Pharmacy Awareness Month: Pharmacists are Medication Experts and So Much More

Pharmacy Awareness Month London Drugs Hearth Health Clinics

As the most accessible health care providers in Canada, pharmacists collaborate with patients, their families and other health care providers to deliver a range of innovative services.

During Pharmacy Awareness Month this March, London Drugs pharmacists are reminding patients of the expanded role they play in health care and are encouraging Canadians to take advantage of the valuable health services offered conveniently at London Drugs pharmacies.

LD Pharmacist Leah Sarich on BT Calgary 

BT Calgary London Drugs Pharmacist Leah Sarich

London Drugs Pharmacist, Agusia McGrath, sat down with Breakfast Television Calgary’s Health Specialist, Leah Sarich, to talk about the range of wellness services pharmacists can provide. To watch, just click here.

Services offered at London Drugs pharmacies include:

Discover more about the services at your local London Drugs pharmacy by talking to a pharmacist in-store, or reading more information online.

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