Most Stunning Beaches to Take Photos in Western Canada

From the West Coast to the scenic lakes sprinkled across Western Canada, there are plenty of stunning beaches to visit on your summer adventures. Our LDExperts in the Photolab have curated a list of the best beaches in Western Canada to photograph, featuring images captured by some truly talented Canadian photographers. Just keep on scrolling below to see them all! Once you know which of these beaches you want to visit this summer, head on over to our blog post on Summer Photography Tips for Capturing Beautiful Beach Views, to get some pointers for achieving even better photos.

Cox Bay Beach, Tofino BC

Where Vancouver Island meets the Pacific Ocean. Cox Bay is a stunning spot to take in the naturally majestic views of the West Coast. If you’re looking for some subjects to photograph from the beach, there’s always plenty of surfers catching a wave! Or you can perch high above the beach, like photographer Jonah Ferguson did here, to get a great shot of Cox Bay from a different perspective.

English Bay, Vancouver BC

Nestled right at the edge of downtown Vancouver, there’s no doubt English Bay has one of the best sunset beach views in the city. Meander along the scenic Sea Wall which passes through the area, or simply have a seat on one of the many logs perched on the beach to enjoy the view. We love how Vancouver-based photographer Chris van Edig used some nearby rocks as a focal point in this stunning sunset shot.

Devonshire Beach, Slave Lake AB

Devonshire beach sits on Lesser Slave Lake, in Slave Lake National Park. Considered one of the few naturally occurring beaches in Alberta, Devonshire Beach features a 1.5km of white sandy beach with shallow waters. If you’re looking for a unique photo op, the beach also hosts an annual sand castle building competition! For a panoramic view from above, check out the Marten Mountain Viewpoint, which is 983 metres high.

Good Spirit Lake, Canora SK

Good Spirit Lake National Park is home to one of the best beaches in Saskatchewan, on Good Spirit Lake. Sandy beaches, and clear shallow water make this spot a favourite for families. The sand dunes on the south end of the lake also offer a unique place to snap some photos – some are as high as 50 feet! Regina-based photographer Herry captured this great shot of the Canada Day fireworks on the beach.

Lower Fishing Lake, Smeaton SK

Backing on a beautiful jack pine forest, Lower Fishing Lake in Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a perfect spot to set up camp and get some great scenic photos. The beach on Lower Fishing Lake is well-maintained and has plenty of sand for fun in the sun. For photographer Jocelyn de Moissac, it made for the perfect photo op with her son!

Grand Beach, Grand Marais MB

Grand Beach and Provincial Park stretches along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg – Canada’s sixth largest lake. The beach features 3kms of powdery white sand and sand dunes up to 12 metres high that line the edge of the beach. When the tide is out, the pools of water make for some great reflection photos. Add a subject and a beautiful sunset, and you’ve got a great snapshot like the one Riley Anderson captured above.

Winnipeg Beach, MB

Winnipeg Beach also sits along the edge of Lake Winnipeg, and is a part of the Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park. Its long stretch of fine white sand beach is an excellent spot to enjoy the sun and snap some summer photos. Lake Winnipeg is so large, that the other side of the lake isn’t visible from the beach – making it look like an ocean rather than a lake. This can give your photos a unique perspective, considering Manitoba is land-locked! The beach also has a picturesque red and white lighthouse perched right by the water, that would make a great focal point for your photos!


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6 Summer Photography Tips for Capturing Beautiful Beach Views

Whether you’re hitting the beach close to home, or vacationing somewhere abroad this summer, one thing you’ll want to take with you is your camera. Beaches are a place of so much natural beauty, from their seemingly endless horizons and stunning sunrises to their abundance of sea life and dramatic crashing waves. To help you capture even better photos at the beach this summer, our LDExperts in the Photolab have compiled the best beach photography tips – keep on reading below to learn more!

Take Advantage of Golden Hour

Shooting at sunrise is your best bet to give your photos that beautiful golden glow. With the light coming from a low angle at that early time of day, you’ll be able to avoid those harsh shadows (‘raccoon eyes’) that usually occur at midday. Golden hour is also a great chance to play with silhouettes.  The warmer colours also give a certain ‘magical’ quality to photos – hence why this time of day is also referred to as ‘magic hour’!

Capture the Details

While you might usually think of wide-angle shots when it comes to beach photography, don’t forget about close-ups. There are plenty of opportunities to capture small details at the beach: everything from textured seashells to clumps of seaweed and little crabs. Experiment with the depth of field to really emphasize them.

Experiment with Long Exposure

The combination of beach waves and long exposure photography can make for some truly stunning shots. Consider playing with your shutter speed to achieve different effects. A long exposure of greater than 10 seconds will turn the moving tides into smooth serene waters. Or you can try a medium length exposure, of about 2 to 9 seconds, that will show a bit more movement to the water. You’ll need to adjust your ISO and aperture accordingly, once you’ve decided on your shutter speed – likely a low ISO around 100, and a smaller aperture of around f/10 or f/11. A good tripod and a remote shutter are important accessories for getting the shot, too. As is an ND filter.

Look for a Focal Point

While the sheer vastness of ocean beaches is stunning in person, they can make for rather empty and boring photos…until something is introduced into the foreground. Search for interesting focal points like lifeguard towers, large rock clusters, a wooden stump, a sandcastle or even a pair of sunglasses.

Keep Your Eye on the Horizon

If you’re capturing the horizon in your shot, the most important thing is to keep the horizon as square to the framing as possible. While the horizon should be straight across the frame, there’s no need for it to be perfectly centered. Experiment with the placement of the horizon, either above or below the centre of the frame.

Use Fill Flash to Avoid Shadows

One of the biggest issues when shooting at the beach midday is the dark shadows that often fall on your subjects’ faces. One way to avoid that is to use your flash. The flash will fill those shadowy places on the face, like around the eyes and nose. This can also be used when shooting into the sun to avoid your subject from turning into a silhouette (unless that’s what you were hoping to achieve). The flash can sometimes be a bit too bright, however – if that’s the case, you may need to step a bit further away from your subject, and zoom in if you can.


Capturing a beautiful shot at the beach is just the first step – the next is deciding how best to showcase it! Our London Drugs Photolab is here to help, with a large variety of print options. For a vibrant sunrise or sunset shot, consider ordering an aluminum metal panel, which will make those vivid colours really pop. Or, choose a canvas gallery wrap, canvas print or bamboo print to give your sandy beach photos some added texture. Or, if you’d like to frame your masterpiece, choose an enlargement up to 44”x96” in size. Your beach photos would also be a great addition to a personalized calendar.

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