Trick or Treat, Eh! – 10 Proudly Canadian Halloween Goodies

Do you like to wave the maple leaf while you’re decorating the house with spider webs and jack-o-lanterns? We dug into our Halloween treats vault to bring you some of Canada’s favourite candies and snacks, made right here in the Great White North. (Plus a few tips on how to have a Covid-safe Halloween!)



  1. Cadbury Chocolates

While Cadbury is a multinational brand owned by Kraft, their Canadian chocolate treats are made in a factory in Toronto.








  1. Hawkins Cheezies

Natural ingredients and real aged cheddar cheese make a nice change from chocolate. W.T. Hawkins Ltd. was founded in small town Ontario and their products have been made there for over 50 years.







  1. Dare Cookies

For over 125 years, Dare has been a Canadian family-owned business. And a bonus – these paw-shaped cookies contain less than 5g of sugar.







  1. Real Fruit Rollups

These fruit-based treats are also made in Canada by the Canadian family-owned Dare company.








  1. Laura Secord Chocolates

Laura Secord is owned by Jean and Jacques Leclerc, two Canadians who moved manufacturing back to Canada after purchasing the brand in 2010.







  1. Ganong Chocolates

All Ganong products are made in Canada at their state-of-the-art facility in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.








  1. Sunkist Fruit Snacks

Sunkist® Fruit Snacks, are also made in Canada by Ganong at their New Brunswick facility.








  1. Made Good Granola Mini Bars

These tasty treats are Canadian made, by a family-owned Canadian company in Ontario.








  1. Rockets!

Rockets Candy Company was founded in 1963 by Edward “Eddie” Dee. It continues to be family-owned and family-run by three generations of the Dee family.







  1. Hardbite Chips

Made in BC’s only potato chip factory, these awesome snacks are a local favourite. They are so Canadian, their packaging even features photos of iconic Canadian scenes!







  1. Green Beaver Co. Natural Toothpaste

OK, toothpaste isn’t technically a treat. But after all that snacking, you’re going to need it. Green Beaver is a purely Canadian company making their products in Hawkesbury, ON, using organic ingredients that are locally grown whenever available.







Halloween Safety Tips 2020


Besides the usual precautions of making sure clothing is bright and visible, and costumes are fire-proof and have good visibility from the inside, we have a few extra precautions to take this year. Here are a few tips on having a safe and enjoyable Halloween 2020.


  1. Think about small groups outside (not having somebody come into your house) Maybe do something at the end of the driveway or front walk.
  2. Wear a mask if you are greeting any guests, and stay back as much as possible.
  3. Offer pre-packaged treats to kids, so that they’re not rummaging around in a bowl.
  4. Use tongs to hand out treats.
  5. Have kids stay 2 meters away from other trick-or-treating groups, and be patient if they have to wait to approach someone’s home.


And if you end up with a little TOO much candy after Halloween… here’s a wacky recipe for chopped candy cookies!

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