The Ultimate How-To Guide for Surviving a Canadian Summer

Canadian summers are short, causing our great annual migration outdoors. Whether camping, canoeing, or chilling on patios and in parks, Canadians are incredibly active during summer. But there are many hazards to avoid. Luckily, LD takes care of that with solutions to carry you comfortably into September.

Canadian Summer

Seton Lake in Lillooet, B.C., Canada.

1. Avoid a #SunscreenFail

When exposing long-covered skin, most Canadians remember sunscreen. But are you wearing it right? The experts insist on broad-spectrum, SPF30 if spending all day in the sun. But also be sure to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving shelter—allowing it time to take effect. And don’t forget to reapply periodically, especially after swimming.


[More at Canadian Cancer Society]

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2. Exercise Smarter, Not Harder

During summer heat waves, many Canadians are tempted to get right out there and start sweating like crazy.

If that’s you, remember these tips. Hydration is key, so mind your electrolytes. Breathable, light-coloured clothing is best. And it’s especially wise to run, jog, bike, and hike on shaded trails whenever possible.

Most of all, listen to your body. If you’re feeling woozy or at all faint, just stop. Really. Stop.

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3. Remember to Eat Well

The point of eating healthy all spring is to look good for the beach during summertime. But then it’s time to ditch the diet, right? Wrong. Eating more treats, like ice cream and sugary drinks, as well as having later meals at night, may be inevitable. But don’t forget to fit in all your servings of fruit and veg.

You can throw everything from peppers to squash right on the grill. Best of all, fresh produce is most affordable during summer.

[More at The Health Site]

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4. Keep Toddlers & Pets Safe

This is clearly a year-round priority, but summer poses unique challenges. Give young kids hats with 360° brims for full shade coverage. (Then try your best to keep the hats on their heads.) Also, give them a feel now and again. If children are overheating, they may not say so. Or even know it.

And your pets? For pooch’s sake, crack your car windows, and those at home too, whenever you’re gone. Making sure your fur babies have access to lots of water is also a good idea.

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5. Beat Back the Bugs

Don’t let mosquitoes, wasps, and black flies ruin your summer fun. If you’reCanadian Summer camping, apply plenty of bug repellent, ideally one containing DEET. There are other effective options, too. Whichever you choose, remember to cover up at night or stay close to the fire.

Also available: Amazing new bug “zappers”  that don’t even require electricity.

As for wasps, there’s always the trusty pop bottle trick. Just be careful to avoid harming honey bees. They’re helpful and rarely sting.

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