Proud to match Passport Canada imaging technology


Bon Voyage! It’s winter travel season and time to check passports. Passport Canada has a new ePassport or Biometric Passport system and London Drugs is the only retailer in Canada with the same biometric imaging technology.

One of the new aspects of the passport technology is the measurement of unique physical characteristics, such as facial features, for the purpose of verifying identity with a high level of certainty.

For passports and Visas for foreign countries, London Drugs’ staff can select any country and the system’s ID station will automatically convert the ID photo to the right technology.

This new measurement automatically analyzes each photo according to purpose and country, to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

London Drugs is adopting this new technology because it allows us to better access global image specifications, and provides our customers with the high-quality photo services we’re known for. When it comes to passports, it’s imperative to get it right!

The biometric passport photo service is available at all London Drugs’
photolab counters. Passport photos at London Drugs are $11.99 and come with a photo guarantee.

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