Canadian Scholarships: How Students and Parents Can Access Thousands

Here are grants, funds, bursaries, and scholarships to apply for before heading back to school. Plus, a chance to win one of two $5,000 education funds from London Drugs!

Hey parents and students! We know heading back to school can be an expensive time of year. From school supplies and groceries, from tech to tuition, education isn’t cheap. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, rest assured you’re not alone.

Luckily, thousands of dollars are up for grabs through education grants, bursaries, awards, funds and scholarships. We’ve rounded up a bunch of them here to put on your radar before heading back to school. Just keep an eye on the deadlines!

Canada Learning Bond

As part of the Canada Learning Bond, the Government of Canada deposits up to $2,000 into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help you save for your child’s education after high school. The Government offers a one-time initial $500 contribution when an RESP is opened, and a child may also quality for an additional $100 per year until they turn 15 years old, up to $2,000. Through this learning bond, the Government will add money to the RESP for the eligible child every year, even if you don’t add any money. The money added to the child’s RESP will grow tax free until it is used for education expenses like: apprenticeship programs, CEGEPs, colleges, trade schools, or universities.

Find full details including eligibility requirements here.

Canada Education Savings Grant

Through the Canada Education Savings Grant, the Government adds money to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help save for a child’s post-secondary education. Payment of the CESG is dependent on contributions made into the RESP. Each year, the CESG provides 20 cents on every dollar contributed, up to a maximum of $500, on an annual RESP contribution of $2,500. Money in an RESP can be used to pay pay for full-time or part-time studies at: apprenticeship programs, CEGEPs, trade schools, colleges, or universities.

Find full details including eligibility requirements here.

London Drugs Education Fund

London Drugs is offering a chance to win one of two $5,000 CND Education Funds*. Purchase any qualifying 3M or Sistema product in our London Drugs’ Back to School flyer, online or in-store between August 16 to September 11, 2019. Submit your proof of purchase on our contest page to be entered for your chance to win.

For full terms and conditions, click here.

BC Training and Education Savings Grant

Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan (CST) is encouraging BC families to start planning and saving early for their child’s post-secondary education or training programs, with the BC Training and Education Savings Grant. As part of the grant, the BC government will deposit a one-time $1,200 grant into the RESPs of eligible children when they turn six years old. There is no requirement for parents to match contributions or make additional contributions. Children must be born on or after January 1, 2006 to be eligible for this grant.

Find details including eligibility requirements here.

Student Aid BC Grants

Student Aid BC offers a wide variety of different grants and scholarships to students. There are BC access grants for deaf students and those with permanent disabilities, as well as completion grants for graduates and more. They are also a great resource for other bursaries and scholarships, such as the Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society Programs and Young Futures Education Fund.

To see their full list of resources and grants, click here.

Alberta Student Aid

The Government of Alberta offers various scholarships and awards to recognize student accomplishments, contributions and achievements. Plus, there are over 900 scholarships, financial awards and tuition grants available for registered Alberta apprentices, occupational trainees and students of pre-employment programs.

For more information on eligibility and application deadlines, click here.

Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students

The Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students is meant to help support students who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at a designated post-secondary institution, whose family qualifies as low or middle-income. To be eligible the student must apply and qualify for student financial assistance. Students can receive up to $3,000 per eight-month school year (up to $375 per month of study), for each year of undergraduate studies as long as they continue to qualify.

Find details including eligibility requirements here.

Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students

Available to low-income students enrolled in a part-time program at a designated post-secondary institution, the Canada Student Grant for Part-Time Students may provide students with up to $1,800 each school year. As long as they still qualify, they can receive this grant for each year of studies, including undergraduate and graduate levels. To be eligible, students must apply and qualify for part-time student financial assistance.

Find details including eligibility requirements here.

8+ Awesome Gift Ideas to Show Teacher Appreciation

Now that the kids are settled in to their new classrooms and back to the school routine, we thought now would be the perfect opportunity to show our love for the people who not only teach our children, but the ones who play with, comfort, guide, and inspire them as well. Yes, it’s customary to give a gift to your child’s teacher when school lets out for the summer, but why not show your appreciation by surprising them with a gift at the beginning of the school year instead? Bonus–you’ll get in their good books right off the top!

Fit-Everything Tote Bag

Teachers have a lot of stuff to bring to and from class every day, so a big, strong, practical tote bag is an essential part of a teacher’s kit. If your kid’s teacher already has a good bag, you could also get some super useful must-haves to fill up that bag:

Lunch Box

Buying lunch is expensive, but packing a lunch everyday can get complicated. To make bringing food from home a little tidier, a great lunch box is key. A bento-style box keeps healthy lunch items in their right place, or a bag with insulated compartments keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold.

Fix-It Tool

Unfortunately, not all schools are in the best of shape, and sometimes things in the classroom fall apart. Instead of waiting for the custodian to show up when something goes haywire, help your teacher take matters into their own hands with a handy multi tool that can be stashed in a desk drawer or a bag.


Self-care is a hot buzzword at the moment, but nobody deserves a little pampering more than the people responsible for the moulding of your children’s minds. Give the gift of a little relaxation with an aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils, some manly pampering with a grooming gift set, or a good, clean scrub with a skin care gift set.

