July 27th, 2016

New games for August: No Man’s Sky, Madden 17, and more!

August is here! This month will see a few more titles than last month as we head into those prime autumn gaming months! We have 8 new games for you this month, including some sequels, some franchise entries, and one of the most anticipated games of the year. Let’s take a look!


No Man’s Sky

It’s finally here. We’re starting off with No Man’s Sky; one of the most anticipated titles of 2016! Take control of a spaceship and explore a completely procedurally generated universe with over 18 quintillion planets (that’s too many zeros to reasonably type out), no two of which will be alike. Each will have it’s own flora and fauna as well as alien races to encounter. Exploration and survival, along with combat and trading, are the four pillars of the game and you must do all of them to succeed.

The universe is so big that the publisher estimates that over 99% of if it will never be seen by the players, and while you are online while you play the chances of meeting another player are reportedly less than 1%, but if you do meet someone you’ll be able to play together.

The main takeaway from all this is that No Man’s Sky is huge and ambitious and potentially a major game changer. It’ll be out on August 9th on PlayStation 4.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

The Federation Force is a new elite military unit made up of highly trained soldiers in battle suits based on Samus Aran’s power suit. You play as one of these in Metroid Prime: Federation Force as you and up to three friends form a team to complete missions! Customize your soldier to your unique style of play. Blast the bad guys with rockets, or hang back and heal your teammates. When you get tired of fighting, play a game of three on three blast ball (basically soccer, but with rockets) online!

Metroid prime: Federation Force will be available on August 19th on Nintendo 3DS.


King of Fighters

Who is the greatest fighter in the world? We can find out in the latest edition of King of Fighters! The 14th entry in the series has a roster of 50 characters to defeat. Each fighter is a fully 3D model, but fights play out on a 2D plane like the fighting games you grew up with (and like Street Fighter IV). The story is somewhat under wraps, but there’s a giant supernatural event in the sky and somehow fighting will save the day. Makes sense to me.

King of Fighters XIV is out August 2nd for PlayStation 4.


Madden 17

Another year means a new crop of sports games! Madden is back for 2017 with a revamped franchise mode and a redeveloped ground game making it easier to run downfield and make plays!

Madden 17 will be out on August 23rd for XBOX 360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 in both standard and deluxe editions.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

It’s 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, in which augmented humans became lethally violent. Augments now stand as outcasts with society in a state of “mechanical apartheid.” You play as Adam Jensen, augmented hero of Human Revolution, working for the government to take down a terrorist cell but also working for a hacker collective to expose the shadowy Illuminati who orchestrated the events that led to this state of affairs.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be available on August 23rd on XBOX One and PlayStation 4.


Assetto Corsa

Car lovers take note: Assetto Corsa is coming to consoles! The most realistic driving experience ever in a game, right down to flat tyre spots, and reproductions of your favourite high performance cars from BMW, Ferrari, Abarth, McLaren, and many more!

Assetto Corsa is out August 30th for XBOX One and PlayStation 4.


World of Warcraft: Legion

The Burning Legion has returned to invade Azeroth. Legion is the latest expansion pack for World of Warcraft, and ads hordes of new content to the game. In addition to moving the story forward the game will gain its second hero class, the Demon Hunter, which starts at level 98, and the level cap is raised to 110. There are also now Artifact Weapons, all of which are weapons of heroes of the past, for example some classes will get to wield the Doomhammer of Thrall. There’s something for everyone here, including your existing characters, some of which get new combat mechanics and specializations.

World of Warcraft: Legion is the biggest update to the game in ages, and will be available on August 30th.

That’s all for August. You can pre-order all these titles at LondonDrugs.com or pick them up in store on release day!

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