Dr. Art Hister – Active Lifestyles

Although the aerobic benefits of exercise are the ones that get all the attention from fitness experts and doctors – and well they should – there are at least three other aspects to doing regular exercise that we should also all be attending to regularly, especially those of us who are aging (and although we all complain about getting older, hey, it beats the pants off the only known alternative).

So, when you’re working out, you should also focus some time and effort on resistance training – (what most people call weight training) because as we age, our muscles, like most of the rest of us, inevitably shrink but we can significantly delay that muscle shrinkage by doing a bit of weight training regularly

Balance exercises – because again like all our senses, our sense of balance also fades with age and starting in our middle years, falling becomes a major risk factor for chronic health problems (and even death from hip fractures)

Flexibility – since as I’m sure most of you have noticed, your toes seem so much harder to reach than they used to be.