8 Products You Need to See from the #LDBeauty Event

@krystintysire and @samanthasito stopped to snap a photo before browsing beauty brands at the #LDBeauty Event in Whistler

Just like that, another LDBeauty Event in Whistler has come and gone! It was a whirlwind of excitement with beauty and lifestyle bloggers, glamourous photo set-ups, and Instagram Boomerangs, all to capture the plethora of things new that will be popping up at a London Drugs Beauty Department near you! We want to give you an in-depth, insider look at what was featured and what caught the eye of our influencer attendees. Keep reading below for 8 exciting must-see new products from the #LDBeauty Event!

Lise Watier

One beauty brand that had everyone mesmerized was Lise Watier, with its Limited Edition Winter 2019 Star Dust Collection. The dazzling packaging features a gold and navy case, with gold and silver stars suspended in liquid. It was a starry and sparkly dream!

The Collection includes:

You’ll be surprised to know that the Golden Glow Mask is made up of 95% naturally derived ingredients! This gorgeous mask not only looks beautiful when applied, but deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin while revitalizing your complexion. Simply leave on for 10 – 15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and voila! You’ve got a radiant base for your glam makeup look. And good news: you can find this stunning collection at select London Drugs locations!


Another collection that was showcased at the #LDBeauty Event was Shiseido’s WASO Collection. This skincare line really stood out to our influencers as it’s inspired by the holistic and natural Japanese food tradition of Washoku and uses key ingredients such as carrot, loquat, honey, tofu yuzu and white jelly mushroom. These highlighted ingredients work in each product to balance, hydrate and perfect the skin. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it comes in super-cute, instagrammable packaging! Find this adorable collection at select London Drugs locations.

Products in the WASO Collection include:

Ardell Professional

Noa Nichol from @vitadaily.ca had the Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lashes put on her!

A great pair of false lashes can elevate any look to 100% glamorous. What’s not so great is that sometimes it can take a bit of finesse to apply them and the glue can get goopy. Enter Ardell Magnetic Lash and Liner! This innovative product caught the attention of our influencers as it makes it super quick and easy to apply false lashes. The liner itself is actually magnetic and holds the lash in place. It’s waterproof, long-lasting and is a great option for beginners to false lashes (or for those who usually apply gel liner anyway!). Another great feature is that you can make your look subtle or more intense, depending on how thick you make the liner. Find this product at any of our London Drugs Beauty departments now!


Another item that got our influencers excited was the Conair Unbound Portable Hair Curler. It’s a cordless hair curler which helps you achieve beautiful, bouncy curls on-the-go! All you have to do is make sure you charge it before you go. While pressing the start button, the heated chamber draws in a strand of hair and holds it inside until you hear a beeping sound, then with a release of the button, out pops a perfectly formed curl. It heats up to 400 degrees F in 60 seconds or less, so it works great even on coarse hair. Another awesome feature is that it can be recharged by simply plugging into any device with a USB port – talk about an innovative product! This product launches at London Drugs some time in November of this year, so keep your eyes peeled!


The Avène Hydrance Aqua Gel moisturizer being tested at the #LDBeauty Event

Everyone was raving about the Avène Hydrance Aqua Gel. This moisturizer is inspired by Asian skincare, with it being formulated in Japan but made in France. It is intensely hydrating and feels like a burst of water on the skin. The best part? It can be used as a daily moisturizer, along the eye contour, and even as an overnight mask. Our influencers were amazed at the refreshing texture; it looked as if water was coming out of the skin upon application! A definite must-have, especially for the colder months. You can find this amazing product any London Drugs locations.

Elizabeth Arden

Of course, it’s hard not to be a fan of Elizabeth Arden’s iconic advanced ceramide capsules with daily renewing serum. Each serum-filled capsule helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, which improves the look of skin. The new arrival to Elizabeth Arden that got everyone excited was the Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules with Radiance Renewal Serum. The vitamin C in these capsules is 178x more potent than traditional vitamin C, due to the capsulated form of the product. Skin is visibly brighter after just one use! And it’s not just vitamin C in each capsule – ceramides are also in the mix! These small capsules are also biodegradable and very travel-friendly. Both of these products are available at select London Drugs.


@lovinglittlesblog shared her unboxing of the new Lancôme Idole fragrance.

There was one fragrance that stood out from the rest at the #LDBeauty Event. Lancôme’s Idole has caused a lot of buzz recently, and our influencers got an exclusive look as to why. Not only is it a delicious blend of bergamot, rose, jasmine and white musk, this gorgeously fresh and floral scent is housed in a uniquely shaped package. Say hello to the world’s thinnest perfume bottle! It’s designed to lay flat like a cell phone, while the golden sphere at its centre embodies female determination. A feature that surprised and delighted many of the influencers was that the bottle itself is also refillable, making it a more sustainable fragrance choice. This beauty can be found at select London Drugs locations.

Hot Tools Pro

@trendmebeauty showing off her gorgeous hair after using the Hot Tools One-Step Blowout Volumizing Brush

All of our influencers went home with one of the Hot Tools Signature Series One Step Blow Out Volumizing Brushes and since they’ve tried it, they cannot stop raving about it! This oval-shaped brush uses ion technology to combat frizz while drying and styling your hair. The dual-length bristles grip each hair strand gently, which reduces breakage while providing ample volume and shine.

@trendmebeauty stated “…it’s been trending…because it works! I honestly don’t need my blow dryer anymore.”

@alifewellconsumed said that the brush “is so helpful in the mornings! Usually I’m lazy but [it] can make my hair look like I had a blow out at home.”

@deneandale said that “this has quickly become my favourite tool to use!”

@avatozoe said “10 minutes for a blowout…I’m never going back to a blow dryer and brush!”


With this impressive lineup of new and innovative beauty products, it’s hard to not get excited about checking them all out. Whether you’re gifting for a friend or family member or adding to your own personal beauty collection, you’ll know that each of these products is a favourite amongst beauty and lifestyle influencers and is #LDBeauty approved! Search the #LDBeauty hashtag and follow @LDBeauty on Instagram to see more exclusive content from the event.