6 Tips to Get and Share Great Shots on Instagram


Want to post great shots like this on Instagram? We’ve got the tips you need.

Whether you’re new to Instagram or consider yourself fairly experienced, there are many ways to improve your shots. Start with one, or all, of these six tips to improve your staging, cropping, alignment, filtering, use of IG sliders, and hashtagging. You’ll be an Instagram pro in no time.


Exploring Fall Through a Filter

Autumn is a fantastic season for photographers, with bold natural colours, dynamic storms, and spectacular migrating birds and wildlife. With the natural world on dramatic display, this is the perfect time to experiment with filters.

Filters are a simple, inexpensive way to add punch to your photography. Fitting right over your favourite lens, filters change the way the light hits your image sensor.

Lovely landscapes
Imagine a gorgeous autumn vista, with rolling hills ablaze in red, orange, and gold. The sky is a clear bright blue dotted with puffy clouds. The challenge with this landscape—and most landscapes—is that the land and the sky require different exposures to capture them at their best.

Graduated filters will transform the way you shoot landscapes. The filter blocks out more light rays in the top half, and fewer toward the bottom. Your landscape will be bright and bold, with a crisp and detailed sky.

Cool Days, Warm Skin Tones
Red-cheeked kids in the pumpkin patch, a family game of touch football, or an autumn hike in the woods: the colours of the Canadian autumn form a brilliant backdrop for your family photos. When you are photographing people outdoors, consider using a sky filter. This filter has a pink tint that will add lovely warmth to your photos, enhancing the fiery fall colours and brightening skin tones.

Filter Over Troubled Water
Water in the autumn can be breathtakingly beautiful, with flat lakes reflecting bright foliage, a stormy ocean, or a tumbling river. Photographing bodies of water, particularly on bright days, can cause haze or glare. A polarizing filter blocks out errant light rays, resulting in clear, crisp shots. Many photographers leave a polarizing filter on their cameras all the time.

Beautiful Blur
A neutral density filter doesn’t look like much—just a plain, grey filter that blocks out light rays evenly. But lowering the amount of light that hits the sensor allows you to slow the shutter speed and achieve an artistic blur of movement. Streams and waterfalls are wonderful test subjects: with the filter in place, you can get a perfectly exposed shot of the rushing water.

Your London Drugs Camera Department carries a variety of filters for different makes and models of cameras. Bring your camera in and we can help you choose the perfect filter to take gorgeous autumn shots.