proudly Canadian program, click here.

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