Get Your Garden on with a Planting Party

Looking for an excuse to get outdoors, go green and celebrate the weekend? Round up some friends and get your hands dirty with a planting party!

Gardening is all about growing locally and building a better community – it gets even better when you throw in some sparkly summer beverages and good company. Whether you’re working with a balcony, backyard, or community plot – planting parties cultivate great conversation, eco-friendly edibles, and lush gardens through the summer and beyond. Here’s how to get the party started:

Basic supplies:

Invite friends (and fair weather)

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Photo via Suzette

If you’re budget conscious, invite each guest to bring an item from the list above. In return for their blood, sweat and tears, invite your friends back to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labour when it’s time to harvest; you can also send them home with a seedling of their own for easy transplanting in their own gardens.

Get diggin’ with it

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Photo via Diana Ott

If you’re on a balcony, fill garden beds with soil and start planting! Remember to read the instructions on your seed packets – some need more water, sun and space than others. Replanting seedlings or transplants is easy; using your trowel or transplanter, gently scoop them out of their containers and nestle them into a pre-dug hole in the soil. Label your future plants with popsicle sticks so you know what’s what when they sprout.

Learn more about container gardening here.

If you’re planting in your backyard or community garden, make sure the soil is at the right PH level and has the necessary nutrition before you start planting. Unsure? Check out this Guide for Soil Testing or chat with your local garden centre.

Container-friendly fruits, veggies and herbs: tomatoes, basil, zucchini, parsley, mint, dill, strawberries, oregano, sweet peppers, chives, kale, lettuce and more.

“Lettuce” eat and drink!

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Photo via Michael Bentley

While your seeds and seedlings are enjoying fresh soil, remember to nourish your guests as well. Stick with the party theme by serving up fresh, local produce inspired by your future harvest. Think: warm kale salad and bruschetta with local tomatoes and basil.

Stay hydrated with minty mojito punch, strawberry lemon basil popsicles, or lemonade with fruit infused ice cubes – and when in doubt, Pinterest!

Now that your garden is all planted, there’s just watering and weeding left! Then, in a few months, it’s feasting time! We can’t wait.

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