Holiday Gift Ideas for Neighbours, Teachers, Co-Workers & More

During the holidays, surprising your loved ones with the ‘big ticket’ items they’ve been dreaming about all year is easy – what’s hard is finding a way to really wow with the smaller gifts meant for neighbours, teachers, co-workers or anyone else on your holiday shopping list. This year, consider foregoing the usual box of chocolates in favour of something that will really make them feel special: something personalized.

Our LDExperts recommend personalizing a photo mug, water bottle or carafe with a photo (and even a personal message if you like) to create a truly unique gift for all of the special people in your life. It’s sure to not only spread some holiday cheer, but will show them you’re thinking of them.

To help get you started, here are some ideas for customizing your own photo gifts:

For Your Neighbours

Do you have a snapshot of your neighbour and their family from a block party this summer? Or do you have a photo of your kids and theirs playing together? Maybe you can easily snap a photo of their pride and joy sportscar in the driveway. Whatever it is, find an image that will showcase some of the favourite things or people in their life, and use it to customize a mug, water bottle or carafe for them. It’s a small way to thank them for being such a wonderful neighbour this past year!

For Your Teachers

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to thank your child’s teachers for all their hard work, a personalized gift will go a long way. Teachers generally get a lot of mugs as gifts, so why not switch it up and personalize a water bottle for them instead? Employ your child to draw up some artwork – maybe a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Thank you Ms. ______’ theme – and we can help you scan that artwork and put it on a water bottle! Or if you have a scanner at home, you can then simply upload that digitized artwork to our Photolab site to customize your bottle.

For Your Co-Workers

Co-workers aren’t always easy to get gifts for, especially when you’re trying to keep it to something small. Here’s a creative gift idea you’ll know they’ll appreciate: personalize a mug or carafe for them, so that no one in the office will ever accidentally use their mug again! Add some custom text to it like ‘This is Gary’s Mug’, or simply add a photo of their face to the mug, so there will be zero confusion who’s mug or carafe it is. Now they won’t have to fear leaving their mug in the office cupboard! That might just make you their new favourite co-worker.

For Your Friends

This is an easy one – just pick a favourite snapshot of you and your BFF. We’re sure you won’t have any difficulties finding lots to choose from. Or take a quick peek at their Instagram, for a particularly special moment from their year, and surprise them with that on a water bottle or mug.


Our LDExperts also suggest making your gifts even sweeter by including some treats inside! Add a packet of hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, and a small baggy of marshmallows – all wrapped up in some cellophane.

To get started on your own personalized gifts, just visit our London Drugs Photolab online, in-store or simply download our London Drugs Photolab App for iOS and Android.

And don’t worry – if someone surprises you with a gift you weren’t expecting…you can order our 11oz and 14oz mugs same-day!

3 Summer Essentials to Celebrate Canada Day Long Weekend

As a Canadian company, we can’t help but burst with national pride when Canada Day comes around. We have the honour of calling this amazing and beautiful country home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s more, the Canada Day long weekend also usually feels like the true kick off of summer. And aren’t Canadian summers just the best?

If you’re planning to spend the Canada Day long weekend pool-side, lake-side or beach-side (really, any excuse to enjoy the sun), then you’ll first want to make a stop by our London Drugs Photolab to order your custom-made summer essentials. We’ve just launched brand new beach blankets, beach bags and water bottles: all of which you can add your own personal touch to with your summer photos.

As a special Canada Day offer, you’ll save $19.98 when you purchase all 3 personalized summer essentials together – just $179.99 for the whole package!

Photo Beach Blankets

As you hit the beach (or outdoor pool) for possibly the first time this season, you’ll be all the more excited to roll out your brand new personalized 60″ x 70″ beach blanket. Use some of your favourite summer photos from over the years to decorate it with the help of our Photolab; choose from either a horizontal photo beach blanket, or a vertical photo beach blanket. Even better: toss it over your poolside chair, and everyone will know exactly which spot is yours!

Photo Elegant Water Bottles

If you plan on soaking in the sun over the long weekend, you’ll not only want to be lathering on the sunscreen, but also making sure you and your family stay hydrated. Our new photo elegant water bottle can be personalized with a summer snapshot, and are a perfect addition to your beach bag. Personalize one for each member of your family, and you’ll never fight over whose bottle is whose again.

Photo Beach Bags

Your long weekend summer fun wouldn’t be complete without a beach bag to carry all your essentials, from towels to sunscreen. We’re very excited to now offer quality beach bags which can be customized with a photo of your choice. This also makes a great gift for friends and family who have summer birthdays.

To complete your long weekend packing list, don’t forget your floatie! We have giant swan floats, donut floats, fun pretzel floats, and even the coveted giant unicorn floats that will be the star of all your Instagram pics. And don’t forget – you can order prints of all your Canada Day fun straight from your smartphone with our FREE London Drugs Photolab App for iOS and Android.

Of course, in true Canadian fashion, our incredibly polite (and knowledgeable) Photolab Experts are available in-store to help you with crafting your custom summer beach blankets, water bottles, and beach bags. Just visit us at your local London Drugs!