Upcoming video games for February

And we thought the holidays were busy! February has 9 new game releases spread throughout the month! There’s a lot to get through so let’s dive right in!

February 2nd

Digimon World: Cyber Sleuth

Log on to cyberspace to capture, train, and evolve Digimon! That’s always been the heart of Digimon but this new entry sees you joining a detective firm and investigating a series of cases into a mysterious death and a digital ghost!  Digimon World: Cyber Sleuth will be available on PlayStation 4.

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February 9th

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition


Did you miss Dying Light on it’s original release?  We have good news for you!  Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition includes the original game, all the downloadable content to date, and the new expansion, The Following!  That’s a boat load of content!  The Following adds a new story, vehicles, and one new map which is the size of all the previous maps combined.  This one will be out on PlayStation 4 XBOX One, and PC.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4

A new installment in a long running franchise, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 brings a few new tricks to the popular fighting series.    You’ll be able to switch characters mid fight, so build up your energy with one character and then unleash the special abilities of another! You can also break weapons and armour with elemental attacks.  This game will cover the last story arcs from the popular Japanese Manga series and unlike in previous games where you jump straight from one fight to another there will be story elements to work through.  This is also (potentially) the last game in the series as we’ll see the storylines brought to a close on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

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February 16th

Project X Zone 2

All your favourite Capcom, Bandai Namco, and Sega characters are together again, this time with a handful of Nintendo characters, in this tactical RPG! Characters are paired up for maximum impact and damage!  Project X Zone 2 will be on Nintendo 3DS!

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Return to Popolocrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale

Two popular 3DS franchises cross over in Return to Popolocrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale! The fairy tale world of Popolocrois and the farming simulation of Story of Seasons! Price Pietro of Popolocrois is stranded in a strange land where nothing will grow and forced to live as a farmer. With no other options you basically have to farm your way out, returning life to the corrupt soil in order to make your way home! Sounds strange, but also like a boat load of fun!

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Street Fighter V

The original fighting franchise returns! Street Fighter V lands with 16 characters to choose from, 4 of whom are brand new to the franchise! Ongoing updates will bring new characters which you can pay for with microtransactions or with “fight money” earned by playing the game! There are at least 6 more characters to come just in 2016 to help fight M. Bison! Street Fighter V will be available on the PlayStation 4!

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February 23rd

Far Cry Primal


You and your tribesmen are hunting the valley when suddenly, ambush!  Left alone without any weapons or supplies you, the hunter Takkar, must survive in hostile stone age territory and using your newfound ability to tame animals rise to be leader of your own tribe!  In case it’s not apparent, Far Cry Primal takes place 12000 years ago in the mesolithic era!  There’s no multiplayer this time around, the developers chose to focus on core gameplay, and the whole thing looks like a lot of fun!  Primal will be available on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, with a PC version to follow.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection

Are you looking forward to Mighty No. 9?  It was delayed again, but there’s excellent news in the meantime!, Mega Man Legacy Collection is coming to your PlayStation 4,  XBOX One, and Nintendo 3DS!  The first six games have been updated for the next generation consoles and are just as challenging and fun as you remember! There’s also a new challenge mode, leaderboards, and a digital museum of concept and game art!

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The war is over and the zombies have won! Suburbia has been renamed Zomburbia and is ruled over by Zomboss. Now the plants have to fight back to retake their home! Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a super fun shooter game just like it’s predecessor, but with some new modes, some new zombies, some new plants, and you can play offline in solo mode or split screen multiplayer in your home. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, and also Windows.

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So there are your February games! Don’t forget we still have copies of the games from January in case you missed any of them, and our LD Experts are always happy to help you find the games you want!

To view all available games online, or pre-order any of the above, click here or visit your local London Drugs.

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