Sunbeam Heating Pad contest – Enter for a chance to WIN!

Sometimes muscle and joint pain just can’t be avoided. A heating pad can be used wherever hot applications are desirable for personal comfort, and whenever recommended by your physician or physical therapist for the relief of pain. Heating pads are great for easing chronic arthritis pain and when treating muscle and joint injuries. Medical professionals have long known the effectiveness of heat therapy to relieve pain and enhance the recovery process.

Heat helps to
• Facilitate stretching
• Helps relax tight and sore muscles
• Eases joint pain
• Helps to relieve pain from injuries, strained muscles and arthritis
• Increases blood flow to an area to promote healing

Together with Sunbeam, we’re excited to be giving away four King size Heating Pads! See below for full Terms & Conditions and how to enter.

Sunbeam Heating Pad Contest Terms & Conditions

To enter: Comment with your favourite way to use a heating pad on the Sunbeam Heating Pad Contest giveaway Facebook post.

Contest is open to all residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who, as of the date the prize draw is made: (i) have not won a London Drugs contest since March 1st 2017; (ii) have reached the age of majority in the province in which they reside as of March 1st 2018; (iii) are not employees of London Drugs, their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization (if any), or any family member living with any such employee.

No purchase necessary. Limit one (1) entry per person. Entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time on March 16th 2018. London Drugs is not responsible for entries that become lost or misdirected. All entries become the property of London Drugs Limited and will not be returned.
Four (4) winners will be randomly chosen on the day the contest ends (see dates below) in Vancouver, British Columbia, from all eligible entries received per contest. To win, selected entrants must correctly answer a skill-testing mathematical question and must sign London Drugs’ declaration and release confirming compliance with the contest rules and acceptance of the prize(s) as awarded, releasing London Drugs from liability in association with the contest and prize and consenting to the use of their name, photograph, voice and statements for promotional and publicity purposes.
There will be four (4) prizes of one Sunbeam King size Heating Pad (Retail value of $34.99). See details and contest date below. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, are non-transferable and no substitutions are permitted. Prizes will be awarded at the closest London Drugs location to contest winners.

Contest date – Thursday March 1st 2018 – Friday March 16th, 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Draw date – Monday March 19th 2018

Only one prize may be won by any one person and household. In the event that any selected entrant incorrectly answers the skill-testing question or is otherwise unwilling or unable to comply in full with these rules, a new entry will be drawn.
Selected winners will be contacted through Facebook messenger. No correspondence will be entered into except with selected entrants. If the winners do not respond then they will be notified for the second time, 3 (three) days after the first notification. If the winners still do not respond within 3 days of the second notification, a new winner will be chosen in the same manner until a winner is successfully contacted.
The chances of winning a prize will depend on the number of eligible entries received. Decisions of the judges in respect of all aspects of this contest including, but not limited to, eligibility of entries and correctness of answers given to the skill-testing question, are final.
London Drugs and their respective advertising and promotional agencies, the independent judging organization, and their respective agents are not liable to an entrant in any manner relating to the contest or the awarding and use of the prize(s).
This contest is subject to all federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations. By entering the entrant consents to the collection of all personal information included on their entry and agrees to the use and disclosure of such information by and between London Drugs, an independent judging organization, and their agents. The winner(s) also agrees to the collection, use, and disclosure of their name, entry, photographs, voice, and statements for London Drugs’ publicity purposes without further compensation. All personal information collected from entrants will be used only for the purposes of administering the contest and for marketing and promotional purposes as contemplated by these rules; under no circumstances will any personal information be sold or rented to third parties. All personal information collected by London Drugs will be kept in accordance with the privacy policy of London Drugs, which can be viewed at, and in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.
The right is reserved by London Drugs to terminate this contest, in whole or in part, and/or modify, amend or suspend the contest, and/or these rules in any way, should any cause beyond the reasonable control of London Drugs or its agents affect the proper administration thereof.

76 thoughts on “Sunbeam Heating Pad contest – Enter for a chance to WIN!

  1. Bob says:

    I've never used one but imagine it would be amazing for my back problems!

  2. Helena Swanson says:

    I use a heating pad regularly to relieve arthritic pain and warm my body.
    Would love to have a king size one!

