A thank you from Clint Mahlman, President & COO of London Drugs

To our valued customers,

We’d like to share with you our thanks and some of the small ways we are trying to meaningfully support our communities.  Please take a few minutes to listen to Clint Mahlman express his gratitude to you, our members, and all Canadians.

Find out more about some of the ways we are supporting our communities through initiatives:

From our London Drugs family to yours,
Stay well and stay safe.

Be Kind. London Drugs and Carlton Cards invite random acts of kindness

Write a note, send a card, all just to say thanks.

With our world more connected than ever before, we are encouraging our customers to write a handwritten note or sentiment to brighten someone else’s day. Technology allows us to connect instantly, however there is an element of humanity that is lost in it. Now more than ever, people need be reminded they are appreciated. Whether that is sending love to your family or appreciation to a health care worker that you’ve never met, but know they are risking their own health to ensure the safety of yours. We want to help share that personalized tangible message to remind each other that we are in this together.

How it works – For healthcare workers

Simply write a thank you note in a card and drop it off at any London drugs location. You can choose to buy a card while in-store or bring one you already have at home, it’s that easy! We will send the card out to be delivered to health care workers on the front line at local hospitals in your community. Of course, you can also mail out your card to a loved one or pass your card along to anyone you feel deserves a thank you. This could be a delivery driver, retail cashier, teacher or anyone else who you appreciate. Our aim is to help spread the love in a tangible way.


What about virus transmission? We understand some maybe concerned about virus transmission, however the virus doesn’t live on surfaces for very long. It can be a few minutes to no more than 24 hours, so there is little to worry about in regard to contracting the virus in this way.

Why Healthcare workers? We have chosen to thank front line healthcare workers for their continued hard work keeping us and our communities safe and healthy. As mentioned above, you can also mail/give a card to anyone who’s day you’d like to brighten.

What about sealing the envelopes? Stickers will be on hand to seal the envelopes, so you won’t have to. 

What goes in the collection box? The collection box is just for healthcare workers, but if you were wanting to mail your card, you can do so at one of our Canada post locations.

Who do we address our letter/card to? You don’t need to address it to anyone specific if it is dropped of in our collection box in-store.

Also, if you do show an act of kindness through dropping off a letter or card in the box (or donate to United Way) we are going to gift you a London Drugs blue cowbell. You can use this to cheer for your frontline workers at 7pm each night!

From us to you, Stay Safe and be kind.



Our continued commitment to help keep residents informed and communities strong


People are staying home and staying local. And because of this, we are forming new habits that reflect ‘old’ ways. We are ‘staying put’ in our neighbourhoods and we are living life, more simply.Living simpler includes how we consume and respond to news updates and changes in our lives right now.

We are eating at home more, sitting down with our immediate family members, talking about the day’s events and watching the 6 pm newscast, together. And through all of this, local news organizations, including community newspapers, have been on the front lines providing vital information.

In towns and municipalities dotted all across Canada, daily and weekly newspapers and community publications help keep residents informed and communities strong.
But the vital news coverage and community-building they provide is imperiled. Almost overnight, community newspaper advertising revenues have collapsed and some major retailers have decided to cut back on their flyer distribution or have stopped printing flyers altogether.

London Drugs knows that for many people in our smaller communities especially, these publications are an essential source for news and information and something residents look forward to. We know many of our customers enjoy the ritual of reviewing the flyers, planning their shopping trips and will potentially rely now more than ever on printed flyers to find the best prices on products they want and need every day. Whether it is comparing and finding the best prices on vitamins or learning about new innovative products landing in stores, the printed flyer is still read by many.

We know printed flyers are crucial for community newspapers especially during these challenging times. We are hearing about newspapers that are running at below cost, and they are doing everything they can to stay afloat.
At a time when so much is changing and out of our control, we believe in maintaining what we can.

We are continuing our commitment to print our flyers and distribute them through community newspapers. This helps to support 80+ local publications in communities throughout Western Canada. And our customers who crave our physical flyers, will still get what they need.
For 75 years the London Drugs family has worked hard to provide essential products and services to families across Western Canada. Now we are working more diligently than ever before, to provide these services while keeping our staff and customers healthy and safe. We are committed as ever, to supporting our customers, neighbourhoods and local communities during these challenging times.
We’ll get through this, together.

London Drugs expands COVID-19 Community Support Program connecting United Way volunteers with neighbours in need

April 10, 2020 – London Drugs is expanding its community support program launched a few weeks ago, to continue to help more seniors and vulnerable individuals who are self-isolating. Starting in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley with potential expansion to more areas, a new collaboration with United Way connects ready and willing volunteers with vulnerable people right in their own neighbourhood – offering to help with food delivery, home maintenance work and other assistance during COVID-19.

