The Best Way to Get Into the Christmas Spirit: Giving Back

London Drugs partnered with Airdrie Angel to make this holiday season a bit brighter for families who have fallen on hard times due to illness, financials difficulties and other trying circumstances.

“This is a really hard time of year for a lot of families and it’s really important that we support however we can,” says Colleen Lancaster, Store Manager at London Drugs in Airdrie.

Staff from her store and a group of volunteers from The Carre Group surprised families with everything from a Christmas tree and decorations to stockings and stuffers and gifts for the entire family.

“What a day like this does for all of us is to make us appreciate what we have and how we can share with others,” says Lancaster.

Airdrie Angel founder, Matt Carre, adds, “It’s about giving a lift to the spirit. This is exactly what Christmas is all about.”

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