    1. Helena Swanson says:

      Would love to win a king-sized Sunbeam heating pad.
      Necessary for arthritic pain!

      1. Helena Swanson says:

        What am I doing wrong?
        Try #3:
        I deal with arthritis that moves from joint to joint. A heating pad is important to relieve the pain. Would love to win a Sunbeam king-sized heating pad.

  3. Brenda Dennis says:

    Would use it to eas the pain in my shoulder

  4. George foster says:

    I would use the sunbeam heating pad for my aching back

  5. Carmen says:

    Great for back pain!

  6. Rhonda Lee Simnovec says:

    I like using a heating pad on my back after a long day

  7. Laurell Morden says:

    I use my Sunbeam heating pad on my neck to ease the tight muscles.

  8. Lisa Coady says:

    I love using a heating pad for my bulging disc in my upper back to help me sleep. Sometimes its the only thing that helps with my pain.

  9. Evelyn Dunham says:

    when I win this I will us it for all my ache and pain every day.

  10. Helene Mathieu says:

    I have a really sore knee and would like it to apply some heat too my knee. Some days my knee bothers me more than others, I can't knee anymore it is too painful. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  11. Wayne Saito says:

    sore muscles are relieved by heating pads so I use it while relaxing watching tv

  12. Carol vicente says:

    My son who has had back surgeries would love to have this to lay on at night.

  13. Irene ludvigsen says:

    Would love a new heating pad.

  14. Krysten english says:

    To relieve my sore neck!

  15. Judy zhu says:

    The heat pad should be good for me after my sports! Wish me luck!

  16. John Yee says:

    My fiance has sore muscles and my back hurts sometimes after work but we currently only have one smaller heating pad so it would be nice to have a full sized one for the bed that we could use at the same time.

  17. charline ketchum says:

    across shoulders and upper back

  18. Carol-Anne Hansen says:

    I live to put it in bed, turn on 20 minuets before hopping into bed and presto so nice and warm

  19. Amanda lam says:

    Best way to use it, I like to put it on and relax in bed before sleep and keep it on for 15 minutes before sleep.

  20. janet baird says:

    best winter bed snuggling companion!

  21. Carol Chabot says:

    This would be so nice on my whole back when the aches and pains flair up.

  22. Gary Barclay says:

    Sore muscles

  23. Linda Goy says:

    Applying to my lower back as I await knee replacement surgery. Bad knee causing misalignment.

  24. Marc Burge says:

    Backpain is the worst, makes it tough to move.

  25. Margaret LaRose says:

    This heating pad will help me tremendously with my arthritis in the back of my neck, both of knees and hips.

  26. George Millward says:

    ….my wife is coming out of the hospital next week so this would be extremely helpful for back pain. I would use it as well, for my arthritis. Thanks for the opportunity to win an Electric Blanket.

  27. Mikefeeney says:

    It's a great heating pad good on your back.

  28. Mike feeney says:

    It's a great hearing pad good for the back.

  29. Rose-Marie Cornand says:

    sit and relax at the end of the day to relax the sore tired muscles and stiff neck

  30. Elaine says:

    Love to win

  31. Mairi Brens says:

    Pick me

  32. Suzanne Meyer says:

    I often have sore and stiff shoulders. I use the heating pad on my shoulders while I sit down to relax them.

  33. Jennifer Simons says:

    I have scoliosis so i am always having back pain. Sometimes the only way i fall asleep is with my heat pad on

  34. Mia Yung says:

    It would be perfect for my lower back aches & pain from my chronic sciatica.

  35. Patti Abrahamson says:

    On my back

  36. Rita Duff says:

    relax muscles while on the couch and have the warm cozy feeling from the heating pad

  37. Romona Duke says:

    I have severe Osteo throughout my body, and the heating pad is better and easier to use than other heat items. It is so much easier to use my hands when i use a heating pad, because the heat is even.

  38. Wendy Thys says:

    I like to use my heating pad at the end of my bed to warm up my toes on a chilly night.

  39. Angie LeBlanc says:

    I would love to win a new heating pad, I used mine every night to help relax my lower back and again in the morning. It just died on Monday night with the dreaded F so missing it very much!