Cold & Flu Fighters

Cold and flu season can hit teachers the hardest, especially the ones who are are around small, sticky people all day. You can help prepare your teacher’s defences with a cold season care package with some fun tissues, hand sanitizer, or vitamin C supplements.

Kill-Proof Plants

A plant does wonders for brightening up a dull space (like an institutional classroom), but teachers are busy people, and who has time to dote over a delicate flower? For a sweet teacher gift, a succulent is a great choice because they are virtually indestructible, and they look very cute on a desk.


Most teachers we know wouldn’t be able to function without a generous supply of coffee everyday, and we suspect that the typical offerings from the teacher’s lounge aren’t up to the standards that our amazing teachers deserve. A travel coffee press and a bag of fair-trade ground coffee would come in very handy for any teacher who regularly caffeinates.


Gifting books for the classroom is a wonderful way to thank a teacher and help their students. Depending on the teacher and the grade, these books could be selections for story time or curriculum textbooks. Go ahead and ask your child’s teacher if there are any textbooks that could use an update for the upcoming school year–you could even start a campaign with the other parents of your child’s classmates to pool together the funds for an entire set of new textbooks.

Are you a teacher? What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Tell us in the comments!

How Parents Can Help With Anxiety in Young Children

Returning to school after summer vacation can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for kids and their parents. The start of school may be especially challenging for children who are starting at kindergarten or a new school. Some anxiety is a normal response—most kids experience mild back-to-school uneasiness that gradually fades once they meet their teacher and settle in to class.

Here are some tips for parents to help your child with back-to-school anxiety so they can prepare for a successful new school year.

Listen to their concerns

Whether it is getting a new teacher, schoolwork, dealing with a bully, or missing a friend, listen carefully and avoid dismissing their fears. Kids often have worries! Validate their feelings and give them gentle reassurance that everything will be fine—but don’t overdo it. Keep the conversation short and casual.

Re-introduce term-time routine

After the laid-back, fun-filled summer months of playtime, sleep-ins, and family outings, the transition back to a routine can be challenging. Sometimes it’s met with a lot of resistance—not just for children! A week or two before school begins, start to re-introduce school year routines gradually such as picking out clothes the night before, waking up, eating, and going to bed at regular times.

Schedule a rehearsal

Much like adults are often advised to do when preparing for an important job interview, a trial run before the real thing can go a long way towards easing anxiety. Do a walk-through of your kid’s daily route to school. If you can meet their new teacher, walk the halls, and visit their new classroom before term starts, take advantage of the opportunity. Becoming familiar with the surroundings will prepare them for the first day of school and alleviate any fears of the unknown as will seeing a familiar face on the first day!

Get them excited to see their classmates

Arrange a playdate or two with some of their school friends before school starts. Research shows that the presence of a friend during school transitions can improve children’s academic and emotional adjustment.

Plan a fun treat

Give your child something fun to look forward to after the first week of school.  It could be a trip to the movies or a bowling alley or to the swimming pool. Perhaps invite one of their school friends to join them! Give them something to look forward to, even though they have to go back to school!

If your child needs extra support to make a successful transition, let someone at school know — the teacher, an aide or the principal. Anxiety symptoms that persist beyond the first month of term may require consultation with an expert.

3 Kid-Friendly Life Hacks for Back to School

Back to School Kids Backpacks Organized London Drugs

It’s that time of year again…the kids are heading back to school! It won’t be long before the chaos sets in (hello messy backpacks and busy mornings!), so we’ve compiled some smart kid-friendly ideas to start the new school year right—with less stress for parents. Here are three life hacks for staying organized and keeping your kids on time for school!

1. Keep your kids’ school backpacks organized

Are important things getting lost in your kids’ backpacks? It happens—especially with the little ones. Try creating a ‘post office’ and ‘bank’ to keep supplies safe! This life hack for back to school will eliminate any crumpled notices or lost money for field trips. Safe supplies, happy parents!

2. Speed up your kids’ morning routine

Trouble getting your kids to do their tasks and to get them out the door in the mornings? Make things fun and encourage them to tackle tasks with speed. Here’s one clever (and tasty) trick for kids to complete their morning chores. Perfect for those end-of-summer days—and your kids will thank you!

3. Use colour-coding to organize your kids’ notebooks

Do your children need some help keeping their school notebooks organized? If they’re in a rush to class, sometimes it’s hard to remember which subject is in which duotang, so they grab them all. Use this quick and easy trick to colour-code math, english, and science! Now they can find the notebook they need in their backpack—fast. Simple, easy, organized!

Are you looking for school supplies or other back to school essentials? You can find everything your children need at London Drugs in-store and online!

Children with Asthma: School Checklist for Parents

According to Asthma Canada, Canadian researchers see a large spike in hospitalizations for children with asthma during the September back-to-school period. In fact, this period is now referred to as the ‘September Asthma Peak’. If you are a parent of a child with asthma, our pharmacists recommend taking a few extra precautions to ensure your child and their school are equipped to manage their asthma and respond quickly to an asthma emergency.

