New hours of operation for the vulnerable at all London Drugs stores and dedicated support team and resource for Seniors

March 19, 2020 – We know that governments are asking for pharmacies and grocery stores to remain open to the public at this time, due to our critical role in keeping people fed and well and healthy in this crisis. London Drugs and its staff are rallying to support the governments and our communities’ needs, doing our very best under trying circumstances.

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, all London Drugs stores in Western Canada will be open only to seniors and people with disabilities from 8 am to 9 am Monday to Friday. We will also be closing during the week at 9 pm. For now, it will be regular store hours on the weekends.*

*As store operating hours can change, please check your local store hours of operation


Further to dedicated shopping times for our seniors, London Drugs has set up a dedicated resource to help seniors on a one-on-one basis. Caregivers and family members can email if they know of a family member who might be isolated and in desperate need of any essential items or medications. Full information can be found at

“We are all finding ways to adjust to our new realities and what is critical is that we all do our part to help each other stay as healthy and safe as possible,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs president and chief operating officer. “In our London Drugs stores we have implemented even more rigorous standards on everything from sanitation and limiting quantities of essential products. Now, we have dedicated a team of staff to support seniors. This is obviously new for us, and there will be learnings as we do our best to help the most vulnerable. Operationally, things are changing rapidly on how we help our customers; having a direct way to help seniors is one more way we can act on the betterment of our communities.”

London Drugs’ customer care service centre is operating at full capacity and so this email option is a new way specifically for seniors to get assistance.

With respect to operating our stores, London Drugs is watching and adhering to the daily updates from all levels of government and our local health authorities. We have a response team comprised of all departments who meet daily to review all of the next steps required to keep staff and our customers, healthy and safe. This includes practicing social distancing and the ways we work and interact in our stores will keep evolving.

“As a health care provider, London Drugs is grateful to all of our staff in all of our stores and at our corporate head office working hard to continue to provide products and services to our patients and customers during these challenging times,” added Mahlman. “Our pharmacy teams and all of our customer service and expert staff are taking the necessary precautions while working to help people go about their daily lives in new ways, while they also adjust to all of the new demands themselves. We applaud our staff for this.”


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