9 Reasons The Whole World Envies Canada

Most Canadians have no trouble coming up with reasons to be proud of our country. But just in case you want to make sure you’ve got them covered, here’s our list:

9. Amazing Lakes

Canada is home to 60% the world’s lake water. We have the world’s largest, Lake Superior, and the most major lakes, with 31,752 larger than 3 square kilometers. We love them, too. That’s why little feels more Canadian than swimming, boating, fishing, and, of course, skating on our favourite lakes.

Canada Best List

Berg Lake, Alberta (Photo by Taryn Hardes)

8. We Live a Long Time

The UN ranks Canada #12 out of 183 countries for life expectancy at 82.2 years. Not too bad. Maybe it’s our famous socialized healthcare system? Or our many great lifestyle choices? Then again, having some pretty amazing drugstores probably doesn’t hurt.

7. Technology Leadership

Resource industries have carried the load for most of our history, but Canada is increasingly a technology leader. Whether it’s space robotics, green energy, or cutting edge software and digital services, Canadians know their stuff. Maybe that helps explain our love of gadgets?

Canada List Best

The International Space Station’s robotic Canadarm2 (Wikimedia)

6. We Read a Lot

Canadians also remember to make time for a good book, with a rank of #20 in the world and an average of 5.8 hours spent reading per week. It’s no surprise, then, that Canada is home to some truly world-class authors like Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Thomas King, and Michael Ondaatje.

5. All right, Hockey

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Canada’s continued dominance in the sport of ice hockey. Combining the men’s and women’s game, Canada has won 13 of the 28 modern Olympic tournaments. That’s almost half! Not bad for a country with only 0.47% of the world’s population.

Canada List Best

Canada: winning hockey trophies since [at least] 1910 (Wikimedia)

4. Room to Breathe

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, behind only Russia, with the third-lowest population density among countries with at least 5 million people, behind only Australia and Libya. Our 38 National Parks cover over 300,000 square kilometers. That’s a lot of True North beauty.

3. We Value the Environment

As the world’s eighth-biggest polluter per capita, just behind the US, we sure aren’t perfect. But Alberta has a significant carbon tax designed to fund exclusively green programs. It is projected to bring in 3 billion dollars in 2018. Meanwhile, Vancouver is en route to becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020. Clearly, when it comes to the environment, Canadians are committed to getting better.

Canada Best List

Sun over English Bay, Vancouver (wikimedia)

2. We’re Polite

It’s often said Canada’s favourite word is “sorry.” And perhaps it’s true. Canada is home to some of the world’s most accommodating, friendly, and helpful people. It has even been suggested that we say sorry too much. But one thing we won’t apologize for is staying humble. Wait—should we be sorry for this incredible list? Nah.

1. We’re Number One

It’s no secret that a Canadian flag patch on your backpack will open doors and loosen smiles around the globe. There’s even data to back it up. In 2015, Country Rank used international surveys to determine that Canada is the #1 most admired country in the world. Even better, we’ve placed first on that list four times in six years. Not that we mean to brag. Sorry.

Poutine? Thrilling blizzards? Maple syrup? Polar bears? What would you add to our list?

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