LD Picks: 5 Grooming Hacks That Will Keep You Looking Great

The web is full of genius grooming hacks. So read these, and get pretty.

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Use a drinking straw to keep necklaces from tangling during travel

packing necklaces in straws When travelling, it can be difficult to pack jewellery. How do you keep it organized? Try threading the chain of your necklace through a drinking straw (or two!) to keep them from tangling. Then, tuck them safely in a pouch or suitcase pocket.

[More at Good Housekeeping]

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Avoid razor burn by letting shaving cream soak in

let shaving cream soak in

Don’t rush it – leaving the shaving cream on a bit longer and your skin will reap the benefits.

[More at Buzzfeed]

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Pack shoes in a shower cap to keep your clothing clean

pack shoes in shower cap

Grab the hotel-provided shower cap to keep your luggage and clothing clean while travelling.

[More at Lifehacker]

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Remove odor from shoes with baking soda

use baking soda to remove shoe odor

Sprinkle baking soda right into your shoes at night, and dump it out in the morning. You can also fill a coffee filter with baking soda, tie it in a knot, and toss it into your shoes whenever you aren’t wearing them. Clever!

[More at Wikihow]

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Remove deodorant from clothing using a dryer sheet

remove deodorant stains

It’s the worst feeling when you finally find the perfect outfit and then smear deodorant all over your black top. Use a dryer sheet to remove the mark! You can also try baby wipes, nylons, a pair of jeans, or a warm cloth. Lots of options so you don’t have to switch outfits!

[More at WhoWhatWear]

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