10 Signs You’re Raising a Canadian Kid

We’re proud to be Canadian, and we’re sure you are too. But here are the signs that your kids are even more patriotic than you expected.

It’s that Muskoka chair sittin’, Molson drinkin,’ Spirit of the West listenin’ time of year when – from east to west and north to south – we join in frenzied flag waving (in part to show our pride, and in part to scare off buzzing mosquitoes), to celebrate the summer and our nation’s birthday.  But for some of us, Canada Day isn’t the only time we give a nod to the nation; we’re proud to be raising the next generation of true Canucks, and our Canuck-love is evident in our parenting efforts and in our children.

In that vein, here are 10 signs you’re raising a Canadian kid:  

1. Your baby’s first word sounds like “Eh.”

canadian kid

2. Your son is named Trebek, Shatner or Bieber.

3. The Canadian flags on your daughter’s school backpack outnumber the zippers.

4. At least once, you’ve served dinner with a side of poutine or maple syrup.

canadian kids

Photo via Mathieu Plourde

5. Your kid has memorized passages from Robert Munsch books — in both official languages.

6. Their Halloween costumes must work with a snowsuit.

7. They think Red (and White) is Best.

canadian kids

8. Their favourite clothing items are toques and bunnyhugs.

9. Your preteen’s favourite sports include hockey, lacrosse and snow shovelling.

 canadian kids

10. Freezies and slurpees are appropriate at any time of year. (Eh?!)

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