Peeling Too Many Potatoes? We Take Care of That.

Ever make massive potato salads or mashed potato batches? Maybe for a summer BBQ? Then you likely dread hand-peeling dozens of potatoes. For some, especially those with more “life experience,” that much peeling can severely irritate the elbows, wrists and hands. Ugh.

Don’t worry, London Drugs is here give your hands a hand with another handy life hack.

  1. Score a line around the middle of each potato with a good paring knife.
  2. Place the potatoes in a large stock pot, cover with water, and bring to just a boil. (Take advantage of your free time by prepping some other dishes for your meal!) Then carefully place them in cold water.
  3. Now you can peel the potatoes simply and easily, just by twisting the two sides apart with your hands.
  4. Remember, the potatoes aren’t cooked yet – they still need to be boiled, baked, or grilled! 

Whew. It’s that easy. No matter what hot water you’re in, London Drugs has you covered in store and online. And our prices mean you’ll always keep your cool.

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