“Since launching our Seniors Support Program a few weeks ago, we have helped hundreds of seniors with a variety of requests from sourcing important products to making special direct deliveries quickly, to their homes,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs president and chief operating officer. “Supporting United Way’s “local love in a Global Crisis” is a natural extension of the community outreach our support team has been providing. We need to help as many people as possible during this time of crisis and we need to get the word out to the most vulnerable in our communities that help IS available.”

When customers are shopping at London Drugs in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for their essential items, they will now see United Way “local love in a Global Crisis” postcards which they can pick up and drop off to their neighbours’ mailboxes and front doors. The postcards indicate help is available and provides the contact information for a United Way community engagement specialist in their neighbourhood.

Individuals in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley in need of assistance can also fill out United Way’s online form. The pre-screened volunteers are ready to help with grocery or prescription deliveries, a referral for financial assistance, assistance with technology, or even social connection via a friendly phone call.

“We’ve had an overwhelming number of volunteers come forward through this crisis,” said Kim Winchell, Director, Social Impact, United Way of the Lower Mainland. “So many people are looking for ways to counteract their feelings of stress and restlessness by helping out. It’s really been incredible to see neighbours helping neighbours. In many cases, they are making life-saving connections in the communities where they live.”

“The physical distancing required to prevent the spread of COVID-19 changes how we can offer support, but we continue to find new and caring ways to take care of people every day,” said Mahlman. “A simple act of local love can go a long way to ensure that everyone in our communities gets the help they need during these challenging times.”

London Drugs will also be accepting at till donations for the United Way in all 82 stores and online at LondonDrugs.com. Funds raised will go directly to United Way initiatives supporting those most affected by COVID-19.

United Way’s “local love in a Global Crisis” supports five key areas:

  1. Basic needs: Ensuring people have access to basic essentials such as food, personal hygiene products, etc.
  2. Help to seniors: Ensuring vulnerable people who are isolated, are also supported.
  3. Capacity for community services: Ensure that community partners can continue to do their vital local work.
  4. Mental health support: Enable crisis lines and system navigation services.
  5. Support for volunteers: Ensuring volunteers receive the support they need to carry out their acts of local love.

A reminder seniors outside of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley who are self-isolating and need assistance with basic necessitates or medications can email SeniorsSupport@LondonDrugs.com. London Drugs’ seniors support team is available around the clock to help. Caregivers, family members and neighbours can also email on behalf of someone they know who is in need.

See all of our updates and community support initiatives related to COVID-19

Important update from Clint Mahlman, President & COO of London Drugs

To our valued customers,

In these rapidly changing times, it is important for us to stay connected and informed more than ever.  Please take a few minutes to hear how everyone at London Drugs is working to support you and our communities during this time.

From our London Drugs family to yours,
Stay well and stay safe.

See all of our updates and procedures regarding COVID-19

Show Your Appreciation for Frontline Workers!

With healthcare workers putting in their hours during this time, it’s nice to let them know how grateful we are. You can show your appreciation for our healthcare workers during National Caregivers Day by downloading this free “Thank You” colouring sheet for your little ones to colour in. Once it’s finished, post it on your window, take a photo of it for social media and tag us for a chance to be featured!   Download and print the colouring sheet here.


Need to shop? #ShopSmart

Precautions and guidelines grocery and drugstore shoppers should follow during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep customers, retail employees and communities across Canada safe.


  • If you’re sick, or have been asked to quarantine at home, don’t go to your local grocery or drugstore. Use contactless delivery and have someone drop them off at your door, knock, then retreat to a safe distance!
  • While we all feel isolated and look for ways to fill our days, to keep our loved ones busy, we need to remember that we must avoid planning our grocery or drugstore trips with others in tow. Just designate one person to shop! Shop alone.


  • Practice Physical Distancing – 2M or 6ft. (That’s the length of an average hockey stick 😊)
  • Be considerate. Only buy what you need! Only touch what you take.
  • Wash your hands before and after you shop and use sanitizer whenever you can.
  • When paying for your goods, use contactless debit or credit / tap wherever possible.
  • If you use re-usable bags – wash them before and after your shopping trip – and if possible, bag items yourself – or don’t use them at all right now.
  • Be kind – we are all in this together.


  • Be considerate. Listen to the authorities … they have our best interest in mind and by following these tips, we’ll get through this crisis.
  • We all have a role to play in keeping these retail environments safe for employees and customers.
  • Shop Smart!


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