LDFotocon 2016 is still on!

Great events to attend until June 11.

Photography Month 2016 may soon be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating photography. London Drugs is going to keep the celebration going until June 11 with #LDFotocon events happening at select stores in Alberta and BC.

In case you’ve missed it so far, #LDFotocon is a series of in-store photography shows featuring representatives from top camera brands as well as London Drugs Photography Experts. In addition to showcasing the newest products and technology, they also offer tips and techniques to benefit photographers of all skill levels. Presentation topics include everything from an introduction to Parrot Drones to getting the most out of baby photography, while the seminars on travel and documentary photography are a perfect way to get your skills primed for a summer of adventure.

Still plenty of great presenters left

It may be down to the final few weekends, but the event schedule still has plenty of interesting topics lined up—not to mention presenters who are all kinds of awesome. I took a look at a number of presenters’ background info on the LDFotocon site and was thoroughly impressed. Here are a couple that stood out for me in particular:


Elizabeth Gadd

“Elizabeth Gadd is a 23 year old photographer based just outside of Vancouver, Canada. Having grown up in this beautiful area, she fell easily in love with exploring the surrounding forests, hills, mountains and ocean—all of which are heavily incorporated in her photography.  First picking up a camera 10 years ago, she immediately was drawn into the world of creating magical photographs involving nature and landscapes, eventually leading to the whimsical combination of landscapes with human portraiture (usually self-portraits) that she’s known for today. This special niche of Elizabeth’s photography has been described by others as fairytale-esque, dreamy, peaceful and full of wanderlust.”

At #LDFotocon, Elizabeth will be speaking about how to combine human portraiture with landscapes, seamlessly and beautifully. One visit to her amazing portfolio site and you won’t want to miss it.


Kate Siobhan Mulligan

“If you love travel and photography then join Kate Siobhan Mulligan as she shares her photography tips and skills as one of Canada’s top Travel and Portrait photographers. Just back from a workshop in Havana, Kate keeps no secrets as she teaches how to make great travel pictures, how to approach strangers on the street, and how she gives back to photography as Operations Manager of the group “The Giving Lens”. Published around the world and working for tourism groups around the world, join Kate and take your own travel photography to a higher level.”

It’s fair to say that travel photography is one of those things everyone would like to be good at. Even if you have no other interest in photography, at the very minimum you’d like to make your travel memories look memorable. Kate is just one of the pros presenting at #LDFotocon who can show you how.

While these two sort of jumped out at me, every presenter on the LDFotocon roster is an expert in their field with plenty of knowledge they’re happy to share. It’s a rare thing to have access to this kind of expertise—for free, nonetheless. Visit the #LDFotocon website to check out the remaining event schedule and read more about some of the outstanding presenters. These in-store shows are always free, but registration is recommended to ensure yourself a spot. You can view or download a complete list of subjects here. Even if you’re unable to make any of the remaining events, remember there are also plenty more in-store photography workshops available at every location as part of the London Drugs workshop series.


Kate Siobhan Mulligan is a freelance travel photographer from East Van and just one of the fascinating presenters featured at #LDFotocon. (Photo: katesiobhanphotography.com)

Kate Siobhan Mulligan is a freelance travel photographer from East Van and just one of the fascinating presenters featured at #LDFotocon. (Photo: katesiobhanphotography.com)

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