Beyond Avocado Toast: 6 Healthy Toast Combos That Will Please Your Palate

Beyond avocado toast: healthy toast recipes

Is there a more perfect food than freshly buttered toast? That warm, buttery goodness that melts in your mouth can’t be matched. Or can it? Last year avocado proved it was also a perfect toast topper, making avocado toast one of the biggest food trends of the year. Now, a bevy of other toppings are vying for top spot. Freshen up your toast routine with these palate-pleasing combinations that are both healthy and delicious.

Strawberries and Sunbutter Toast

Beyond avocado toast: strawberries and sunbutter

Photo from Women’s Health

A modern take on the classic PB & J, this toast, topped with strawberries, sunbutter, and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, is the perfect combo for today’s peanut-sensitive environments. It’s quick to whip up on busy mornings, and makes for a refreshing, healthy, and protein-packed mid-day snack too.
Get the recipe.

Cottage Cheese and Honey

Beyond avocado toast: Cottage cheese and honey toast

Photo from Eat This Much

Simple. Classic. If you haven’t tried this timeless comfort combo, now’s the time. With just the right balance of savoury and sweet, it will leave your tastebuds singing for more. Get the recipe.

Fig and Ricotta Toast

Beyond avocado toast: Fig and ricotta toast

Photo from Eating Well

In the mood for something a little more exotic on your toast? Try this Mediterranean-inspired combo with fresh figs and ricotta. Hungry yet? Get the recipe.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Toast

Beyond avocado toast: Tomato and goat cheese toast

Photo from Cookie and Kate

Looking for ways to sneak more veggies into your diet? Look no further than this healthy tomato and goat cheese toast. With a brush of garlic and olive oil, and a quick oven bake (even quicker in a toaster oven), this toast is definitely worthy of serving at brunch or as a hearty side-dish at dinner.  Get the recipe.

Poached Eggs and Rainbow Chard Toast

Beyond avocado toast: Poached egg and rainbow chard toast

Photo from Brooklyn Supper

Perfect for weekend brunch, or a quick and easy weeknight dinner, this egg-and-chard toast is a light meal that’s dense in nutrients. Get the recipe.

Avocado Pomegranate Toast

Beyond avocado toast: Avocado and pomegranate

Photo from Live, Eat, Learn

Okay, okay, if you’re still enamoured with avocado toast that’s cool. But why not up your avo-toast game with a layer of mozzarella and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. The antioxidant boost alone makes it worth the effort, and the seasonal colour combo makes it a solid choice for a holiday brunch. Get the recipe.

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5 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes That Will Set You Daydreaming


They say everything old is new again—and so perhaps it’s unsurprising that just like macramé, fringe and jumpsuits, slow cookers have made a huge comeback.  But this is not your grandmother’s Crock-Pot; today’s slow cookers are smart, being WiFi enabled and remote controllable from your phone or tablet.

And it’s not just the tech that’s superior: so are the meals.  Long gone are the recipes for mushy meats, bland beans and overdone veggies from yesteryear.  Instead, celebrity chefs and foodies alike have developed ways to sex up slow-cooked suppers.

Here are five easy recipes guaranteed to keep your pot hot, and your belly happy.

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* * *

Really Easy Ramen: Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup

Long an Asian staple, ramen recently conquered the dining tables of the Western world. Become your neighbourhood’s Ivan Orkin (the Tokyo Ramen genius!) to make a delicious home cooked bowl on the double.

In fact, this is one of the most shared Ramen noodle recipes on Pinterest for a reason…it’s AMAZING. And you’ll have plenty left over for later.

Pro tip: If you can swing it…don’t skip the curry roasted acorn squash! That savoury sweet topper puts this soup over the edge.

* * *

Low To No Prep: Black Bean Enchiladas

To be fair, not all slow cooker recipes are created equal: some require just too much advance prep for folks in a rush. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find recipes like this one, involving low-to-no prep.

And unless its super warm in your kitchen, you won’t even break a sweat from chopping the onions and peppers for these bean enchiladas… and then you just toss the veggies and roll ‘em up in some tortillas. Heck, they don’t even have to be rolled that well because the entire mess is covered in mmmmm-elted cheese (make sure to get the pre-grated kind.)

A de-lish dish, to be sure.

* * *

Versatile Veggies: Quinoa-Stuffed Red Peppers

Vegetarians were once entirely overlooked in Crock-Pot cookbooks—and for good reason, since tackling vegetables in the slow cooker is a delicate task: too much time means a soggy soup, and not enough can be tough on teeth. Thankfully, sophisticated slow cooker veggie recipes are much easier to find nowadays.

For instance, these stuffed peppers make the perfect Sunday supper. And the stuffing can be done with pretty much any type of grain, bean or cheese you have on hand. Perfect every time.

* * *

Starch-Free Suppers: Braised Beef Ragu with Polenta

Historically, slow cooked meals too often involved heavy starches, like pastas and potatoes. Now, newer recipes bring in hearty alternatives like oats and grains that are easier on the starch—and the waistline. In fact, this recipe for velvety beef goodness dished over polenta melts in your mouth, and the ragu tastes even better on toast for leftovers the next day.

Trust me, this is one you’ll want to try.

* * *

Decadent Desserts: Triple Chocolate Brownies


Naxon Beaneries (the original name of the slow-cooker) are for more than just cooking dinner. Delicious desserts like cheesecakes, cobblers and crumbles are family favourites you can easily whip up in a slow cooker.  These brownies by Martha Stewart for one, are an essential in the Crock-Pot canon—because really, why stop at a single chocolate brownie when you could triple that?? ‘Nuff said.

With twice as many households using slow cookers than just a generation ago it’s no wonder that today’s time-strapped families rely on them for everyday survival.  If you don’t have one yet, consider the investment… a good slow cooker is worth its weight in gold…er, at least truffles?

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Buono appetito!