My Family Cruise Nightmare: Why Travel Insurance is Always a Good Idea

When I prepare for a big trip I always include a few travel essentials on my list. I make sure to pack plenty of clothing options, comfortable shoes, toiletries, a good book and an extra phone charger just in case. But a few years ago, my family learned that the most important travel accessory is one that you can’t even see: travel insurance. While some people may be wary of purchasing this optional coverage, on our last family vacation we very quickly learned about the value of travel insurance.

An Alaskan Dream Cruise

Don’t take a chance on your next vacation

My family went on a travel cruise to Alaska back in September 2011 with the greatest of vacations in mind. We were looking forward to seeing some beautiful natural areas and relaxing on the cruise ship during our downtime. Typically, my Dad does all of the planning because he is an experienced traveler and likes to choose activities at each destination.

At the time of booking the cruise trip, my Dad was 84 years-old and looking forward to spending time traveling with his kids and grandchildren too. The travel insurance premium for our one-week cruise ended up being over $300 but my Dad knew it would be a good investment, just in case something went wrong. Later on, he would find out first-hand just how valuable that small investment was.


A Slip and Fall at Sea

As everyone got ready for dinner on the second day of the cruise, my Dad slipped and fell in the shower. After first trying to shrug it off, he eventually started complaining of back pain, so we took him to the ship doctor to be checked out. The doctor examined him and eventually gave him a few pain pills and muscle relaxers to help sort him out. After resting that evening, it seemed like he was doing much better. In fact, he felt good enough to join us all for a whale watching excursion! After a day of fun with the family, the last thing on our minds was the cruise trip accident.

The next morning, as I was enjoying some coffee with my husband on deck, we heard a page asking for a medic to be sent to my parents’ stateroom. We made our way back down below deck as quickly as possible but once we got there, my Dad was being taken from the room on a stretcher. As we scrambled to compose ourselves in front of the kids, we were told that he was experiencing facial seizures.

A Long Road to Recovery

Luckily, my Dad was quickly taken off of the ship and transported by ambulance to Whitehorse for a CT scan. There we discovered that he had a subdural hematoma and needed to be transported to VGH to undergo a brain operation. He ended up staying in the hospital for over three months due to the traumatic brain injury and a fractured vertebra in his back. Fortunately for us, all of the ship’s medical expenses and ambulance charges were covered by TUGO. Later, my Dad told us that his one regret was the fact that he didn’t purchase trip interruption coverage, because he wasn’t reimbursed for the cost of the cruise.

Invest in TUGO Travel Insurance On Your Next Trip

Without the protection of travel insurance from the Insurance Services Department of London Drugs, our family would have paid for all medical expenses out-of-pocket. Before you travel with your loved ones, be sure to invest in travel medical for your next trip. Visit today for coverage starting at just $20.

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