Parents of Children with Asthma London Drugs Blog

Know how to identify and reduce triggers

Children with asthma face increased exposure to all kinds of triggers, from viral infections to allergens like dust mites, mould and even seasonal allergens like ragweed when they head back to school. Colds are the most frequent asthma triggers in young children, causing up to 85 per cent of exacerbations. Help your child understand their asthma triggers and help identify ways you can actively work to reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack at school.

Develop an asthma management plan and action plan

Ensure your child’s medications are listed on the plan. Emergency contact numbers and instructions should also be listed and available for caretakers like grandparents, babysitters and school staff. In the case of an emergency, it’s important you and your child also have a plan in place for how to respond.

Talk to school teachers, nurses and coaches

Ask for any required forms, details on school’s procedure for an asthma emergency, how to ensure immediate access to asthma medication, and discuss how to reduce your child’s triggers while at school. The school should also have the details of your asthma management/action plan, including emergency contact numbers and medication instructions. It’s also important to speak with coaches or physical education teachers about your child’s ability to participate in physical activities.

Manage allergies and exposure to influenza

Seasonal allergies and other allergens can trigger your child’s asthma symptoms. Be proactive and treat their allergies with the proper allergy medication. Even though “flu season” is commonly known as a winter phenomenon, contagious viral infections are spread and shared just as much in September in schools. It might sound obvious, but making sure your child is washing their hands correctly and frequently can really help. Your child, along with the rest of your household, should also receive an influenza vaccination to reduce their risk of developing flu symptoms, which can trigger their asthma.

Have your medication reviewed by your pharmacist

During your visit, have your child’s asthma medication reviewed and, if necessary, ask for a refresher on how to use the medication correctly. Pharmacists can remind children how to hold the inhaler and offer tips on improving inhalation technique.Sometimes pharmacists will recommend aids to help manage asthma in children. As an example, they may advise the use of a valved holding chamber which can help ensure your child is receiving a proper dosage. The chamber traps and holds the medication, giving the child time to inhale it entirely.

Pharmacists also recommend having a prescription for two inhalers, so that you are able to keep one at home and one at school. This way, your child doesn’t need to worry about remembering to take their inhaler with them to school each day, and risk forgetting it at home.

Visit your local London Drugs Pharmacy, speak with a pharmacist while picking up your children’s medications, or call ahead to book an appointment with a pharmacist.

Contest: Head Back to School in Style with Remington!

Contest Rules

Remington Back to School Contest– Official Rules

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    Step 2. Comment with what you’re most excited about this school year!

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  3. Contest is open to all residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who, as of the date the prize draw is made: (i) have not won a London Drugs contest since August 30, 2017; (ii) have reached the age of majority in the province in which they reside as at August 27, 2018 (iii) are not employees of London Drugs, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization (if any), or any family member living with any such employee.
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Statement of Declaration and Release

All selected entrants will be required to sign the Statement of Declaration and Release attached before they can be declared a winner and receive a contest prize.



5 Must-Have Tech for First Year University Students

The back to school season has a different ring to it this September for university and college students—especially during their first year. It’s so long high school, hello lecture hall! Exams will be much more difficult (uh oh), but it’s also the beginning of amazing adventures, new friendships, and life-long memories.

Whether you’re a student living on campus in a dorm room or commuting to early morning study sessions, it’s always smart to be equipped with tech that has your back. From note-taking to playlist-making, we’ve gathered the top five gadgets for first-year university students.

Apple iPad with WiFi and Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Apple iPad London Drugs Back to School

Create, learn, work and play like never before with the Apple iPad with WiFi. This version has all-day battery, so it will stay powered up during every long lecture. The immersive 9.7-inch Multi-Touch Retina display now has Apple Pencil capability—you can take notes, annotate, or sketch with virtually no delay!

HP Sprocket Portable ZINK Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Back to School Tech London Drugs

As a first-year, you’ll be experiencing campus life and making so many memories at college and university! Make sure all those photos don’t just stay on your phone—print them out with the HP Sprocket portable printer. Post them up in your dorm or share them with Mom and Dad back home (you know they’ll love them).

JVC Flats Wireless Headphones

JVC Flats Headphones London Drugs Back to School Tech

Music can be the best way to create soothing background noise as you study—or pump you up for a run to clear your head before exam day! The bluetooth-enabled JVC Flats are fashionable, lightweight headphones that have 11 hours of listening time. Choose pink, blue, black or grey, depending on your personal style.

Logiix Qi Wireless Charger and Stand

Logiix Qi Wireless Charger and Stand London Drugs Back to School

As a student, it’s always nice to have tech that makes your life easier. Just place your Android or iPhone X on the Logiix QI wireless charging stand to charge wirelessly from anywhere. At a fast 10W speed, too! Now, you won’t have to go digging for a cord in your backpack anymore.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch London Drugs Back to School Tech

After cramming for tests, sometimes it’s nice to chill out and play a few games. The Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. If you’re not at home or at your dorm, take your game with you in handheld mode—even to study hall for a quick brain break!

Head to London Drugs in-store or online to find everything you need for back to school tech! Our LD Experts would love to help.

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