4 Scenic Reasons to Visit Saskatchewan

As popular as our #beautifulcanada photo series is, we can’t help but notice that some of the favourite posts are from our interior provinces. We’re talking to you, Saskatchewan. We may only have four London Drugs stores there but there’s no denying the wonder of Saskatchewan scenery. Here, four reasons you should probably make a trip out to the underrated province. Bonus: The people are as lovely as the scenery. Check out a small-town diner for a real Corner Gas effect.

1. The Northern Lights

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This wonder of the world is visible all over the province, but some of the best views have been from the TransCanada Highway outside of Saskatoon. People travel from around the world to see the Aurora Borealis, so if you’re Canadian and you’ve never been, take advantage. You might have to travel to get there, but the show’s free.

2. Take a drive

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Saskatchewan boasts more kilometres of road than any other province. The straight, flat roads lend themselves to low-sky drives and stunning sunsets. Turn off onto a gravel Range Road and see where you end up.

3. See the patchwork


Flying into a Saskatchewan airport during the summer months will always reward travellers with stunning views of a patchwork quilt. Winter is fun too – just not quite as varied in colours and patterns.

4. Frolick in a field

There’s probably nothing more Instagram-worthy than frolicking through a crop below that big blue prairie sky. Yellow canola and purple alfalfa are especially beautiful, although there’s no beating the classic wheat. Just make sure to get permission from the farmer first – a pitchfork can kill the mood pretty quickly.

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