  40. Wendy Merrick says:

    Sounds like a little bit of heaven. Have sciatica and arthritis in my back would be lovely.

  41. Liz Revel says:

    My favourite way to use a heating pad is when I have had a major leg cramp. Then I put the pad over that leg and it feels better so much faster.

  42. LYLA DUMONT says:

    I love a heating pad to keep my feet warm when I climb
    into bed on those cold winter nights.

  43. Tricia Hohn-Roberts says:

    After getting all the work done, I put a movie on, snuggle with my munchkin on the couch with the heated blanket on my back! It helps make my back feel better while I'm getting quality family time in!

  44. Janet H says:

    In bed. Hubby gets a really sore back & will put this on for 30 minutes. It really helps.

  45. Wendy Vlaj says:

    At night for an hour or so before bed on my lower back.

  46. Debbie Nigh says:

    What a Fantastic give away that will keep on giving.i use mine everyday , i have to keep moving it as it is so small.. Thank you again

  47. Debbie Nigh says:

    Fantastic give away that will keep on giving

  48. Rick Smith says:

    I use one to keep my feet warm in the evening winter months

  49. Danuta Jablonska says:

    Very help with Jon pain.

  50. Joan says:

    lay my tired body down on it

  51. Anna Varga says:

    If you can’t have a hot tub a heating pad is the next PERFECT alternative! Sure could use one

  52. Nancy Schule says:

    I use the heating pad for comfort. When I’m chilled and can not seem to get warm I literally cuddle up with the heating pad. It takes the chill out and is very soothing on cold nights. I also use the heating pad for stomach issues. When I get sharp pains I lie the heating pad across my stock and the pain eases. Even though the heating pad is excellent for pains it is amazing for comfort as well.

  53. Isabella Tidsbury says:

    Love using my heating pad when I've come in from shovelling snow or playing pickleball.

  54. Cathy dasilva says:

    My favorite way to use a heating pad is to use it on my back – I, at times, seem to throw my back out and the heat really helps the pain. Also, in the winter, I love to place a heating pad under the covers so when I slip into bed , it is warm and cozy

  55. Leigh Wood says:

    I love the warmth of a heating pad on a cold Manitoba winter night 🙂

  56. Judy Peace says:

    I would use it to warm up my feet in bed!

  57. Ruby Poirier says:

    Love my heating pad for my sore back

  58. Dorothy Lawrence says:

    Heating pads are great for my arthritis.

  59. Heidi Cassell says:

    Used a heating pad for years on lower back, now have knee issues and don't have a heating pad at this time to help with the discomfort that goes with knee problems.

  60. Jamie Packer says:

    On my legs and back for sciatica

  61. Allie Futterer says:

    I use on my shoulders and lumbar support at night to ease muscles and facilitate sleep!

  62. Jro says:

    My favorite way to use a heat pad is on my upper back/neck area

  63. Liz says:

    I use mine at work on my lap to keep me warm in a very cold office

  64. Lori Mahoney says:

    On the back of my neck, warm the area and relieve any tension from the day.

  65. Faye Hunter says:

    For my sore back, hope it helps

  66. Faye Hunter says:

    Would love this to help my sore back

  67. Andrea Podkowka says:

    This would help my lower back pain

  68. Allison Matz says:

    To warm up after spending time out in the cold.


    I use electric heat on my sore shoulder.It helps a lot.

  70. Sheila Wipperman says:

    Sounds like the perfect solution to ease the pain associated with chronic back problems.

  71. karen banister says:

    I use my heating pad under my shoulder. It helps take the achy pain away.

  72. Elaine Beierbach says:

    I love using heat on aches and pains – liniments, heating pads, buckwheat bags and baths with epsom salts. No cold for me thank you.

  73. Barbara Leckie says:

    We use a heating pad in our home for many reasons including aches and pains, post-surgical healing; and most importantly we use a heating pad under our pet bunnies' cage floor whenever they feel a little chilled during the winter months. They love it!!

  74. luba kruz says:

    l have pains all over my body,l use the heating pad on the back,then on my legs and then on the chest the warm is smoothing.thats what chemo does to you.

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