7 Bizarre Products You Will Love

At London Drugs, we sell everything from cameras to candy, lipsticks to memory sticks. So it’s no shock that some of our many products are a bit, well…bizarre. And that’s okay. We love being surprised by some of our weirdly wonderful items.

Once before, we celebrated our favourite odd appliances. This time we broadened our scope to include all things nifty, neato, and unexpected.


Gidget Widget Cube

The concept of old-fashioned stress balls is taken to a new level with widget cubes. They keep your hands occupied with a six-sided barrage of buttons, balls, wheels, and levers all designed to take your mind off your stress.

Bike Brightz

Bike Brightz help keep you safe and seen at night, and there’s nothing bizarre about that! But we can’t help thinking how awesome they make bikes look. Remember those souped-up cars from our favourite early-2000s action movies? Us too. Vrrroooom.
You’re having a listening party but need to keep it down for the neighbours, baby, grandparents, etc. You’ve been there, right? Well, even if not, you can surely appreciate how handy this nifty five-way earphone splitter would be. So it’s PARTY ON…quietly.

Hardbite Beet Chips

Included for two reasons. First, these beet chips may seem bizarre to those trapped in a “potatoes only” chips mindset. Psst…they’re actually amazing. Second, we’re suckers for a good pun. Mad beets? Oh, that’s rich. (Also try: 18 Carrot Gold and Eat Your Parsnips)

Cover Blubber Food Saver

If you think these reusable food savers were included because they resemble a family of neon, outer-space blowfish, you’re only partly right. Wait till you feel how mind-blowingly stretchy they are, too. They work like a charm and are great for the environment.

iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

This “clock” does everything. It wakes you up with progressive sound and light meant to mimic a natural sunrise, but also plays streaming music, can be used as a speakerphone, and glows in five selectable hues. Plus, it looks like a giant frog’s eye. So that’s pretty neat.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This list would be incomplete without a funky breakfast tool (sorry, we’re all sold out of the classic 3-in-1). But this one’s an award-winner based on consumer surveys, so you know it works great. Why bother making breakfast sandwiches in stages like a schlub. Instead, do it all at once and make two sandwiches at a time!

The best part? You can pick up these and other wacky, wonderful items at London Drugs in store or online. Until next time: keep it weird, Canada.

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